Literal Obliviousness

In 1918 Russia, leftist Bolsheviks conducted a campaign of murder so vast and depraved that media and entertainment organs committed themselves to forever shielding the public from its horror. The Red Terror was a starburst of logical conclusion liberalism that has persistently evaded capture in American museum dedications and feature films. Though this omission was certainly not from a lack of enthusiasm. Of its many publicly-mute recountings I thought Wiki’s entry captured the spirit of the occasion well. Please do read it all.

At Odessa the Cheka tied White officers to planks and slowly fed them into furnaces or tanks of boiling water; in Kharkiv, scalpings and hand-flayings were commonplace: the skin was peeled off victims’ hands to produce “gloves”; the Voronezh Cheka rolled naked people around in barrels studded internally with nails; victims were crucified or stoned to death at Dnipropetrovsk; the Cheka at Kremenchuk impaled members of the clergy and buried alive rebelling peasants; in Orel, water was poured on naked prisoners bound in the winter streets until they became living ice statues; in Kiev, Chinese Cheka detachments placed rats in iron tubes sealed at one end with wire netting and the other placed against the body of a prisoner, with the tubes being heated until the rats gnawed through the victim’s body in an effort to escape.

Executions took place in prison cellars or courtyards, or occasionally on the outskirts of town, during the Red Terror and Russian Civil War. After the condemned were stripped of their clothing and other belongings, which were shared among the Cheka executioners, they were either machine-gunned in batches or dispatched individually with a revolver.

Those killed in prison were usually shot in the back of the neck as they entered the execution cellar, which became littered with corpses and soaked with blood. Victims killed outside the town were moved by truck, bound and gagged, to their place of execution, where they sometimes were made to dig their own graves.

According to Edvard Radzinsky, “it became a common practice to take a husband hostage and wait for his wife to come and purchase his life with her body.” During Decossackization, there were massacres, according to historian Robert Gellately, “on an unheard of scale”. The Pyatigorsk Cheka organized a “day of Red Terror” to execute 300 people in one day, and took quotas from each part of town. According to the Chekist Karl Lander, the Cheka in Kislovodsk, “for lack of a better idea,” killed all the patients in the hospital.

In October 1920 alone more than 6,000 people were executed. Gellately adds that Communist leaders “sought to justify their ethnic-based massacres by incorporating them into the rubric of the ‘class struggle'”.

Members of the clergy were subjected to particularly brutal abuse. According to documents cited by the late Alexander Yakovlev, then head of the Presidential Committee for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression, priests, monks and nuns were crucified, thrown into cauldrons of boiling tar, scalped, strangled, given Communion with melted lead and drowned in holes in the ice. An estimated 3,000 were put to death in 1918 alone.

Estimates of the dead range from five figures to seven. But they were only Cossacks, after all. Nevertheless you would think such innovative carnage might warrant a brief classroom mention between elegies of black men who were once called ******. Though admittedly that would consume time otherwise devoted to far more sacred and politically useful events.

Of course Soviet liberals were hardly content to commit only one forgotten eradication. So 14 years later they intentionally starved to death millions of Ukrainians. The story of whom could never quite find space in the Hollywood release calendar between Iron Man installments.

And that certainly wasn’t all. Historian Robert Conquest believed in total Stalin may have stuffed his stat sheet with up to 30 million souls in a quixotic, but ultimately futile, quest for Western infamy. Alas, he chose his victims poorly. So poorly in fact that he killed people by the bushels who don’t even have American advocacy organizations. Which, as far as education and media organs are concerned, may as well have been killing no one at all. As a result, he’s no more than a fading historical footnote whose name rarely attracts an accusation of being literally Stalin.

Though poor Joe is in poor company. China’s leftist Chairman sent some 45 million shuffling off the Earth, and yet no one is ever literally Mao.

The petite Cambodian was a relative piker in absolute numbers. But given the clay with which he had to work, his butcher’s bill was probably as high a percentage of the population as any leftist in modern history. Which is beating a field of extraordinary depth. But still, he languishes without a single literally Pol Pot.

An earlier and entirely unremarked upon vintage was the 1804 Haitian massacre.

Squads of soldiers moved from house to house, torturing and killing entire families. Even whites who had been friendly and sympathetic to the black population were imprisoned and later killed. A second wave of massacres targeted white women and children.

