A Smoke Raised with the Fume of Sighs

People yearn for belonging. For acceptance, loyalty, and kinship in a place and with a people that is uniquely their own. The need is hard-coded into the human psyche and results in the intractable “racism” that Western man viewed with equanimity before his recent religious conversion.

Though buried beneath the liturgy of liberalism atavistic instincts linger. People dimly understand what brings them psychic well-being, and thus modernity’s persistent struggle sessions required to overcome that need.

It’s a lot to overcome. Homogeneity is the comparative comfort of walking through your own living room rather than down MLK boulevard during a BLM protest. The allure is so strong it requires a vast shaming and reeducation edifice to keep it from public expression.

Diversity equals conflict and, as a result, is exhausting. People instinctually seek to shelter themselves in like communities; or as liberals call them, Good Schools. These communities eventually coalesce into nations; or as liberals call them, Literally Hitler.

This ancient organic process doesn’t actually cease at accusatory invocations of ‘isms. Because it is fundamental to man’s nature in a way flamboyant political fashions are not. And it is why nationalism is immutable. The only variable being which nations will be permanently muted. Those who volunteer their own for the ignominy of history’s trash heap should do so knowing their pious self-sacrifice will be remembered by members of other nations not with admiration, but ridicule.

Though people seek belonging in the most intimate relationships first. Healthy men and healthy nations are built from the inside out. That starts with courtship and mate selection. This being the process where “extreme vetting” was first conceived.

I was thinking about how much these rituals have metastasized along with the culture in recent generations. This piece discusses the effects of Tinder (or Grindr for our liberal readers) on modern dating etiquette. And how for many an abundance of sex has created a scarcity of fulfillment. Discussing how technology is driving extraordinary sexual promiscuity and concomitant rates of STDs and disillusionment, an Aussie “sexual health doctor” made some observations I’ll excerpt below.

Dating apps are fuelling rampant rates of sexual promiscuity, according to a leading Brisbane sexual health doctor who “quite frequently” treats patients who have sex with up to 10 people a day.

Gonorrhoea rates went up 31 percent last year, chlamydia has climbed 48 per cent in four years and syphilis has jumped 70 percent in the past four years.

The behaviour is borne, ironically, from increasing social isolation.

Dr Rosevear said most were ‘regular’ men and women, who are isolated at home and use the internet to arrange multiple sexual encounters to fill the void of intimacy that their lack of social interactions created.

They are desperately wanting short, anonymous connection to alleviate that need to have a sense of belonging.

It’s also a way of avoiding the vulnerability of intimacy.

The internet can be a diversion from addressing the needs satisfied by long-term relationships.

The simple equation is people who feel valued take care and people who don’t feel valued take risk.

I am not a sexual health doctor, but would hypothesize that a young white college graduate exposed to 22 years of coordinated identity vilification and alienating hyper individualism might feel less valued than one nurtured with a sense of respect for and belonging to their own heritage and people. Though obviously that is an exotic theory, and one unlikely to result in promotions within university psychology departments.

Though still, by convincing young impressionable women that they are disconnected vaginal atoms floating amidst virtuous diversity whose moral imperatives are to secure corporate cube-space and terminate their pregnancies we are possibly producing entirely predictable social consequences.

As for young men, there is an intense thrill in exploring the charms of multiple available women. More intense than most men would risk missing if given the choice. It is the thrill of an adult amusement park. But what makes amusement parks so thrilling is the temporary nature of their attractions. If you actually had to live in one permanently, every day would be an endeavor to escape.

That’s ultimately why these people aren’t finding what they are looking for in the place they are looking. Sex is not affection, orgasms are not belonging, and chlamydia is an indifferent companion. It’s why even those who can have any partner in the world eventually choose one (though often enough serially).

People yearn for a place, a people, and a person they can call their own. Everyone wants a home that is exclusively theirs. Some may even call it a deep longing for love. And love is what this blog is all about.


21 thoughts on “A Smoke Raised with the Fume of Sighs

  1. Everything comes back to love. For one’s self, for one’s family, for a community, for a nation, for a people, for a culture.

    You die without love.

    For example, you can argue the merits of abortion from a eugenics perspective, but liberalism loves it because it elevates death as a human right, the freedom to kill your unborn child, and makes it a moral good. This is a death cult.

    • I’ve wondered why the Left delights so in abortion. I don’t think it’s about worshipping death as much as it is about worshipping social justice. The Left (the masses not the elite) seems motivated by the need to feel superior without putting forth real effort or money. The elite Left have convinced their fold that cherishing abortion makes them superior. Of course, the elite Left doesn’t care very much about abortion one way or the other. It cherishes the division.

