A New Year’s Meme

Longtime reader Shaunantijihad asked in the previous comments about new memes for a new year. There’s one in particular I’d love to see gain traction. It occurs to me with every reading of Europe’s ‘migrant crisis.’ Why this crisis is Europe’s rather China’s, India’s, or South America’s is something few seem inclined to explore.

Though every published accounting of the problem features effete hand-wringing by Western officialdom as to how the brown wave may be shunted. The historical, cheapest, and most effective solution being the one resolutely unmentioned.

Instead, three other general remedies have emerged into the sphere of acceptable public discourse.

1. Pay off other countries. This is the borders by proxy convention. Europeans are already engaged in a tenuous outsourcing relationship with Turkey, and are apparently in financial negotiations with other perpetually failed states to keep their own citizens. I can not overstate how much more responsive and efficient Western leaders would find their own border security services than third-world kleptocrats. Though it is the former rather than the latter they are committed to funding. And once you pay the Nigergeld, you never get rid of the niger. Unfortunately, as I have stated previously, this gambit is destined to fail unless Europeans resign themselves to a quality of life parity with Africa. Otherwise no amount of palm lubrication will dissuade the equatorial feet from seeking highest ground.

2. Make it look respectable. Under this scenario, the disorganized columns of foreign infantry would be replaced by a proper program of German efficiency. This involves establishing migrant processing centers across the globe’s ant-heap depots where the scrum can be ratified with papers and promises to hate whites a bit more quietly. From there they will be transported in without such awkward optics as border clashes and feces-covered trains. There is no problem of illegal immigration once it’s all legal.

3. Finally we move beyond those far-right tactics into the realm of responsible mainstream liberalism: a helter skelter stampede of 50 million Africans into the habitat of eight million Swedes. That’s called tolerance. And it will continue as a lure until either Europeans provide lavish disincentives, or Stockholm becomes no more desirable than Kinshasa. That’s all.

So the choices then are bribery, legality, or Our Values.

All of which circles to my preferred 2017 meme: We owe them nothing. The programs above are false choices because they presume a state obligation that does not exist. It is not the responsibility of a German waitress to pay taxes so that Eritrea may be made incrementally less of a shithole. Or to cede her ancient homeland to feral Somalis because they find it more accommodating. It is instead the German state’s responsibility to deploy her taxes in cultivating a safe and prosperous environment for Germans. Africans, Turks, and Afghans’ lives are their own to manage. None of whom even pay lip service to the concept of reciprocal altruism. Universalism is man’s least universal trait.

It’s interesting how everyone understands this tacitly, while pleading ignorance in any public venue. A poor man may very much desire a celebrity’s house, his cars, or his beautiful wife. But he doesn’t presume they are actually his, and the celebrity rarely offers to share. Because coveting is not a legitimate claim. And so wanting is not getting. We all understand this in the microcosm of our own lives, but forget it entirely when applied to massed brown foreigners. We do not owe them our home or our social welfare because they want it. They are not our community, they are not our nation, and they are not our responsibility. Aside from the dignity of indifference, we owe them nothing.

If Europeans embrace that meme, 2017 will be an outstanding year indeed.


31 thoughts on “A New Year’s Meme

  1. I was hoping you had a new year’s theme. I cannot read your blog, and haven’t done so for several weeks because of the “snowing” theme you have, or whatever it is called. Little white dots fluttering all over the page. It is too distracting. So, while I enjoy your writing, I will not read your blog.

  2. If Europeans embrace that meme, 2017 will be an outstanding year indeed.

    Judging by the Europeans I work with, that might take a little more than a year. Althought the pace of the lesson plan is about to pick up substantially.

  3. All of which circles to my preferred 2017 meme: We owe them nothing.

    It’s not that we owe them nothing, it’s that they owe us:

    Prior to colonization Africa had a population of 100m. At the end of colonization it had risen to 200m. As such half of the world’s blacks owe their lives and existence to colonialism.

    The introduction of white invented medicine and sanitation went on to increase the world’s black population to today’s 1 billion. As such 90℅ of the world’s blacks owe their lives and existence to white inventions.

    Whites owe blacks for the 10.8m taken as slaves. Blacks owe whites for the 900m of them who wouldn’t exist but for whites. Whites owe reparations to blacks and blacks owe creation fees to whites.

    According to mathematics 900m is more than 10.8m, specifically 83 times more. As such blacks owe whites $83 for every $1 that whites owe blacks.


  4. “Aside from the dignity of indifference, we owe them nothing.”

    I agree with this sentiment, but it has to include not bombing them anymore. Obviously this applies more to the Syrians, Iraqis, and Afghans, not to the entirety of sub-saharan africa that is spewing forth their young men into europe. But, a large number of those migrants come from those three countries we are engaged in. The Middle East is not worth any more American blood or treasure (I would argue that it wasn’t worth any to begin with), an if Israel wants more chaos in the region, they can handle that themselves. Obviously ending this insane open border nonsense is paramount, but perpetual warfare in people’s home country is bound to make many want to leave it. A giant pile of bodies on the other side of your fence would be quite unsightly, best to also stop driving them to it.

    • Less than 1% of the “refugees” are actually such, and less than 2% areanything close to “Syrian”, by actual tallies on the ground.
      That means 98% of them are Muslims from the rest of the Fecund Swath stretching from Morocco to Indonesia.

      Bombing their countries wouldn’t be a thing if they could keep the clowns in their own circus in check.
      Bombing discos, schoolbusses, schools, and hijacking everything with wheels and killing people in peaceful countries have consequences. So does flying airliners into skyscrapers.

