Out to Pasture

Columnist Thomas Sowell recently announced his retirement at 86. I haven’t heard anyone reference his remarks in a long time, though at one point he was considered a movement luminary. This acclaim largely a function of his being a black man capable of articulating conservative principles without a zero copula or invariant be. In this way, Sowell served more as priest than philosopher. His understood, but never stated, function was to sanctify certain political positions. As in most matters of contemporary social contention, white social preferences are illegitimate when opposed by large non-white majorities. Thus they require consecration by a member of the higher “minority” caste to be eligible for mainstream consideration.

This was the cringingly obvious function of those tea party minstrel shows from the early Obama years; where a stage of blacks would assure an audience of whites that their opposition to a president that despised them was permissible. It’s analogous to the vast ecosystem of “minority” and women business contracting quotas. Throughout the country, at all levels of commerce, billions of dollars in contracts require non white male owned business participation in order to meet minimum bid qualifications. That is to say, white men are prohibited from performing the work their own taxes pay to provide. As a result, many businessmen will find a black or female to “front” a participating enterprise as a means of purchasing legitimacy. These MWBEs (minority/women owned business enterprises) are thus more vehicles to confer blessings than they are means to accomplish actual work.

And blessings don’t come cheap. But that’s your problem, not theirs. So for those ready to pay, we even have handy websites where owners of melanin and ovaries can be matched with those lacking such essential qualities. That I found Mr. Sowell to be a lucid and reasonable writer didn’t entirely obscure his role as one of the conservative movement’s primary MWBEs.

Many others were much less dazzled. It was always interesting that Sowell wielded the least amount of influence on his own people. Probability demands its occurrence, though I have no memory of ever seeing a normal non MWBE black praising his work. There’s two reasons for that, with the one much less important being his broad intelligence chasm with that cohort. At a certain disparity of intellect, a very smart guy begins to simply sound stupid. Though far more germane to his black non-appeal is the fact that they intuited his conservative (i.e. implicitly white) advocacy as not in their tribal interests. As one example of many, color blindness isn’t a lure when color-attentiveness is so lucrative. Thus no florid combination of phrases could lend his columns merit. For Africans, being dumb enough to not be flummoxed by flighty sentiments has turned out to be quite an evolutionary advantage over the last several generations.

Though beyond merely its rejection by blacks, Sowell’s whole genre of True Conservatism has fallen almost entirely out of favor. Thank God for late arrivals. Because while he and his ideological colleagues could conjure plenty of noble rhetoric, they couldn’t conjure enough noble people to actually abide by it. Human beings are tribal and not universalist creatures. Thus systems of politics, governance, and (ideally) separate countries must be designed to accept this reality in the same manner as airplanes must accept gravity. Attractive aesthetics aren’t going to make either fly.

So conservatives like Thomas Sowell were led into an ideological alleyway that ultimately could fit few true adherents. They envisioned countries dutiful to white America’s mores and traditions without the vulgar necessity of white Americans. They committed themselves to defending trappings to the death. Unfortunately however, legacy Americans are becoming as uninterested in being jettisoned from their home as their replacements are in abiding by the former occupant’s customs. As a result, True Conservatism increasingly appeals only to the true fantasists.

All of which leads one to understand why Sowell is finally tossing in the towel. May he find prosperity in retirement. I’ve got a government contract bid that could really use a pretty face.



13 thoughts on “Out to Pasture

  1. “They envisioned countries dutiful to white America’s mores and traditions without the vulgar necessity of white Americans”

    I recall a youtube clip of him explaining how the children of white GIs with german mothers had the same IQ as their mulatto counterparts. Ahh the perils of trueconnery. Despite his intellect and gentlemanly demeanor, Mr. Sowell never spoke for me either, and never would.

    • Mr. Sowell never accepted HBD, that is true. Perhaps understandable. But he was often wise and in his heyday a formidable debater.

      He claimed of course that black achievement was dragged down by gangster culture and the welfare state rather than other things.

      That might be somewhat disingenuous but it at least suggests actionable ideas.

      He also of course ignored the fact that the US army has entrance test screening.

      • Mr. Sowell never accepted HBD, that is true.