      • The essence of leftism is to shift the consequences of one’s sins off of oneself (or off of one’s underclass proxies), and onto an innocent third party, regardless of said party’s consent or lack thereof. Abortion arises from the same instinct which seeks to pay the improvident out of the confiscated coffers of the thrifty, or spare a mugger his deserved prison sentence at the expense of the general public’s safety. The leftist dreams of the Brave New World when “All men are paid for existing, and no man must pay for his sins”.

        Notwithstanding the propaganda of the “Religious Left”, this bears no relationship to traditional Christian Charity, in which Bob willingly bears the consequences of Ted’s folly himself out of love for Ted. In leftism, by contrast, Bob forces Alice to pay for Ted’s sins, whether she wants to or not, then congratulates himself on his moral superiority over heartless and selfish skin-flints like Carol who objected to his scheme. Fulton Sheen used to refer to this disease as “False Compassion”, which is as good a summary of the character of leftism as I have ever heard.

        For what it’s worth, Steve Sailer pretty thoroughly demolished the eugenic argument for abortion in his debate with Steven Levitt, and in subsequent writings. If there’s any eugenic advantage at all, it’s negligible.

      • You wonder why the Left delights so in abortion???

        Does the term “White Genocide” ring a bell?

        Enough said.

    • In it he says

      “But the original male would-be revolutionaries
      did not understand the nature of the female sex instinct. That is why things
      have not gone according to their plan.”

      But they did understand, and it did go according to their plan. They know how to corrupt.

    • Not only disastreous for female pair bonding, but has other, similarly disastous effects.
      In real life a female can only select a mate from among the men approaching her. Among them she may select the best. Tinder will give her the artificial impression that all and every men she either swiped right or left approached her, thus inflating her ego and make her even more obnoxious in real life.
      There is a negative effect on young men, too: they do not have to overcome their approach anxiety, and there is no masculine challenge in trying to fuck a girl who already signaled her intent by swiping him that way.

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  3. Great post! Love is one of the pillars of the alt-right.

    Love’s instinct is to protect and nurture. For decades, the fractious children of the West have taken for granted the love and sacrifices of our forefathers. As Western Civilization peaked, novelty seemed more appealing than security, pride more important than deference, and decadence more tempting than discipline. As decline begins to set in, an inchoate feeling of emptiness is beginning to pervade the zeitgeist. As we sit atomized and deracinated in our houses, listening to chants of BLACK LIVES MATTER and breaking glass outside our windows, we begin to wonder if we have let our forefathers down. The vapid platitudes that rationalized our parents indulgence begin to ring more and more hollow, and so we repeat them more and more loudly to compensate. HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US!!!! And quietly, at the edge or the Overton window, nascent groups of disillusioned Western children rededicate themselves to the love that once built our decaying society. May that love triumph.

    • What are the necessary conditions for that to happen? Is it even possible? For that matter, do you have any evidence of those disillusioned children?

      When I say to young people, “This is not the way it ought to be; it didn’t used to be this way”, they reply, “This is all we’ve ever known, so to us, this is normal”.

      Rome didn’t fall because it was conquered by Goths, Vandals or Huns. None of those Barbarian tribes could have conquered Rome in its heyday. They sacked Rome because it was rotten and defenceless.

      That is where we as a race, and as a civilization, are today.

      I just got through watching this video, twice. It’s hard to take it all in at once, because at points the narration continues while a different text scrolls down the screen. Apart from that, I was impressed with the quality. It’s good to see our side starting to master media skills. This is absolutely vital.
      It’s nearly an hour long, but well worth your time. Please watch it, and spread it around.

      YouTube: Our Time is Coming.

      Fun fact from the video: Of 22 historical empires, 19 of them fell when they reached the stage of decadence that America is in now. Makes you think, doesn’t it? Do you know of any that actually came back from this? Germany in the thirties?

  4. This is one of the best blogs on the Internet. It is important to note though that people on the Left do have love — for themselves. Whereas someone on the right loves his family, his nation, perhaps his God, his love travels outward towards people outside himself. Those on the left worship at the altar of the self. Virtue signaling and the like are a way to glorify yourself, i.e., “Hey gather round and look at how Holy I am.”

    The love that animates this sight, and most of us who read it, travels to those around us, not towards our own reflection in the mirror. The love that emanates from a leftist is only for himself.

    Seriously, Porter, keep up the good work. This is a great site.

    • Thanks Lawdog. It’s difficult for me to believe that liberals actually love their kids less. Though there’s enough evidence to make the effort fruitful. I think generally the right looks for politics that make a better life for their children, while the left looks for children that make a better life for their politics. I guess that’s pithy enough to tweet.

  5. Your general observations, and the collective instinct of liberals, remind me that it is a heretical quest for utopia. Thomas Molnar wrote a book on exactly that, “Utopia: The Perennial Heresy.”

  6. Tinder was devised by Jewish programmers.
    Tinder destroys the male-female attraction dynamics.
    Avoid Tinder at all costs.
    Go out and hunt, young men!

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