Ring the Bell

If you want to call it peacetime, 2016 ends in a tenuous peace indeed. Francis Fukuyama’s End of History remains in a perpetual epilogue, and the only actual evidence of man’s universalism is found in his contempt for other men. Though if the appeal of living in one’s own country could be accurately measured, it too would register heavy in global disdain. In fact, practically the only places on Earth now promising continuity are Arctic ice floes that remain serenely unfazed by the climate change that runs rampant in computer simulations.

From increasing militaristic posturing and political turmoil, to the open-door Treason of the West, wheels are always turning–but rarely so fast as now. In many ways, a detached observer has a great deal to enjoy about this age. For it’s much like watching a movie on 5x. The social changes that previously shuffled along by decades now arrive in years. A young liberal today can look forward to actually living in the dystopia they normally would just bequeath to their children.

But that too may be changing. Counterintuitively, the Overton Window is gaining momentum right as it continues to scream left. Nationalists and Bolsheviks (the eternal nemeses) are moving away from mutual norms and narratives. From agreements on behavior and morality. From what represents a crime, and what warrants punishment. Identical words increasingly take on opposite meanings.

With the aid of Demographic Change denialism, separate nations are emerging within the same countries. Only the dull and deceptive laud this “Multi-culturalism” as benign. Because culture doesn’t exist as a statement of individual fashion, but rather to create a common societal language. A country of multiple cultures is one with no baseline of behavior or meaning. The inherent friction and dissatisfaction with which always gives birth to things extremists colloquially call “separate countries.”

Yet that’s only if those distinct people choose to still exist when that separation occurs. Whatever choice the nations of the West eventually make in that regard, you can be certain Europe’s eventual owner will prefer its Rings of Steel on the outside, rather than within. That’s my new year’s prediction.


On matters of more import than mere civilization, those uninterested in blog navel-gazing will want to click away now. But for the most indulgent, we’ll mention a few nuggets below on our prior year here at the Kakistocracy.

There’s been a substantial increase in interest and readership overall within this general sphere of inquiry. As a result, the alt-right is now an object rather than just a source of political discussion. This tidal surge has tended to lift all dissident boats; even those helmed by imbeciles and opportunists. Which of those best describe this site is a matter of debate, though it’s gratifying to know how much legitimate and sincere talent our side attracts.

It would be an insult by omission to make only a partial list of the most impressive personalities that populate this constellation of bloggers, commenters, twitter trolls, and podcasters. Most of whom can count on toiling without pay or acclaim with little chance of personal victories beyond the infinitesimal.

And they would expect nothing else.

Because the vast majority in this movement aren’t trying to establish a “brand” or sell a book. Rather they are simply regular men so impolite as to say what they have seen. And that is the surest path to making committed enemies.

As for this outpost, profit margins remain stable with growth ranging from Niger to Japan. Compared to 2015…

Unique visitors were up 87%
Page views were up 47%
And comments were up 2%

As you can see, page views were a lagging metric.

Those who read here come largely from English-speaking countries, though with interesting disparities otherwise. For instance, we have a lot of bigots in Germany, but few in Italy or France. Many in Norway and Sweden, but practically none in Denmark or Finland. Finally, Romanians dig the content here as do few of their track-suited neighbors. I don’t think the mighty Magyars have offered a single regular reader. As for residents of the most important American state, Israelis read here less than even Thais, Turks, and Iraqis. Though our friends from Tel-Aviv do check in just slightly more often than the Cambodians.

As for how people come to alight on this hate blossom, the top three non-twitter referrers were the Western riflemen, Free Northerner, and Neoreaction. Thanks to them and any others who have likely been banned from venues by linking here.

Of course search engines remain the largest source of single visits, with a highly amusing array of terms transporting readers here. Some of my personal favorite 2016 search queries were…

“Diversity is the devil”
“Chainsaw beheading”
“I don’t bloody think sharia allows it”
“Goo sex”
“Divine trolling”
“Autistic Bryan Caplan”
“Blacks look like gorillas”
“Justin Gatlin penis tumblr”
And, of course, “Baltimore analingus”

So goodbye to 2016 and on to the new year. It’s going to be a fast-moving ride.



15 thoughts on “Ring the Bell

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  2. Shalom, happy new year, and good luck finally convincing (((us))) that diversity is strength in this current year.

  3. Those search terms baffle me. In any case, thanks for the excellent blog, congratulations on a year of superbly expressed thoughts and observations, and Happy New Year to you!

  4. Porter thanks for doing what you do. Our civilization is crumbling, but, like the great polemicists of the Late Roman Empire and Counter-Reformation, often enormous error can yield enormous creativity among critics. It’s rarely worth the trade–though I love Burke’s Reflections–but hey I’m trying to start the New Year on an optimistic note.

  5. Thanks for a great blog, happy new years to you and yours. I consider myself more of a libertarian than alt-right, but your blog is one of my few sites I check damn near every day. Odd that comments are only up 2%. Im a newcomer from this year, I probably make up that 2% all by myself. I do know one person who said they tried to comment here and theirs never showed up. He thought it went into moderation and you decided not to post it. I told him mine show up instantly, but his don’t seem to. Not anyone trolling or spamming you, either.

    As to the rest of it, this is sure to be an interesting year. The left is losing ground in a lot of places, and as we’ve seen recently, they don’t take losing very well. I still think we are all fucked, but I’ve never been much of an optimist.

  6. Happy New Year to everyone, with sincere hopes no one spent last evening in a Turkish nightclub.

    Gator, every reader’s first comment automatically goes into moderation. And occasionally a perfectly good comment ends up in the spam filter that I rarely check. I would guess that’s what happened with the other person.

    Update: I just found a hung-up comment from a new reader in October.

    • I think the relative slower growth of comments in part reflects on how complete the posts are here. A non-trolling comment is often stimulated to by the desire to raise a missing thought or amplify an underdeveloped point, but usually there is not a whole lot more to be said. Seriously, you consistently nail the idea you are conveying pretty damn solidly to the floor. (Maybe if you got a little more hurried or sloppy you’d get more people chiming in.) In any event it’s encouraging to hear the site traffic is up and I’m grateful for the continued effort. Best of luck for 2017.

  7. Happy New Year to all from the other side of the pond!

    Porter, as you are the finest wordsmith I know, would you care to descend from your cloud and give us mere earthlings a little help in creating a few more memes for the coming year. If you and any fellow readers could kindly add a few to my list that would be most appreciated. My activist plan for 2017 is not merely to spew such criminal hatred online, but to print them on stickers and leave them in public places like ATM’s and shopping trolleys.

    Diversity is (((our))) strength

    Anti-racist is code for anti-White

    Is there anything sicker than a White anti-White?

    Diversity means chasing down the last White child

    A homeland for all races except the White race. Why?

    Islam is not a religion of peace

    Britanistan: Britain, majority Muslim by 2040?

    Not “alt-right”. Just right.

    3 towers fell on 911 – ae911truth.org

  8. Oh rats, Porter, to think I found this site via WRSA, when I could have used my usual “Baltimore analingus” search terms. Which is pretty weird, since I have never been, and likely won’t travel to, Baltimore – although I’m informed I’m an asshole… And + 10 on Rev. Right’s comment. Think the only comment I ever left was a reply to another commenter.
    Best to you and blessings on what you are doing. I forward your site to others in U.S. occupied territory. Hope it helps your metrics, but I know it helps the battle.

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