      Boo frickin hoo for “bombing their countries”.
      Too lenient by somewhere between 2 and 100 nukes, says common sense and national interest.
      It worked very well with the last religious fanatical wannabees we wrangled with, and sorely needs be demonstrated again.

      • Don’t mistake me for some kind of apologist for these people, I’m not. Im well aware that most of them would be better classified as economic migrants (or parasites, if you prefer). But we have been wasting blood and treasure in that area for a decade and a half, and have NOTHING to show for it, except a happy Israel. They wouldn’t be doing those things you mentioned if we stopped letting them into our countries. Part of keeping them in theirs is strong, violent if need be, border enforcement. Part of it is also not bombing them any more, and stop trying to bring some notion of democracy to a people who don’t want it. We are driving a bunch of them out of their countries. Actual Syrians may make up a relatively small number of the total, but thats not the only place we are bombing, either. We should leave those people to their own devices, them them behead and run each other over all they want, just keep them there. Something the west seems to forget, they NEED to sell us their oil. Without oil sales, they don’t eat, and all their royal families heads are on pikes shortly thereafter.

        My point above is that I believe there are three parts to stopping these people, one of which is to stop bombing them, which drives them out of their countries of origin. This must be done in concert with an actual border, and an end to any and all free shit if they do somehow sneak in.

    • Yes, certainly there is some downside to imperialism and grabbing the oil. An even more important factor is Germans’ fondness for welfare: hand out free shit, then don’t be surprised when a lot of people take you up on it. Just imagine what it would be like, if each immigrant had to pay market rates for food and housing, and had to earn that money themselves. Outside of voluntary charity for support, the incentive to move there would be almost eliminated, and the only people coming in would be the decent, already productive ones.

  5. My favorite pictures are the expensive boats powered with a new outboard or two, full of “refugeeees” wearing brand-new life jackets, brandishing all their shiny smartphones and iPads! Where are our blackpilled rich dudes buying us gunboats with letters of marque to send these invaders to their briny doom? How about a kickstarter to start buying some chinese made corvettes with M60s and grenade launchers for some high seas fundays? Unfortunately- it seems like all the debt money is in the hands of the you-know-whos. And they seem to want white european nations to drown in sea of mudskins.

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  8. Something about “Danegeld”, wazzzit?

    Dunno, pass me some more Bier.

    Germans capitalize Nouns, not Existential Threats. Becuz zey are schtupit, fett, eingebildet und selbstzufrieden. Und Arshloche.

  9. Genera: I’m glad you enjoyed the Christmas photos. We might go with a different photo motif for some variety around here.

    Gator: Yes, those idiotic wars have been disastrous.

  10. Thanks you Porter. At this moment memes are the only real weapons we have. And a big thanks to all who contribute to the cause, especially Bob Whitaker, who provided many of the memes on my list.

  11. Lets learn the lessons of white genocide. Rhodesia & South Africa was the litmus test ,but the world failed to notice. When white Africans ran the farms ,cattle ranches ,etc. Rhodesia was the bread basket of Africa. Exporting their surplus food to the world. Today old Rhodesia has to import food for subsistence. Since the blacks took over said resources. Never mind the total rape & murder of White Africans.

  12. As an extension of your remedies shutting off all social welfare funding would be a vital disincentive. The EU has a very generous social welfare system providing free health care, long-term unemployment support, liberal vacation time, maternity and child care benefits. In most cases some of these benefits and others get extended to immigrants just like here in the USA.

    Shut it all down and reset the welfare programs to bare minimum needs for citizens only. I’m hoping for a Trump experiment here at home; Federal funds shut-off from sanctuary cities and zero welfare benefits to non-citizens and then let’s count the number of migrants that deport themselves.

    To a large degree control the flow of money and you control the flow of migrants.

  13. “It is instead the German state’s responsibility to deploy her taxes in cultivating a safe and prosperous environment for Germans.”

    No, it’s not. That is the real problem – so many people think it is.

    First, we need to be more precise. “German state” means the individuals in the German ruling class. Then we need to understand that the first “duty” of every person, including those in the German ruling class, is to serve their self interest. Imagining they are going to ignore their self interest is living in a fantasy world.

    After that, they have some secondary motivation in serving the special interests that put them into office. Hard to run election campaigns without money.

    Finally, they will have a tertiary interest in serving ordinary people. However in this particular case, half of the ordinary people are welcoming the immigrants. If half want them and half don’t, they pretty much cancel each other out. And even if this were not so, this interest in serving ordinary people is actually only an interest in convincing ordinary people that they are being served. In other words, a propaganda operation; not quite the same thing.

    I don’t know what the answer is, but secession ought to be at least considered, or some decentralization of power at least. If Germans who do not like the immigrants can move to a neighboring town which keeps them out, and Germans who like them can have all of them including being required to support them without the help of the others, then things might have a chance to straighten out.

    Or, it might be a self-correcting problem. If more and more German women get raped, eventually the support for the immigrants might dwindle, and people will no longer care when they are rounded up and shipped back to Africa.

    • No, it’s not.

      Yes it is. The state has no other fundamental and legitimate function. I’m not discussing rationalizations for why the German state poorly performs that function.

    • “Half of the ordinary people are welcoming the immigrants…”

      Really? So it’s not some tiny, vocal minority given an entirely disproportionate amount of airtime by an ambivalent MSM then?

      Thanks for putting me right on that.

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  15. “We owe them nothing.”

    Lacks moral authority, moral oomph.

    Is also not reassuring from a practical perspective. That is, does not answer whether whatever is being proposed is the best course for us.

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