Better Safe Than Sowwy

We’ve long asserted that if Western Civilization’s maladaptive liberal arc is maintained, that only Chinese museums will be left to archive the story of its decay. If pieces like this are actually true, and not hilarious Internet satire, I am increasingly confident the records of our folly will find a secure repository in the Far East.

As we have discussed previously, China is a manifestation of unapologetic Han nationalism. That country boasting a total of 1,448 naturalized citizens out of 1.3 billion souls. It is a nearly pristine nation-state, and one blithely unmoved by the self-abnegating impulses that have recently turned Europeans into road-slurry. It’s difficult to not grudgingly admire the Chinese approach. They don’t debate the matter of pretentious abstractions with preening roundeyes. They simply go about the business of maintaining a secure, homogenous habitat at home while advancing their interests abroad.

Whether this is pursued from a sense of noble national solidarity or cynical power preservation (concepts that are not at all mutually exclusive) is a matter of speculation. Though it seems the greatest contemporary point of philosophical contention between Peking and the West is not communism or capitalism, but whether the state exists to preserve or replace its founding people.

These disparate civic concepts generate predictably disparate results. As Europe rends itself to roadkill protecting the liberal values that will inevitably produce a quite illiberal caliphate, China focuses instead on more basic concerns…like building codes. You might not be surprised at which is more effective.

Under the Guise of Public Safety, China Demolishes Thousands of Mosques

Under the guise of anti-racism, white populations exclusively are attacked. There are a lot of guises these days. The key is to choose a guise that works for you, rather than against.

The Chinese government has destroyed thousands of mosques over the past three months in the restive Xinjiang region in Beijing’s latest attempt to “rectify” the largely Muslim population there, RFA’s Uyghur Service has learned.

Under the “Mosque Rectification” campaign launched by the Chinese Central Ethnic-Religious Affairs Department and overseen by the local police, the mosques were demolished as a way to sort out dilapidated buildings that allegedly posed a safety threat for worshippers in the Uyghur Autonomous Region, officials told RFA.

“Convincing the people that one of the purposes for demolishing the mosques was for the safety of the worshipers was a bit difficult,” said Eysajan Yaqup, a police officer in Toqquzaq township. “Some of them laughed at us when we explained the purpose, and some of them stared at us to show their disagreement.”

Eysajan Yaqup said he and other officials ignored the laughter and the stares and “most of the prayers were silenced.”

Who's laughing now?

Who’s laughing now?

But levity aside, it’s really shameful how much more sensitive Chinese officials are to the safety of Muslim congregants than their Western counterparts–who appear callous in comparison. The failure to rectify shoddily constructed mosques is embarrassingly islamaphobic. Consider some examples from Europe; could you let Muslim colonists enter these death traps in good conscience?

Frayed wiring in London

Frayed wiring in London

Rusty pipes in Rome

Rusty pipes in Rome

Cluttered hallways in Holland

Cluttered hallways in Holland

None of those buildings appear safe to me. Which leads to a little-known truism: if you don’t import millions of hostile aliens, you don’t have millions of them to one day fight in the streets. This is more relevant to enforcing building codes than most people realize. In fact, maintaining a dominant non-demonized majority offers several safety-related advantages. One of these being, no one is compelled to extravagant hand-wringing over affronts to the freedoms of their enemies. You simply, blandly, point out safety hazards and then level the offending structures before someone gets hurt. That’s all.

The premise of which is entirely portable. It’s possible every mosque in Europe features similar design flaws to those in China. The media’s clerics can wail as they wish; but what do they know of architectural integrity? For men with dirt under their fingernails, there’s work to be done and rules to be followed. And mosque rectification isn’t the only work at hand.

China has vowed to crack down on what it calls religious extremism in Xinjiang, and regularly conducts “strike hard” campaigns that include random, nighttime police raids on Uyghur households, restrictions on Islamic practices, and curbs on the culture and language of the Uyghur people, including clothing and personal appearance.

