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This topology of the dissident right has apparently been circulating for a while, though today was the first I’d seen it. It’s architect was Reaction’s roving MC, Nick Steves who, while being an undeniably sharp guy, has himself conceded to some possible misplacements. Though I thought it was still well worth publishing for sake of discussion.

The most wittily droll aspect of the presentation is its matter-of-fact clustering of democrats, republicans, and Trumpism into the philosophical breadth of three thimbles. That there is far less distance between Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi than across half the alt-right is only understood by those residing on its sparsely inhabited steppe. But for everyone in the mainstream, there’s a broad range of choice between whether you want to live in a country of gay married African migrants with a 35 percent corporate tax rate…or 30 percent.

Though parts of Nick’s depiction fall beyond my explicit knowledge. There are five lights? The only results a search of this phrase revealed was a Star Trek reference to some 1984 O’Brianesque torture scene. Whatever its provenance, I presume it is a value related to the degree of a blogger’s embrace of blood over paper, with colorblind constitutional fetishism on its opposite pole. Thus I would imagine a longing for Liberia–which shares our constitution, though mysteriously not our indoor plumbing–would mark political positions below the horizontal axis. But given that Social Matter is higher on the vertical plane than Daily Stormer, my Five Lights conjecture may be wrong.

The horizontal axis is more obvious with perceived gradients of patriarchy ranging from Conan (not O’Brian, this time) all the way across to Lena Dunham. It’s an interesting conceptual matrix. Because between those two fundamental values of race and sex, much of man’s philosophy flowers.

As for your host, this blog found its roost in the overlap between southern nationalism (of which I have written little) and the alt-lite (of which I am seppuku). Plainly we’re going to have to work on better getting our hate across. Though as I remarked in Nick’s combox, no one’s mirror ever reflects the same image as another man’s eyes.

So let me know what you think about the grid and how you’d depict its universe differently. I’ll be working on another caustic piece for Confederate Libertarian Magazine.


23 thoughts on “The Alt Universe

  1. I’d say you’re clearly higher up the y axis and in the alt-right cloud. But when i saw Nick put you with the Southern nationals it seemed to lend credence to my theory you’re some oral surgeon in Florida irl.

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    • I think Nick is a yankee, and quite a perceptive one given that I actually am a southern nationalist at heart. I just don’t write much about it since we’re all cooking in the same pot at the moment.

      • Now another reason for hero worship. You’re a Southern Nationalist at heart. I am too, by the way. Greetings from Alabama.

    • I haven’t read him in a while, but is the “Social Pathologist” on the diagram the guy with the blog “The Social Pathologist”?

      Because if so, what happened? Did he undergo a metamorphosis? Last I read, he was barely high and right to anyone, let alone you, Vox Day, Heartiste, Chronicles…. and (?!) MPC.

      • Funny you ask. I’ve never heard of him, but saw your link earlier via Steves in which Pathologist responded with chagrin to this topology. He was not happy to be associated with alt-right bigots. Not happy at all.

  3. “There are five lights” is the idea that the sovereign can utterly make reality–as in the Star Trek Next Generation episode Chain of Command. Being a good and heroic prog, Captain Picard insists there are four lights. NRx stops just short of that. The vertical axis represents the spectrum between personal sovereignty and constitutionalism (paper sovereignty)

  4. Something important is missing in this modulus, secessionists/abolitionists, Copperheads, and this movement such as Bill Buppert and Al Benson Jr. of Zero Gov and Revised History respectively, some lean towards compacts of confederation, some total abolition of the state, they are anarchy in action.
    Then there is a core of dirt people, of course everyone ignores or forgets the dirt people, because the dirt people are natural like nothing else in their legitimacy, and nobody wants to be illegitimate, but dirt people are the indomitable plurality, the true silent plurality of non and withdrawal of consenter’s, the I Wont!-ers and the MYOB!-ers. Dirt people are beyond disenfranchised, are armed and forearmed, have no political platform worth a fucking damn because dirt people know politics ain’t worth a fucking damn, dirt people are silent running, are legion that one day is going to fuck a lot of people right upside the head. Dirt people are the black sheep and black swans nobody ever hears about. Dirt people seceded in mind heart spirit and way of living long ago. Dirt people don’t exist because the rest not only can’t understand what they are, they don’t even know what they don’t know about dirt people. And dirt people got a motive power that can’t be stopped, it can’t be reasoned with, it will not be denied because it is indomitable. Dirt people are kind of what the Alt-Right thinks it could be, but doesn’t know it because dirt people are so far ahead of the curve and evolved into something else.

  5. Plainly we’re going to have to work on better getting our hate across.

    Darn tootin. Anti-white commies have compiled a list of “Nazis” they want banned from Twitter, and porter14159 is only #264 on the list of 500.

    So you’re really going to have to bring the HATE if you don’t want to be considered some pathetic #264 alt-lite milquetoast 🙂

    Didn’t know you were a Southern nationalist, Porter. You should write about it some time, contrasting the different American “nations” with the South. Or Souths plural, as I think there’s an ethnic and cultural divide between the lowland and highland South.