Given precedent I presume that American schools systematically browbeat black students about their inherited guilt for this racial atrocity. Despite this, practically none of them ever suffer accusations of being literally Dessalines.

And that’s a shame. Because being a literal historical villain grants very dumb and programmable drones the moral license to physically attack their political opponents with a clear conscience.

This being a course the world’s few circumspect shitlibs may want to reconsider before continuing. Because history’s pantheon of literal leftist monsters is absolutely brimming with choice. Social justice retards may or may not consider themselves literal Bolsheviks, but it’s not their evaluation to make. And if a literal nazi can be attacked on the streets to media cheers, then the people who literally used to peel hands into gloves and feed nuns molten lead have a very modest moral defense against suffering a similar experience.

The left is going down a sure path to mutual misery in implying a man’s legal protections cease once a gaggle of yard-sale fanatics sees a mustache in the clouds. Never comprehending what faces others recognize in them. But at least there is one country that will never forget the Red Terror. Unfortunately, that country is Ethiopia.


37 thoughts on “Literal Obliviousness

  1. Something else they don’t seem to take into account is what happens when the gloves come off on “hitler’s” side. These people owe their continued existence to the tolerance of those they constantly attack. It’s amazing. I’ve never in my life seen a weaker entity taunt a stronger one in this manner. I don’t even think the whole “bringing a knife to a gun fight” applies here, more like bringing a dildo to a gun fight.

    The moral equivalence argument being made here doesn’t work because most of these people probably have no idea what the bolsheviks or any of the rest of them did in reality. It’s not taught in govt schools, and I doubt they are spending much time looking into the horrors of their beliefs. All today’s leftists see is that socialism failed because they weren’t in charge of it, America hasn’t tried it yet, etc. Or maybe I’m wrong, maybe they want exactly what the wiki article describes. Only problem is, I think they are going to push to far and wind up on the receiving end of the unpleasantness. Its not that I don’t think they have the desire, I just don’t think they could pull it off. Americans in general may have forgotten forgotten these important lessons of history, but enough of us on the other side haven’t. If they think they will spread this around, and others will feel embolded to punch people they think are nazis, eventually one or more of them are going to get shot. Another thing they forget, we have the guns.

    • While people are either too old, too mixed up, or too beholden to their employers. They no longer have the capacity to defend themselves.

    • I wish I could share your optimism. Only a few are ‘cupcakes and snowflakes.’ Many have guns, torches and machetes. They aren’t hindered by the prospect of going to jail and don’t have much to lose. One entity is stronger in some ways, but after years of handing over every advantage, it seems the playing field is unfavorable. The side of law and order finally has one man. I hope it’s enough.

      • The playing field is somewhat unfavorable, but the left is doing themselves no favors with this behavior. Those who are acting like this are a small minority, they just happen to be a very loud one as well. Most of them are snowflakes and cupcakes. They feel emboldened and brave when part of a mob, but they are undisciplined and untrained cowards who only attack people who can’t or won’t fight back. That won’t last forever. The more they act in this manner, the closer that day of reckoning gets.

        Many of them may have guns, machetes, etc. But they don’t know how to use them. Sure, they can learn how to load them, and maybe fire them on a range, but that doesn’t mean they really know how to use a firearm. Simply having a gun without proper training is meaningless. They are probably more of a danger to themselves and each other than the rest of us. There is no substitute for real training. An unorganized mob armed with random weapons would be broken by a small group of well trained individuals who actually know how to use their weapons. If they try anything by force, it would be a bloodbath. Cops all over the place are sick of being blamed for dindu problems and having bricks thrown at them. Many are probably eagerly awaiting them to finally cross whatever line exists, allowing the gloves to come off. Even people who live in the cities that may have been sympathetic with these people’s cause aren’t going to feel that way after their businesses are destroyed by them, eventually they will fight back as well. Failing that, there are millions of us with combat training from our seemingly endless wars over the past decade and a half. In order to really have a ‘revolution’ they have to leave their urban enclaves and venture out into red country, which happens to be where most of us live. After all, thats where the food, water, and much of the electricity comes from. It isn’t going to work. Im not going to go looking for trouble, but trust me, the people on my street are not going to tolerate being attacked or having our homes and families threatened. I don’t think Id call myself ‘optimistic’ about the future, but Im not particularly worried about these people taking over any time soon.

  2. In October 1920 alone more than 6,000 people were executed. Gellately adds that Communist leaders “sought to justify their ethnic-based massacres by incorporating them into the rubric of the ‘class struggle’”.