        Really? I thought he was more like the granddaddy of HBD, writing about racial and ethnic differences in IQ and social and economic outcomes way back in the 1970s and ’80s. Though his version of HBD was more culture-based rather than genetic-based, he set the stage for later writers like Philippe Rushton, Charles Murray and Steve Sailer to further refine these theories in a more scientific way.

        A couple of Sowell’s theories were pretty dubious, like blacks picking up many of their dysfunctional traits from white rednecks, or that the black-white IQ gap would eventually disappear like the gap at least partly did between southern and eastern Europeans on one hand and northwest Europeans on the other. And his joining the anti-Trump pile-on at National Review was definitely not his finest hour.

        But Sowell was a long-time consistent opponent of affirmative action and all other race-based preferences. And it’s always nice to see a black man arguing with white liberal cucks against his own race’s self-interest. He was also a fierce opponent of gun control, and was one of the few to correctly identify reckless lending to unqualified minorities as the cause of the 2008 recession.

        As a conservative, Sowell was a prolific if somewhat ho-hum writer, no doubt receiving extra plaudits for serving up the same-old same-old Conservativism Inc. boilerplate on account of his skin colour. But his pioneering work on HBD was what set him apart from the pack.

        If you’re interested in learning about the differences between Germans, Italians, blacks, Chinese, Irish and Jews in any given society, or the commonalities that each of those groups share wherever they live in the world, then Thomas Sowell is your man. Millions of people – me included – first became interested in these subjects through reading Sowell.

        Though his personal biases and intellectual limitations may have prevented him from following HBD to its inevitable genetic conclusion, his earlier works were like the ur-texts of HBD theory that other writers later expanded upon. In this way, Sowell is like Christopher Columbus, who discovered a whole new world without ever realizing it. It was up to later writers/explorers to build upon the accomplishments of the originals, with someone like Sailer being the Magellan to Sowell’s Columbus.

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  3. I thought he was a ho-hum writer, too, but occasionally interesting. And I always did suspect that if he was white we would have never heard of him.
    Porter, this may be the only critical piece on Sowell from the right that we’ll ever read. Refreshing!

  4. This photo looks east over the Puget Sound from the Olympic Peninsula, which is largely considered to be “tribal” (i.e. Amerasian) land. I labeled the photo “Sun rises over tribal land”. The rune calls into question not only the matter of which tribe, but also the hypothetical concept of a “non-tribal” land, which I suspect Kenniweck Man fully realized was merely a figment of the liberal White imagination.

  5. The smartest Negroes will recognize, however painful it may be, that I.Q. is genetic and that Negroes come up short. Those who have a higher degree of smarts will do their best to adapt the cultural mores of the brighter folk (be they White or Asian) and plan to do their best to interbreed for the sake of their posterity. Sounds ugly, but to quote the wise Negro social commentator Sir Mix-a-Lot: “Dass a fak, black!” (in reference to the “Cake Boy” and his appeal to “boozhwah girls”).

    I guess I’d have to say that I’m tired of the whole business and am glad to live in a place where Negroes don’t, not even remotely close by. I like big butts as much as the next guy (“even white boys got to shout”), but at 70, I’ve had my share of playtime with them and thanks for the memories!

    It’s wonderful being old with crazy/lustful/curious desires fulfilled and atrophied away! If I never see another Negro again, or hear what they have to say, I won’t think or feel as if I’ve missed a thing. Dat may be rayciss, but I no longer care! That said, Mr. Sowell had his moments and I hope he enjoys his retirement as much as I do mine!

  6. Has there ever been a black intellectual lauded primarily for something other than his blackness?

    Former dorky blogger OneSTDV turned the answer into a maxim, a la Sailer’s Law of Female Journalism.

  7. Sowell is the face of the Lincoln party and their stupid crusade to lose constantly. All the “outreach” and flat out pandering by pushing these tokens never moved the needle a millimeter. Free food and sail foams and they’re voting for the other party anyway. Responsible and black don’t go together. They usually end up as a crime scene. All the wasted time and resources of the Stupid Party has cost us dearly. Guess what? WE DID BUILD THAT. Those cities ain’t made from cotton bitch. Stop this silly girly nonsense and realize that we don’t need ’em, and they don’t want reconciliation or reparations, they’re stupid bullies who want tribute by stealing your kids future.

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