    Here’s a very detailed and complex dialect map that shows the outlines of these “nations”:

    Though I would draw them slightly differently, making 8 American “nations” plus Canada, based on history, geography, ethnicity, race, religion, culture, dialect, politics and class:

    1. New England
    2. New York
    3. Midlands
    4. Lowland South
    5. Highland South
    6. Great Lakes
    7. Upper Midwest
    8. West

    • Jeppo, I’ll put together a post on that sometime.

      And I saw that idiotic “nazi” list, which of course is just a synonym for “opponent.” Another day of frantic flailing on the left.

    • Gotta subdivide “The West”. Cascadia is politically and culturally distinct from OR/WA west of the Cascades, and has significant racial minorities not found to any extent in Cheyenne or Pocatello.

  6. it always pisses me off that the left coast somehow is called “the West”. Cascadia and the blue counties ruling the three states along the Pacific are nothing but socialist cucked hellholes. The rurall/urban divide cannot be shown by this map- the red county/blue county map shows where Amurka divides. All those pretty little color book fantasies are based on city /metroplex voters- and have nothing based in the reality that elected Donald Trump.

    • Cascadia is not unique in its urban/rural political divide. The Twin Cities voted overwhelmingly for Clinton; the rest of Minnesota for Trump. Does that mean that the state as a whole is divided into two entirely different cultural nations? No, like WA and OR it merely reflects the universal ideological faultline between metropolis and hinterland.

      Also, the dialect map shows the different *white* American (aka *real* American) nations. If there was a map showing how whites voted by county, nearly the whole thing would be red except for the most urbanized counties and a few freakish rural outliers like Vermont.

      The 8 different dialect regions more-or-less reflect the expansion across the continent of the 6 founding peoples of the American republic. Here’s a list of those founding peoples and their cultural hearths, and the dialects that they spawned:

      Puritans from Boston (New England, Great Lakes, Upper Midwest)
      Dutch from New Amsterdam (New York)
      Quakers from Philadelphia (Midlands, West)
      Cavaliers from Williamsburg (Lowland South)
      Bajans from Charleston*
      Scots-Irish from the Cumberland Gap (Highland South)

      *The Charleston dialect never spread more than 50 miles from the city and is too minor to be considered its own nation. The New York dialect is similarly confined to a small area, but should be considered a nation unto itself because of its huge population and cultural influence.

      Here’s the website where I found the dialect map (check out the full-scale map):

      The only changes I would make to the map would be adding the Providence, Eastern North and Albany subdialects to New England; adding the Western North subdialect to the North Central dialect to create the Upper Midwest nation; and combining the Inland North dialect with the St Louis Corridor and Indiana North subdialects to create the Great Lakes nation.

      Also the Inland South subdialect, along with Allegheny South region (outlined in light blue just below the Allegheny Midland subdialect region) and the landlocked Lowland South region south of the Ohio River, should be upgraded to a full-fledged Highland South dialect region/cultural nation.

      That’s the way I see it, though your mileage may vary 😉

      • If only White Protestant men were counted, every single county in the nation would be red, including every county in Vermont and Massachusetts.

  7. I can understand National Socialism not being included given the tsunami of bad press and out right lies about it, but I think it is a mistake not to include it in the Alt-Right because it was a proven way to ‘drain the swamp’. By that I mean it corrected a corrupt financial and social system pre-WWII. This is what the people want, it’s what the German people wanted and it is the spirit of the Alt-Right.

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  9. Before Jim the nrxsphere (or those who identified with such) really had not much at all to say on sexual dynamics beyond the usual perfunctory reactionary boilerplate contra modern cultural trends; in fact, concern for such was often used as a point used for signaling against chad-nationalists or manospherians (topical example, Bryce Laiberte’s coining of ‘wet dick fallacy’).

    Then, after Jim started really banging on it, giving it the blessing of high status and validation, persons concerned quickly and easily adopted, and talked as if it had always been adopted (and then deployed for much the same intents as before).

    As Jim himself like to say, its always the current year until it isn’t.

    Before, it was ‘why are these nazis so concerned with the race question instead of *higher* pursuits like me; don’t they see how next level i am?’

    Now, it’s ‘why are these nazis so concerned with the race question instead of the women question like me; don’t they see how next level i am?’

    A subterranean impulse ironically on display in the very graph featured above, the lack of a explicitly racial axis conspicuous in its absence.

    Something like Imperial Rome would close be the idealized political form implied by the range of emphases depicted. Certainly appropriately reactionary in many ways. It would also share the same failure state that Imperial Rome had; demographic replacement of the founding stock of romans, and subsequent dissolution of the religio-politi-cultural forms they espoused.

    A people are a nation; a state is an expression of a people, and does not subsist without that people. If you want the right state, you need the right people.

    Now that is truly next level.

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