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I was initially disappointed to have been unable able to watch the attorney general confirmation hearings for Jeff Sessions today. I think of the senator from Alabama as a sort of noble anachronism: a white politician with reservations about betraying his constituents. And so with fondness due such a quaint figure, I had some romantic hopes he would navigate today’s play with his dignity still attached.

But realpolitik isn’t a harlequin novel, and the senator seems to have properly abased himself according to contemporary custom. Based solely on written reporting, a liberal could find much solace in believing Mr. Sessions has come around to a broad range of palatable opinions–even as one might remain suspicious of his true zeal. Though taking his assertions as offered, we learned that…

🚮 Allegations of racism have been painful, very very painful. Every conservative seems compelled to such feigned expressions of anguish at this empty ubiquitous accusation. It reminds me of the somber countenance of a seasoned mortician. So, so sorry for your loss. It is only ritual but, in this case, a ritual of submission.

🚮 He abhors the Klan and its hateful ideology. I suppose he’s not referring to the ideology of FBI agents in bedsheets. But Sessions owes the senate no statement on that organization. Was Holder quizzed on his abhorrence of the Black Panthers? His candid answer might have been quite revealing, if so. Yet what is the ideology Sessions abhors, racial or ethnic “supremacy?” I’d be careful with extrapolation there. If a man applies that concept too neutrally he’ll face an even more formidable adversary.

🚮 He considers abortion and something he called “gay marriage” to be the settled law of the land. I’ve heard this formulation before, and am always intrigued to ask what legislative body passed these settled laws? What president signed them into effect? If Kennedy and Ginsburg declare peace with Russia to be unconstitutional, is nuclear war then the “law of the land?” Fortunately no one else seems to be asking.

🚮 He “deeply understands the history of civil rights and the horrendous impact that relentless and systemic discrimination and the denial of voting rights has had on our African-American brothers and sisters.” You know the thing about actual horrendous relentless discrimination is that it tends to manifest first in a man’s feet. When a people are being relentlessly treated horrendously, they seek distance from their tormentors, rather than proximity. Yet segregating blacks from relentless horrendous whites was equally itself relentlessly horrendous. In fact, the most certain metric by which we know a place will be coveted by blacks is the proportion of relentless horrendousness in its population. Europe, yes; Africa, no.

🚮 He “understands the demands for justice and fairness made by our LGBT community.” I’m glad he understands them, as I certainly don’t. What specifically are those demands? More importantly, why do their demands warrant his understanding over those of people not in the “BLT community?”

🚮 He “has no belief and do not support the idea that Muslims as a religious group should be denied admission to the United States. We have great Muslim citizens who have contributed in so many ways.” Yes, so many contributions indeed. None that have actually elevated the general happiness, safety, and prosperity of receiving Americans, though technically his statement isn’t false.

None of this criticism is really intended for Sessions, who is probably as good a man as could enter Congress without collapsing into a pillar of salt. It is simply contempt for what compels conservatives in a republican majority chamber into genuflecting before a row of liberal idols. We are now advised of Session’s iron commitment to blacks, muslims, BLTs, and presumably all other cohorts who despise and oppose him, his party, his people, and his culture. Anything he’d like to say in support of those who do not?

But that wasn’t the purpose of today’s production. It was instead a modern Anglo Saxon oath of fealty. I will to my enemies be true and faithful. And love all which they love and shun all which they shun. The senator is canny enough to know he’s only there for this display, with the real and much different work awaiting far beyond the flashbulbs.

But suffering that display is quite enough. I’m glad old Cato isn’t around to hear our calls of Carthage must be obeyed!



26 thoughts on “Cato’s Cringe

  1. Or, perhaps, he recognizes that he has to say what he is saying in order to be confirmed by the Senate. From the standpoint of RealPolitik, Sessions performed brilliantly.

    We should judge him by what he does in office, not what he has to say to get there.

    • And we should judge him quickly. Likewise Trump. One hundred days is all they get. If Trump and crew have not taken a broadax to the whole DC mess by then we will know they are phonies, and instead today’s genuflection is the real deal. I, for one, am out of patience with the liberal, commie, progressive, that is to say, Democrat crew and want action. The hell with the former Republican mantra of “hold that line” until the next commie gets elected and then the ball goes further downfield. Obama almost took it over the goal line. One hundred days. I am preparing “Dump Trump” signs just in case.

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  4. “Struggle Session.” Haha, outstanding.

    Realgary: this isn’t just about offering a few bland platitudes before being seated. This is the most conservative senator in America facing a majority of his own party and still prostrating himself before leftists and their entire constituent menagerie. Think about how that settles into the psyches of onlookers. What it establishes is that strict doctrinaire liberalism (down to its cutting edge incarnations) is the most far right position one can safely assume in public, even before your own nominally conservative peers.

    That’s a very large problem.

    Because all people are allowed to say quickly becomes all they allow themselves to think. And thinking is a prerequisite to doing. Such displays of cravenness have a real impact on the zeitgeist, no matter how noble their intended utility.

    It is unrealistic to expect the general public to maintain a coherent conservative philosophy surreptitiously. People constantly seek signals for what they are permitted. For all their malignancy, democrats understand this well.