    It might have been warranted to have set out “ethnic-based” in bold as many of us are probably hazy to ignorant on that proposition.

  3. Porter, I’m unsure of your intended meaning of “logical conclusion liberalism”.

    From my perspective this would mean “post Christian catholicism”, a continuation of most pernicious aspects of Christian morality devoid of it the supernatural benefits. Are “logical conclusion liberals” those who take it upon themselves to do what they have lost faith in Christ to do (i.e. make the first of the last and the most of the least)?

    • “post Christian catholicism”

      Please. The wild-eye’d anarchists you see in the street are the great-great-great-great-great grandchildren of the diggers, ranters and quakers: throughly judaized Puritans.

      This is (in part) a post-Christian manifestation of Enthusiasm, to be sure, but don’t let’s let the historical accidents of birth cloud our ability to recognize its source.

      • By not capitalizing “catholicism”, I was attempting to convey the non-religious meaning (i.e. universalism). I should have been clearer.

    • For just over 100 years liberalism has been crypto-communism, and at least since John Dewey has been big-government-knows-best with undertones of white genocide.

      Since the 1960s liberalism has been anti-white, and since the 1980s has been the idea that the way to fix most of the world’s problems is to eradicate the white race.

      So, the logical conclusion of liberalism is white genocide. That’s what the Cheka was up to.

    • Sorry for the late response, Jimmy. I increasingly find myself too busy to even Hate.

      I think you capture a good deal of it. It’s interesting: one might intuit that atheism would induce apathy and nihilism. Though (in whites) it produces the most fervent and devout. It seems the synthetic gods of secular liberalism are more psychically potent than their organic opiate predecessors.

      Though I more had in mind the observation that leftists inhabit a world of angels and demons. And because their opponents are the latter, crimes committed against them can only be righteous. Thus only the power of the state prevents what they see as moral imperative (attacking “Nazis”). Once that power is theirs, it’s just a series of logical leaps from punches to prison to skin gloves.

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  5. This essay’s theme is a favorite hobby-horse of mine, one I’ve been riding for about 45 years now, although seldom to much effect: no one truly wants to know; “Hitler” will do.

    Ah, how right Gramsci was! Attack the culture and start in the schools! Take control of instruction from start to finish, take control of the mass media and entertainment industries, take control of bureaucracies and a cheka becomes unnecessary, because the dominated will become their own cheka. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, the Kims, Enver Hoxha… they’re all rubbing their bloody palms with glee in whatever hell they inhabit.

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  7. The Left operates in a logical vacuum. They have become a mob with no regard for analysis, no integrity in debate– calling for violence while declaring “I choose love.”
    They are well-funded, vast and idle with little fear of repercussion. We’re currently in the stage where the mob believes its opponents are sub-human. Punch them (during an interview!) blow them up, light their hair on fire…wait for applause.
    Perhaps there will at least be a few arrests per riot now.

    • I think you greatly underestimate their professionalism. White genocide is a serious undertaking, and I don’t think it is left entirely to idiots – although many are useful idiots.

      • I’m not convinced white genocide is the goal; white subjugation perhaps. I maintain that there is no logic on their side as it’s not reasonable to destroy one’s own home (planet Earth in this case) by facilitating population explosions, wars, etc. I fully agree with you that the left is not entirely idiots. Indeed, their degree of success is terrifying as manifested in the control of the Catholic Church, the ease with which caucasians have been reduced to self-loathing, the invasion of the developed world…etc etc.

      • I fully agree with you that everyone on the left isn’t an idiot. These vagina hat people certainly are, but whoever is pulling their strings isn’t. There is some goal in mind. White genocide, white subjugation, who knows. I do still question their timing of this, though. Disrupting people with jobs who are trying to go about their daily lives isn’t making them any friends. Its difficult to imagine anyone thinking “damn, those angry lesbians in their furry vagina hats sure to make a great point, Im glad I got to wait in traffic for this”

        If this election proved anything, its that yelling at people and calling them names isn’t a path to victory. If anything, its awakening more people as to their true purpose in all this. It seems like they are getting impatient with achieving whatever glorious future they envision.

      • watership10, it is their goal. That has been 100% verified.

