The National Gerrymander

A few years ago while having dinner in Paris, my wife and I struck up a conversation with another couple at an adjacent table. That’s not something we tend to do at home, though the proximity of Parisian dinning creates its own social dynamics. It took a couple of meals to come to terms with the concept of a private table for two as one that is separated by an entire thumb’s width of space between neighboring patrons. Which made it odder than you may think to eat elbow to elbow with strangers while pretending they don’t exist.

At any rate, we had nearly mastered the craft until one evening the couple talking inches away from us seemed to have altered their conversation the one degree necessary to direct it toward us. My inner Travis Bickle was momentarily startled: Are you talkin’ to me?

As it turned out they were from Helsinki on vacation and, with wine flowing, the four of us settled into a very enjoyable conversation over a customarily long French meal. I can’t recall their names, if I ever even knew them, though I do remember the husband apologizing for his slightly less than perfect English–this being their third language after Finnish and French. Of course with my own mastery of a third (and second) language being still in the planning stage, I was willing to accept his apology in good humor.

Some hours later we said goodbyes with regret and emerged into the city’s sparkling pre-maghrebi evening. Walking along the Seine I mused at what was so obvious it must never appear in mainstream print. That foreign couple, separated by latitude, language, custom, history, and nearly 5,000 miles, was incomparably more us than the chittering Asians and IndiPakiDeshians who were our actual neighbors and fellow Americans. Which was as clear an indication as possible that government bestows citizenship, not kinship. The two being always intentionally conflated for sake of expediency. This has more to do with Vladimir Putin than you probably imagine.

That Russia almost certainly had nothing whatsoever to do with democrats’ purloined Emails has equally nothing to do with their media organs’ portrayal of the affair. If there is profit or power available from making hay out of lies, then get ready to roll the bales.

And that rolling has taken the form of righteous posturing over the specter of foreign interference in our elections. Now I understand the left rejects hypocrisy like Tennessee Coates rejects grape soda, but this is honestly asking the public too swallow a bit too much. The democrats’ entire electoral template is premised on foreign interference in our elections. That’s the model, and one about which they openly crow. Every liberal analyst charts the blossoming colonies of foreign migrants who they eagerly project to eventually swamp the ballots of legacy Americans. Importing millions of aliens to nullify the votes of your domestic opposition is possibly even more impactful to an election than the release of Emails. It may seem odd for some to accept, but foreign interference in our elections can exist even when it’s massive and obvious. And without it, Trump wins in a historic landslide.

It’s really an impressively ludicrous premise. That Pete shares some sacred bond with Ahmed and Igboo by virtue of their having just alighted on American soil against his wishes with the intention of voting against him. Only to have the solemn integrity of this racket allegedly sullied by Russian tampering, alas. Something, we are advised, Pete himself must fight to overcome. Their political motive is plain, yet hearing libs scream about foreigners in our elections is still more than a man should have to bear. If it helps, perhaps in 2020 Putin will agree to sneak over the border and obtain an EBT card and subsidized housing before taking any part in the process. I presume by precedent this would assuage their concerns.

Though there’s actually a deeper dynamic at work than just the usual flexibility of progressive principles. The disparate underlying perceptions of foreign are what’s really at issue. Because even though that word is the one in use, what is actually meant is Other. Libs are quite familiar with the concept, which explains why white Christian Russians are foreign by their lights while feral Somalis are not. And on the right side there is a tacit sentiment that even if Vlad were able to elect himself as President, his contempt for and intended harm towards deplorable America is nothing compared to the Democrats. That is to say, a guy in Moscow who doesn’t yearn for my demise is better than one in Washington who does.

And so there proceeds an unspoken bleeding out of friends and foreigners beyond physical borders. Liberals are far more inclined to a sense of warm benevolence and shared destiny with Muslim migrants than with the white conservatives whose forefathers founded the colonies alongside their own. Similarly, many on the right find their true countrymen in populist movements of Europe, rather than in the domestic comments section of

What has resulted is a sort of psychic gerrymandering. This being a compartmentalization tool at which Americans are highly adept. For visualization, here is Maryland’s amusingly configured third congressional district.


Such political Picasso sketches are not at all uncommon, and exist to put similar people in the same silo despite their physical separation. This is what’s happening in multi-cultural America: an implicit national gerrymandering. The left is extending its branch of countrymen toward the equator, as the right (much less openly and enthusiastically) does to Europe and Russia. The fact of which should remind us yet again that real national borders exist in men, not on maps. I like to think our friends in Helsinki would agree.


24 thoughts on “The National Gerrymander

      • It would be easier for all involved if you booked a flight to Liberia and applied for permanent residence. What is lacking in imfrastructure and government gibs you can make up for with the gift of the cultural enrichment you will bring with you. Remember, diversity is your greatest strength!

      • Hi saruh! I hope you don’t mind my crowding in on your active trolling life over here– we know kakistocracy is your preferred read over le Chateau.

        But since you take everything with equanimity (must be all that Pali canon Buddhism you enrich yourself with), I’m sure you won’t mind a shoutout from your favorite “stalker” “f*gg*t” “creep” fan!

        Or, since it looks like your Soros checks are starting to bounce, maybe you should quit the internet, finish your degree, read a book, lose eighty or ninety pounds, quit drugs, “convert” to Judaism (I know you’re “not Jewish”, and a Holocaust denier to boot, but you wouldn’t hold a little trolling against a few errant Zionists, would you?!), jump in a lake– you know, New Year’s Resolutions, self-improvement and all that Huwite man’s jazz.