    • there is no coherent conservative philosophy today outside early adopters of some alt-right thought. all the ex-establishment voters who put trump in office are populists, not conservatives. whether der god-emperor (hail KEK) has the balls, and can grasp the power to create a reichstag fire to become our new caesar remains to be seen. if he does not, then balkanization awaits. which i sort of wanted to happen with hellarys election.

    • You’ve identified the problem precisely.

      The majority of Senator Sessions’ Republican colleagues are Uniparty leftists. Imagine if he did not prostrate himself before their actual (for now) power. I agree that it indicates the size and sickening influence of the problem. I also do not see how he could be confirmed without doing so.

      I agree with RDG’s comment (above) that once he is in office, Attorney General Sessions (indeed, the entire administration, including Trump) must be held to a strict standard of swamp-draining on a quick but realistic timetable. At this point, I trust Trump. He’s not even in office yet. Until he’s in office, it seems that he has to navigate the current system in order to get his cabinet approved. I pray he is successful, and that they in turn do not let us down.

    • It is odd. Trump won the election by saying some of the things Sessions refused to say. I don’t think any republican senator is going to refuse to confirm him based on an un-PC answer he gives here, yet he still kowtows to the PC line. Its also a pointless exercise to try to sound PC. No matter what he says, the left will say his answers ‘confirm our worst fears regarding undocumented immigrants and the LGBTXZY community’ or some such nonsense. So, if you know you will be hit from the left no matter what you say, why bother to capitulate yourself like this? Most likely answer – he isn’t going to do any of the things we want him to.

  5. He should have stood his ground. The fallout would have been epic, prompting a response from Trump and emboldening others to give the big F U to the pc cucks. Perhaps this is all “long game” though and Trump and associates are waiting for Janunary 20th to start dropping hammers.

  6. BREAKING: CNN reports that Russian prostitutes urinated on Sessions while he was wearing his Imperial Wizard uniform. #GOPee

  7. Here are some ways Sessions could have rhetorically held some ground without triggering media apoplexy and the resulting Republican flight impulse.

    On racism
    No drama: Silence. No sunken chested tributes to painful pasts or other submissive toadying, just nothing.

    Combative: Racism has become modernity’s accusation of “witch.” No conservative’s vetting would be complete without having it leveled at them.

    On gay marriage
    I recognize the court’s 5-4 decision. I can not recognize it as settled law of the land, since no statute exists to make it so.

    On civil rights
    The law will be applied evenly. Particularly anti-discrimination laws. (Something I very much doubt the left would like to hear)

    On Muslim migration
    We will not discriminate against peaceful religion. We will discriminate against any violent ideology hiding behind it.

    Also, there is no right to immigrate to America for anyone. It is strictly a privilege, and one that must be continually evaluated by how it accrues to the benefit of American citizens rather than those of foreign countries.

    • >Racism has become modernity’s accusation of “witch.”

      I’ve made my fair share of converts with this statement alone. Feels good man.

  8. Porter,
    you have outlined his better responses quite well. He showed himself to be PC-fearful…
    and it is blood in the water to the criminal sharks. Sessions sadly showed himself
    to have little courage of his convictions. Okay…we rationalize, “he had to say that,”
    and when he is ratified, THEN, he is free to be himself. Buncha BS.

  9. We’re going to find out in about two weeks time whether Sessions was performing the usual Virtue Karaoke to get confirmed, or whether he really believes diversity is our strength. As repulsive as some of his answers were, he would not get confirmed even if he tried some of Porter’s suggested answers.

    Pick one of those issues, like racism, or Muslim immigration, and it is clear the left is engaged in a massive “See horse say deer” kind of exercise. Of course it’s absurd to argue that blacks are somehow discriminated against in our current cultural environment. The left, and the Senate, doesn’t especially care about that; rather, the confirmation hearings are a test of whether Sessions is going to fall in line, point at the deer, and call it a marvelous horse. And he did.

    Even some of Porter’s answers would have intimated to court and it’s media jesters that maybe Sessions thought that was a rather odd kind of horse after all, and that simply won’t do.

  10. The real question: Why are conservative legislators and elected officials such complete cowards?

    My answer is three-fold. They enter their various legislative bodies as less than wealthy, they know that if they fail in their conservative agendas they will be personally crushed and destroyed by the left and finally, that in the crushing and destruction they will get little or no financial support from other conservatives.

    Lefties are different. They need fear no reprisals from polite, kind, conservative people. They know that whatever befalls them, their tribe of fellow lefties will get them money, usually stolen taxpayer money by way of a bogus government job, appointment or consulting work.

    It seems to me that Trump is different.

  11. This truly is incredible. Where we are as a society I mean. I’m torn though, on the one hand how can we ever pull our civilization from such a depth of insanity; but on the other it is inconceivable that such insanity can go on much longer. The ‘deep state’ has shown how reckless and stupid they are by putting out the farcical report on Trumps ties with Putin, I really believe they’re dumb enough to start a war with the Russians to maintain this freak-show.

    I’m increasingly of the opinion that how Trump deals with Russia will be the cornerstone of his administration; the deep state could easily ride out an eight year moratorium on immigration, which we’ve zero chance of getting anyway; whereas detente/alliance with Putin is something that could be a death blow to them. Interesting times…

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