A Red Christmas

It was a hectic day of Christmas shopping in Berlin. As of this writing, 12 people have been killed by a Vehicle of Peace, one Polish truck driver was murdered in his seat, 50+ other pedestrians are gravely wounded, and the architect of this holiday cheer primly plots her reelection. Of course there was a more proximate assailant than Merkel–reportedly a Pakistani fleeing the Syrian war in Karachi–yet none more morally culpable. Because Paki predators owe nothing to the people of Germany, and they never pretend otherwise. They are in Europe for the same reason rationalized by every other parasite: to make a better life for themselves.

Unlike the aliens she has invited, Angela does owe something to the people who died today and their anguished families. That debt is more than just her tearful contrition and on-all-fours washing of blood from the streets with her own clothes. That would be the barest minimum expectation.

What she truly owes is a public acknowledgement of her office before vacating it. An acknowledgement of her unfulfilled duty as a loyal and protective steward of the German nation, of its ancient and unique habitat and culture. An acknowledgement that this solemn responsibility to safeguard the people’s inheritance was her greatest ethical obligation. One she shunted aside in service to her own personal pieties. To Merkel, Germans were merely on the side of their children, while she was on the side of the angels.

Though she didn’t have the integrity to join the leftist clergy outright. If her affection for itinerant muslims outweighed the duty to her nation, she should have resigned and taken her vows to Soros in an NGO. But she served him from the office established to serve the German people.

Truck-driving Pakistanis already have leaders to advance their interests, and a country of their own to foul and overpopulate as they see fit. Merkel was elected to defend the interests of Germans. No one else. And being smeared into paste by a subsidized foreigner on domestic streets is only in the interest of shitlib Germans. Alas, we have no indication at all that’s who today’s efforts were limited to.

So it is jarring to fully account for the costs of faithless leaders like this barren hag. What the people of Berlin learned today is that flourishing anti-white animosity, social service plundering, and civic decay are all upsides of mass non-white immigration and the devotional impulses that inspire it. We used to scoff at grass-skirt natives tossing themselves into a volcano to appease their primitive gods. Diversity is now our volcano. We should have the sense to be done with it.

As an aside, here is an alleged video of the attack’s aftermath. What language is that, I wonder.


18 thoughts on “A Red Christmas

    • Kent – unless the commenter was talking about ISIS. There’s probably already a shrine set up in the murderer’s honor in the local Mosque.

      Meanwhile, CNN opines that this “truck accident” is worse for the Moslem hordes than the maimed and deceased.

  1. Closing the borders is not going to solve anything. Especially with thousands of extremists of variety of sorts already within the EU, some of them for couple generations. We must change our societies to accommodate our new citizens. Like President Obama said, the west will become less white and we will better for it. If white people do not want to accept that and work towards a better future then we deserve further reprisals.

    Many of these incidents are clear responses to the violence and rhetoric of the West perpetrated against Muslims at home and abroad. As a citizen of a country who is a major aggressor and who actively terrorizes entire regions, I recognize my complicity in all of this. I vote for candidates with the knowledge that their policies will lead to further acts of war and terrorism of other people. I am not surprised when acts of terror are committed against ‘my’ people. Sad and angry, yes. Both sides are wrong, neither side is justified. And yet I’m sympathetic to both the aggressors and aggressees in whichever particular attack that’s being discussed.

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    • I find it pretty hard to believe that there is a shortage of people in Germany willing to drive trucks. Even if there is a shortage of Germans willing to drive trucks, I feel prety confident that they can find some people willing to in eastern Europe or else where without having to resort to hostile migrants.

      • Speaking as an American truck driver, there’s many Paki’s, Egyptians and other assorted muslims that drive trucks here because the pay is terrible and the lifestyle sucks for the hours one puts in. The trucking companies want bodies and they only care about the bottom line. Gee, that sounds familiar.

        So then American drivers, especially experienced ones, will find something else to do. If one goes to any major city you will witness just about every local box truck and tractor-trailer driven by non-Americans. With the over-the-road jobs (like I did), there are many muslims and newly arrived foreigners. The reason is that the trucking companies know these people are out there and will work for peanuts.

        It’s most likely the same for Germany and anyplace else.

        Screw America, screw our culture, and screw our grand-children……..Let’s make more money!

  3. One thing I don’t understand is why there isn’t more vigilante justice. In most of Western Europe, an angry vigilante can count on getting out of prison in no more than 12 years for murder. Pre-meditated, political murder even: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-27261291
    Vigilantism in the US isn’t really worth it, but you’d think at least a few hot blooded Germans would do the Timothy McVeigh calculation in their mind and take matters into their own hands. They truly are a watered down people, apparently.

  4. BERLIN — The Islamic State group claimed responsibility Tuesday for a truck attack on a crowded Berlin Christmas market that left 12 people dead and nearly 50 injured, as German security forces hunted for the perpetrator after releasing a man from custody for lack of evidence.

    Kraut Keystone Kops kompletely fuck up, real perp(s) still at large, ISIS laughs in their stupid square faces.

    IS said in a statement from its Amaq news agency that the attacker “in Berlin is a soldier of the Islamic State and carried out the attack in response to calls for targeting citizens of the Crusader coalition.”

    “Crusader coalition” has a certain ring to it, maybe we could use it. Alt-right = Crusader coalition. I wonder if it’s been trademarked yet.

    Germany is not involved in anti-IS combat operations, but has Tornado jets and a refuelling plane stationed in Turkey in support of the coalition fighting militants in Syria, as well as a frigate protecting a French aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean, among other assets.

    ISIS attacks Germany as part of the Crusader coalition(tm) even though “Germany is not involved in anti-ISIS combat operations.” Hahaha, these masochistic cuck Germans don’t even get the fleeting pleasure of droppin a bomb on they asses in retaliation.

    The only solution to the German problem is moar Muslims.


  5. To be fair, Germany is an occupied country and has been for 70 terrible years. Merkel is just a viceroy, and her superficial, Germany destroying mandate will be confirmed at the polls by the zombie remnants of the German nation in a few months. The election wont even be close. A certain gentleman, who was right about quite a lot, predicted that if Germany lost the war it would be the end of the German people. So it has come to pass…

  6. We, the Germans, may have to move on to a guerilla lifestyle, to an occupied country lifestyle, or we may even be nearing the days of a Babylonian exile for much of our people. Long durée and all that, a dispossession over the next two, three, four decades and a subsequent reconquista period — hopefully — that may span centuries.

    The above paragraph probably isn’t fully coherent, but it’s terribly late at night over here, and currently I’m more in an apopcalyptic visions mood than into cool analytical reasoning anyway.

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