        The founder of the European Union said, in a 1925 newspaper interview “we intend to make Europe into a mixed race”. This is the man who designed the 12 starred EU flag, and selected its offical anthem. He isn’t some nobody who just wrote a book. His book, BTW, was about to be published in parts in Germany about 20 years ago. The police raided the offices of the paper and destroyed everything. In particular they got their hands on the book. There are copies (in German) on the internet, only partly translated into English.

        Doesn’t it strike you odd that the Magnum Opus of the founder of the EU movement is banned? Isn’t the EU supposed to be wonderful? Shouldn’t we all know about this guy?

        But it gets even worse than that. Obama and Clinton conspired to create wars in North Africa and the middle east in order to generate waves of human material to effect this plan.

        Merkel won the Coudenhove-Kalergi award, so she knows what she is doing. She is attempting to destroy the white races of Europe. She does this with full knowledge and intent. You are wrong about white subjugation. Subjugation = eventual genocide anyway if you think about it. Maintaining a viable human population isn’t as easy as people think, and we take our continued existence for granted far too much in the west.

  8. Also, while colonialism is a never-atonable mythical evil, the post-independence intra-African mass killings are shrugged off or not known at all.

    Rwanda (600k dead) is the only one that still registers, but it has been thoroughly sentimentalize. Somehow people got killed, by creatures called “Hutus.” But those “Hutus” might just as well be from outer space instead of Africans.

    By contrast, Biafra, a big deal in the 1960s (1-2 mio. killed), is all but forgotten; Darfur is on the road to oblivion; South Sudan (about 2 mio. dead) never figured in Western consciousness, nor does the ongoing carnage in eastern Congo (more than 3 mio. dead since 1998).

    But the Hereros of Namibia, of which perhaps 80k were killed in a “genocide” before WWI, just initiated legal action in New York against Germany, demanding — of course — compensation.

    • and then began what retroactively seems like a vast African feeding and breeding program , the “fruits” of which are now being imported into Europe at an alarming rate (as they rub salt into the wound by telling us that we are supposed to believe that a photo of yet another boatload of scowling , black-faced sub-Saharan African males wearing designer clothes and brandishing a better phone than mine , are in fact war-weary, shell-shocked, dusty and starving 4 year old Syrian girls.

      PS Porter: One of your best, on one of the best blogs on the net.

      How I wish the world knew what (((The Left))) really is and ALWAYS does.
      But those folks who (((dont own the media))) would never wish to publicise the REAL atrocities carried out by their brethren who of course were (((not in any way involved))) in the “Russian” revolution

      • Agreed. The goal must be to explode the world’s population until it becomes a wasteland of misery, void of forests animals and beauty. I can’t imagine why.

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  10. I was well aware that Lenin was a murderer but wow I was not aware of just how brutal his Cheka was. Truly disturbing methods of torture and execution.

    Of course the left has always been excessively violent; going back to the Jacobins. It is in their nature. Must be great to shape the narrative so that people won’t say “that is literally [insert commie here].”

    • Read the books by Juri Lina. “Under the Sign of the Scorpian” etc.

      Many of them were court-marshaled for torture though – for killing their victims too quickly.

      It was truly a red terror, and terror isn’t effective unless it’s terrifying. Hence the requirements. (Red as in blood)

      Apparently the Cheka agents were mostly New York Jews who could barely speak any Russian. They were each given a leather jacket and a pistol, and told to make the blood flow. They seemed to enjoy their work.

  11. Lefties try to deflect criticism of the Red Terror in any country by automatically citing the corresponding White Terror raised against it. If Stalin’s flunkies killed a lot of people in Spain, hey, so did Franco. This allows a lefty to shut down his brain for the remainder of the debate.

    In reality there’s no moral equivalence- anti-Communist forces generally do a lot of killing and torturing, but for purely practical reasons, and in a very businesslike manner. If you have information they want, they torture it out of you, and when they’re done, they either let you go or dispatch you with a quick bullet to the head and a hastily-dug grave.

    Leftist revolutionaries, though, have always specialized in sadism, sexual perversion, and elaborate mendacities. Fall afoul of Bolsheviks, and they’ll start with an elaborate show trial at which you are tortured into confessing that you acted simultaneously as an agent of the Nazis, the Vatican, and the British Navy, singlehandedly causing droughts and famines. Once you confess, you can look forward to execution by being flayed alive, then having your naked corpse posed in mock-sodomy with a dozen others in a public park. This pattern has recurred in every leftist revolution since at least the French Revolution, and you can probably cite dozens more prior to that.

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