Slim Pickings

It would be interesting to learn who is the alt-right troll that hides behind the guise of Mexican industrialist “Carlos Slim.” Only the least observant can’t detect the obvious jowl prosthetics used to conceal his true identity while lapping escargot at Davos. He’s plainly not the swarthy liberal plutocrat he pretends, and if I had any guess at all who’s actually behind the mask it would probably be Pat Boone.

Though what makes this clandestine racist particularly amusing is his ownership of the New York Times, which he has intentionally turned from a vaguely prestigious media property into a failing far-left street pamphlet. I imagine liberals would soil their gimp suits to know that a bigot was sneering down from their headlines.

So they must be particularly livid at statements recently made by the NYTs’ reich-wing owner-troll. And who can blame them? I’m getting as furious as a Chicago life-insurer myself.

Speaking yesterday, Slim announced a new American tele-vision venture that will be made “for Mexicans, by Mexicans.” There’s a lot of Hate congealing on that statement.

To what “Mexicans” is this smegma-vendor referring? The article says he thinks there are 35 million of them here. But all I see are undocumented Americans that immigrated here just like you, not fucking “Mexicans.”

Calling them Mexicans implies they are foreign squatters rather than the exact same people as founding stock Americans, except with different genes, language, and culture. If so-called Mexicans are so different from other global Americans to warrant discrete media channels, why are they not so different to warrant a discrete country? Doesn’t Mexico already have Mexican TV? Are they just coming here to have a subsidized there?

At least those seem to be the questions extremists like “Carlos Slim” are hoping regular people will ask themselves.

But those of us with both a heart and mind know that border alchemy is a real thing. Americans are just people who have crossed into America. And sometimes those Americans just need a few hours of Sabado Gigante.


10 thoughts on “Slim Pickings

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  2. Like african americans. Someday, when they gro up, they can be americans. Mexicans to mexico, africans to africo. And take BET with you. Imagine the backlash for WET. White entertainment television. Where I could see white families in my commercials, instead of the these mixed race, same gender anomalies I see daily.

    • I seriously wondered about that — I’m not the only one that sees smiling Africans on seemingly ever commercial? It’s jarring. They’re only about 12 or 13 percent of the population, and fully a fourth of them must be commercial actors.

  3. As if there weren’t enough to do! Now Trump needs to either get Congress to amend the Communications Act of 1934 to give the FCC the power to shut down non-English broadcasts, or appoint Commissioners who will put a stake in the heart of this venture (and Telemundo and Univision while they’re at it). Libs are always getting their shit done administratively, time for some turnabout.

  4. “…if I had any guess at all who’s actually behind the mask it would probably be Pat Boone.”

    The early ‘nice’ Pat Boone or the later ‘metal’ Pat Boone?

  5. Some years back I had an acquaintance, an Argentine leftist who was forced to flee his native Buenos Aries due to his campus activities in the ’70’s. He’d informed his parents that he would chose Havana, but their control of the purse-strings and foresight dictated otherwise. Unable to gain entry into the U.S., the family managed to secure passage to Mexico City. His fantasies of adobe and revolucion were quickly dashed, as he discovered a district not unlike that of the one he left behind. This is the Mexico of Shadowy Slim. What Slippery Slim means is “Mexican TV for Mexican Exports” The Mexico of (the name of the district escapes me now) Slim already has networks, aplenty. This channel will be for the Indians mobbed up at the Home Depot entrance, MS 13, Mexican Mafia, LaRaza. I’m hoping for an FCC Commissioner that’s a first class prick.

  6. Carlos Slim is about as Mestizo as I am. For him Mexican is a cash cow to milk. What these damn fools cannot ever see is these cows don’t feed alone. Without the White man, the Mestizo is a bandito. We can wolf these scum up quick if we stop up the feeding trough. Let them go home and EAT THE RICH. They’re the real enemy.

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