I can imagine a similar strike hard campaign against religious extremism in Europe might inconvenience the millions of muslims who have roots there going back months. And that is why there are things called “separate countries” where they may be free of early-morning infidels as their hosts are of knives, bullets, and tire treads.

Here’s how Chinese integrate the full public safety program:

“It is part of the campaign to eliminate so-called religious extremism,” the teacher said. “First the authorities jailed all the young men who could oppose such a policy with the strike-hard campaign that started May 2014, then the authorities implemented new rules to punish rumor spreaders and now this campaign to demolish mosques.”

That is to say jail the opposing infantry, punish their officers, and demolish their barracks. But I’m making it sound as if there’s a such thing as tribal warfare. At least the Chinese seem to tacitly think so. And given they are taking concrete steps to be around in the future, their opinion might be worth overweighting.

So what’s the current status of China’s Muslim protection program?

Officials in Kashgar confirmed that a rectification campaign had been carried out in the city, saying that most of mosques in Kashgar were demolished for the purpose of ensuring stability and protecting the safety of the Muslims.

While government officials refused to say how many mosques were demolished, an investigation by RFA’s Uyghur Service indicated that around 5,000 mosques were destroyed over the three months of the campaign.

RFA listener Abduraxman Abdurehim, a Uyghur refugee living in Turkey, said villagers from his home town told him that that 70 percent of the mosques in Lenger township were demolished in the campaign.

Wang Jingfu, head of Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee in Kashgar City, told RFA that the government was acting out of safety concerns because many of the mosques were antiquated.

“We launched the rectification campaign with the purpose of protecting the safety of the worshippers because all the mosques were too old,” he said. “We demolished nearly 70 percent of mosques in the city, because there were more than enough mosques and some were unnecessary.”

That’s another excellent point. Aside from Muslim safety there is the question of how many mosques are even necessary in the first place. It’s likely a survey of a certain dozen Berliners would conclude that is very few indeed–though only their morticians could say for sure. I expect their surviving neighbors will increasingly come to the same conclusion. And that’s when rectification goes transcontinental.

We all understand (through observation if nothing else) that conspicuous moralizing is a pleasurable narcotic. But it’s not a high upon which we must impale ourselves. Mosques in the West are simply an army staking its flags. Surrender isn’t a virtue. We don’t have to bare our necks to be good people. A man can simultaneously have ethics and valor. But if those theories are too abstract, then just focus like the Chinese do on building safety. Better safe than sowwy.


11 thoughts on “Better Safe Than Sowwy

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  2. The key is to choose a guise that works for you, rather than against.

    Building codes do not seem like they would be an efficacious way to resist the mass in-migration we are facing.

    What are guises that would work for us, with respect to that challenge or others?

    I’ve in the past proposed environmentalism. What else?

  3. Merry Christmas to all Christians.

    I urge all to go to the POTUS website and ask for greatness to be restored; whatever that means to you personally. I have asked the new President to provide safe passage and living assistance for all White South Africans to the USA. They have been treaty so poorly and need our help.–NcGiOccxSb2rDo1jkqQZZIWetKrvagpSzzY4UlBXH1IKKimLCTC5GlripocW68nOFwvYonyGNeldbH9yk0_o2wSup5w&_hsmi=39651527

  4. I’m surprised that China wouldn’t recognise that diversity is their strength and aim their future towards a happy multi cultural society. With the West’s Morally Superior Intellectuals (MSI) as organisers, perhaps China can be persuaded to allow loving individuals like George Soros to lead the way with a UN and EU Diversity Commission to help millions of Arabs and Sub-Saharan Africans find their way to into China.

  5. Sadly, this approach would not work in Amerikastan, because we actually have policies against misinformation/disinformation and deception in our interaction with other countries and peoples. Our military is prohibited from these activities. What I just wrote is not quite relevant to this post’s subject, because the Muslims in China know that if they actively resist, they will be “disappeared”. If only evil YT had that kind of will here in Amerika.

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