It’s Never for Free

The worst thing about freedom is other people having it. Most people aren’t sufficiently reflective to understand who they actually have in mind when offering another treacly tribute to liberty. Because every man is easy to convince of his own virtue, most freedom fighters will assert a principled universalism in their advocacy. I want more freedom for everyone.

Probably not.

When men sermonize for this, they almost invariably have themselves or those they sympathize with in mind as its beneficiaries. It’s a rare doctrinaire who urges more freedom for those they despise. Thus whether through cunning or just a lack of self-awareness, championing freedom is a common veil for expanding mine at the expense of yours.

Because liberty is just a socially acceptable range-of-movement. Consider it our sphere of latitude. Make everyone’s expansive enough and the aggressive will remorselessly encroach on the weak. Ultimately, total freedom is the freedom of families to hide in their basement from warlords.

One slightly milder version of that phenomenon is found in the current Muslim colonization of Europe. This being a process aided immensely by pleas for religious and migratory freedom. Both of which are followed immediately by freedom curtailments everywhere that falls under Islam’s shadow. So do muslims actually want more religious freedom, or more freedom to dominate non-muslims? The signs are right there.

It is nature’s design that everyone wants to be able to do what they want; and for you to be able to do what they want also. Thus there are few colder fists than the one holding a banner of freedom for his own particular cause. That’s why I tend to take appeals premised on sacred liberty with a grain of salt. Particularly when those appeals gurgle up from the cancerous thorax of The Thing.

Hungary set to turn screws on Soros-backed NGOs

Last week the deputy head of Orban’s ruling party Fidesz, in power since 2010, said that non-governmental organisations should be “cleaned out of here”.

Szilard Nemeth said that criticism of government policies by “fake” civil organisations set up to “influence politics” by Soros and others was “impermissible”.

It’s just terrible really. Orban hates freedom.

“This is a new level of NGO-bashing,” said Marta Pardavi, co-head of the Hungarian branch of the Helsinki Committee, a human rights group that provides free advice to asylum-seekers.

She freely admits that her organisation relies on foreign funding to continue operating. But “otherwise it’s not possible to do human rights advocacy work in Hungary,” she says.

The OSF meanwhile has no plans to quit Hungary, its president Christopher Stone said.

“We are not the opposition, neither in Hungary, nor elsewhere. We are promoters of open debate,” he said in a statement emailed to AFP.

Promoters of open debate, yes. Perhaps it was last week when Soros was overheard instructing his minions to funnel millions into opening European debate to the voices of its dissident right. Or that might have just been negotiations over riot-pricing with his antifa drones.

Though the more important question is how much freedom can a civilization withstand before it is no longer civilization at all? Like probably most people reading here, I don’t care to live in an East Germany–or any other oppressive leftist-derived society. I view freedom as a precious thing. So much in fact as to not want it lavished carelessly on my enemies. The Open Society Foundation has one sole function in Hungary: to relieve that country of its Hungarians.

If those Hungarians truly appreciate their freedoms, they’ll keep them locked far away from George Soros.


17 thoughts on “It’s Never for Free

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  2. “promoters of open debate” is a euphemism the left uses for screaming “raycis, bigot, islamophobe, xenophobe” and any other senseless epithet at anyone who disagrees with them. It works when they are swimming in money donated by creatures like Soros and are able to wield the hammer of govt/MSM at their opponents by getting them convicted of thought crimes or, failing that, have them convicted in the court of public opinion. It will be interesting to watch how they respond once they no longer have those advantages and their stances are forced to stand on their merits alone.

    Muslims follow a similar path everywhere they go. In the beginning, when there are only a few of them, they are all about religious freedom, tolerance, the works. Once they start to gain in numbers, that desire for freedom diminishes rapidly.

    It pains me to say this as a libertarian, but lately I’ve come to the realization that societies with maximum freedom only work with white people. You have to have an intelligent and moral populace or it rapidly devolves into chaos. Leftists always like to throw “if you hate government to much, go live in Somalia” at libertarians, its a favorite phrase of theirs. They miss the point, though. The problem with Somalia isn’t so much a lack of government, but that its full of Somalians.

    • You’re a reader of this most distinguished dissident outpost, and you’ve only come to this realization “lately”?

      Good grief, we really do face a steep uphill battle.

      • right? i’m beyond tired of newly turned libertardians. they seem to perceive people as tetris blocks that have to fit neatly into their cozy fantasy of everyone “rationally pursuing their self-interest” in the great tabula rasa of this “free market”. the splendor of a non-contingent universe! as though white people never quarreled and killed each other over expanding their freedom or constricting someone else’s.

        somalia may be full of somalians, but no one in the somalian government – if there be one at time of writing – wishes to purge somalia of somalians by importing guatemalans.

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  4. Those who’ve had the tenacity to slog through Karl Popper’s tome understand that the “open society” it preaches is utopian only to a certain type of person, as in one who believes he knows what’s best for everyone and they’d damn well better listen up! The question of how much freedom can a civilization withstand before it is no longer civilization at all has an answer that differs from one civilization to another. The present Western civilizational paradigm seems to have arrived at a point at which a common sense based answer to the question must prevail over the utopian so that a dystopia can be avoided.

  5. However dark the topic, I’ll always laugh at your perfect sobriquet–“The Thing”
    It’s perhaps the best weapon for those who don’t respond to logic or math or universal constraints.

  6. The ancillary subject here, the phenomenon of money purchasing what George Will would surely label “free speech,” needs some further exploration. And by exploration, I mean how can rules be devised in the US to tamp down the increasingly made-for-TV, SJW-funded, subversive protests? It’s all well and good for woke Visegrad countries to revert to their default Other suppression, but we have some pretty big hurdles to overcome if we want to take similar civilization preserving steps.

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  8. John Adams stated in an address to Officers of the First Brigade of the Third Division of the Militia of Massachusetts in 1798:

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

  9. This ideal of infinitely expanding freedom reminds me of a Chesterton analogy. He said it’s as if someone were so enchanted by the idea of the beauty of windows that he’d keep making a window larger and larger, until finally there was no longer anything else left. The window frame would have vanished, and, coincidentally, so would the window.

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