        If you don’t like the heat, Miss Paid Opinionations, maybe you should shut your cakehole and take a hike.

        Or else, enjoy close quarters! . . .

      • Uh is a particularly dreary yet persistent Soros troll who has haunted the Heartiste boards for a long time under various names. Apparently this androgynous critter has decided to add this site to its portfolio.

      • I’m sure the tone will rise with the arrival of Lucius and his unabashedly scatological fantasy of me being a Jewess named “Sarah”. Notice how he shows up as soon as I leave a comment? That’s him scouring blogs for my comments. Who’s psychology do you really want to question?

      • saruh sez: ” his unabashedly scatological fantasy of me” . . .

        What a strange sort of projection saruh bear. Why would you associate womanhood with crap? Or is that just the way you like to do it?

        “Notice how he shows up as soon as I leave a comment?”

        Fine a blog as this is, I seldom have time to attend to all worthy efforts. Perhaps you shouldn’t be so self-referential about all your activities? Or perhaps you should finally start your own blog, rather than fantasizing about owning those of others with your dreariness–now THAT’s a blog I’d be guaranteed to avoid like the plague!

        “Who’s psychology do you really want to question?”

        You left me your phone number eleven times, sweetie, imploring me to call you lest I prove myself a “f*gg*t”, all the while protesting you don’t even read my comments.

        Take a Kleenex and spray some pledge on it and stick it in your ear. I’m not around to dust up all that space I occupy for free–and it seems Soros is still too cheap to buy you a maid

  1. That congressional district is great. You can leave your district, head due north into another district, then wind up back in yours, then into a third district, then back into yours again while driving down the same road. It amazes me anyone could even propose such a thing, much less agree to it. Well, whatever the costs involved with keeping a compliant herd of dindus together so some grifter can keep his job in congress, Im sure its worth it.

    • I actually live in it…it’s actually put together to put a maximum amount of whites in one district so that the rest of the area has more “minority/majority” districts for the Dems.

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  3. “Liberals are far more inclined to a sense of warm benevolence and shared destiny with Muslim migrants than with the white conservatives whose forefathers founded the colonies alongside their own.” Yes, I imagine the tourist experience opposite to yours is probably more common: to overhear one’s fellow Americans (or fellow whatever) bonding with the chittering outsider over a shared contempt for the core.

    “Similarly, many on the right find their true countrymen in populist movements of Europe…” Or on the dead shelves of its museums and libraries.

  4. Brilliant piece. Another one that shifts paradigms (for me).

    One possible quibble:

    And so there proceeds an unspoken bleeding out of friends and foreigners beyond physical borders.

    “Bleeding out” does not seem like the most apt phrase here.

  5. Thought of you when watching this:

    Dutch filmmaker allows his phone to get stolen in Amsterdam to find out more about the person stealing it. It predictably gets jacked by a Muslim who the filmmaker tracks through remote software. Over time he begins to sympathize with the thief, feeling sorry for him, even loading credits on the guy’s phone account. He feels like he has a connection and friendship with him. Moneyshot at 19:30 when he finds the guy in person, makes eye contact with him and immediately his delusions come crashing down — this man is not his friend at all.

    • “I realized I didn’t know this man at all.”

      Correct, Dutch cuck. You share no kinship with a parasitic Egyptian thief. That it required such an extensive project to comprehend this is what men will study ages hence.

  6. Dear Porter,

    I feel much more confident of your worthiness of a flattering eulogy than of my ability to deliver a fitting proactive tribute. Nevertheless, I offer you my best effort in a tune and on an instrument that was intended by me to serve no other purpose than honoring men of your description.

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  8. Jimmy: Impressive!

    Gator: That’s the third recent article I’ve seen on “this odd term you’re probably not familiar with…”

    I read that Salon piece and about drowned in all the foaming. Shallow writers with such deep convictions. But I did enjoy this explanation of the political divide in the comments:

    “Our brains are different than yours. You have an enlarged amygdala, aka lizard brain, which accounts for your myriad fears. Our cingulate anterior cortices are enlarged, which is the part of the brain that enables complex thought.”

    Reminds me of the democrats’ most loyal constituents: Look at Sheniqua with those cheap ass hair extensions. Bitch act like her cingulate anterior cortices ain’t even been enlarged n’ shit.

  9. Americans of all types and origins have been discussing our problems for generations now, from around the 50’s where the siviet supplied radicals 1st infiltrated the federal educaqtional system. Today the problems have only multiplied in numbers and geography by educating our children in the very root of the problem we have been dicussing so politely and judiciously.. the real problem is that we are no longer Americans because we have chosen to talk rather than act.
    Something the jews who got on the frieght cars and the iraqis captured by ISIS regretted to their very soon to come death.

  10. “the husband apologizing for his slightly less than perfect English–this being their third language after Finnish and French.”

    I hope you don’t take this as being rude, but I just want to point out that Finnish-speaking Finns learn Swedish as their second language, just as Swedish-speaking Finns learn Finnish as their second language. Depending a bit on e.g. their social class, they may speak Swedish well or poorly. Or refuse to speak it at all. Learning the other national language is compulsory in Finland and quite a few Finns, especially working class, detest this compulsion. The old elite was generally native Swedish-speakers and the current elite still tends to speak fluent Swedish. Timo Soini, the current foreign minister (True Finns party) is the only Finish politician I’ve ever seen refuse to be interviewed in Swedish, or at least respond in English to questions asked in Swedish. In his case, I suspect that he does speak proficient Swedish and refused on principle.

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