You’ll Know What I Don’t Mean the Moment I Say It

The word statement is a reliable antonym of agenda. What people say is often completely different than what they mean. As statements ascend the bullshit strata from personal to official, that tendency becomes axiom. Political actors and media organs issue statements strictly to advance an agenda, not explain or reveal a truth. Most people would find themselves merely aghast absent the ability to lie. For our leading news outlets it would be seppuku.

That’s part of the reason I rarely trust anyone writing under their real name. Because nearly everyone has something a lie will benefit or the truth will harm. Even when intention is honest and the load is light, their statements are necessarily weighed by personal agenda. Whether for business positioning, moral preening, or the common desire to avoid social ostracism, career ruination, or (in Europe) outright imprisonment, our agenda always colors the statements we use to conceal it. The truth simply doesn’t flourish under direct sunlight.

That’s why free anonymous speech is as much a bane for regimes (and the regime aspiring) as it is a boon for social hygiene. There may be some paid shills, though the vast reservoir in comboxes is comprised of candid dialogue without the weight of personal impact or enhancement.

It’s another metric of our civic decay that leaders no longer have any use for incentivizing honest expression. Instead every effort is now given over to manufacturing a compliant paste out of the public sphere. By historical comparison, Federalists and Anti-Federalists went to war over the constitution almost completely pseudonymously. If it were today, the only debate over their critiques would be: were these leaked by the Romanovs?! That’s after Hamilton and Madison were disavowed as racist cowards hiding behind false names and frog memes.

Fortunately we no longer live under the yoke of such anonymous bigots. Our leaders and media lie directly to our face. Or more blandly, their statements are antonyms of their agendas. Which leads to some uncharitable speculation about the latter presently. John McCain, the hardened yellow corn on America’s foot, and his lovelorn valet Lindsey Graham, are aligning with democrats and other True Conservatives to hold hearings on Russia’s alleged involvement in capturing democrats’ lurid communications. One country interfering in the internal affairs of another? We certainly can’t countenance that on principle alone.

Though one imagines dead men across the world wish America limited its own involvement in their countries’ politics to merely posting pilfered Emails. But maybe US bombing campaigns are intended as a sort of politically neutral event, like sand storms. When we target your presidential palace with cruise missiles, it shouldn’t be considered an endorsement of the opposition. We’re not like the devious Russians, for God’s sake.

So this ongoing flurry of indignant statements are nominally about the integrity of our elections, and quashing Russia’s bid to deploy combat divisions outside Spokane. But statements veil the agenda, not describe it. And it appears that agenda is threefold. One, to suppress Trump’s legislative momentum from the outset by lashing it to a Russian tarbaby. Two, declawing his mandate by casting doubt on the election’s legitimacy. And three, to rejuvenate a public fervor for Washington’s war fetish and force Trump to prove his anti-Kremlin bonafides.

I am sure there are some (in the CIA it appears specifically) who even hope to manufacture a coup in the electoral college or by impeachment. And while I am certain of sufficient bad-faith to do the deed, there is hope a sense of self-preservation will be enough to forestall the attempt.

All of which means conservatives may be put in a position of choosing early in this administration. Whether to pursue an agenda on behalf of the nation or its decoupled antagonistic state. Whether the government is going to address America’s problems or those of the DNC’s IT staff. Whether republicans are going to serve their constituents or send them to get shot.

I don’t know what the results of those choices will be. Though I do know as long as Senator Graham keeps commenting as Tiny Duck, we can be sure to get his honest opinion.


13 thoughts on “You’ll Know What I Don’t Mean the Moment I Say It

  1. Senator Graham does his best commenting from random bathroom stalls up and down I-95. In between those steamy dalliances with un-groomed truckers sticky with traces of hotdogs and Mountain Dew, Lindsay puts together powerfully penetrating insight that thrusts at the heart of the meaning of True Conservatism.

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  3. 2 things make me laugh, 1 they’re claiming it was “propaganda”. What? This is what we’re paying the CIA to do? The second are idiots like Mitch McConnell, who unequivocally states that “Russia isn’t our friend”, as he helps start an investigation that will surely lead to delegitimizing the election of his own
    party’s candidate…you couldn’t make this stuff up.

  4. The Russia dichotomy likely arises from a schism in the ruling financial coalition between those who wish Mackinder’s Heartland to be somehow controlled by the Anglo-Zionist faction instead of left to the Russians, who in turn must contend for it with the Chinese. The old Rockefeller banking interests, allied to a certain extent with the Jewish banking interests, but never completely comfortable with them, may have an ally in Mr. T, seeing as the head of Exxon has just been named SecState, indicating the possibility that the US will ally itself with Russia as a counterweight to China, certainly the principal competitor for both with respect to the vast resources of the updated “Heartland”: Central Asia. The invasion of much of Europe by the POC Horde has taken Europe off the table as an effective player and the UK will likely make a belated attempt to hang on to US coattails, although it’s too late for that.

    Nations don’t have friends, only interests. Alliances are always temporary; today’s “friend” is tomorrow’s “enemy”. Who will be Mr. T’s friends and enemies? One assumes he knows the answer already. Does he actually plan to break the precedent set by every US government since the beginnings of the 20th century and place the interests of the nation and its citizenry above the interests of the cabal that has ruled the world since the end of the second world war? Kennedy tried that with the ill-fated silver certificates and five months later he was dead, shot by a disgruntled ex-grunt acting entirely on his own because… well, because.

    There is an internal struggle going on within the oligarchy. Neither side gives a damn about all the sideshows ( that capture the attention of the citizenry. Mr. T must cast his lot with one faction or the other; being a loner isn’t viable.

  5. (in Europe) get arrested? Not to worry, imprisonment for free speech is on our horizon. Our brave dual citizens in the “U.S.” senate have just passed an “antisemitism” bill. It will soon be illegal to criticize Israel more than any other “democratic” nation. They may want to clean up the wording in this bill. 1. “israel” is not a legitimate state. If it were legitimate, and democratic, shouldn’t it have a written constitution? Try to find a copy. 2. The only people living in occupied Palestine with semetic blood are the Palestinians. I think the “the Blanket Protection Act for Khazars Occupying Palestine” has a nice fascist ring to it. Don’t you? .

  6. Can you imagine how happy the people of Ukraine, Libya, and Syria would be if we had limited our involvement in their government to leaking some emails? The above is hardly an exhaustive list, not even close. One shudders to think of the true number of dead men, women, and children who were put in the ground ahead of their time thanks to US involvement in their affairs.

    Also, just to be clear, I don’t buy the whole “the russians did it” tripe anyway, I just like pointing out the irony. A blacker pot has never accused the kettle. Any time John McCain, lipstick Lindsey, the clintons, and obama all agree on something, I don’t even need to hear anymore about it to know its complete bullshit. Hearing pretty much the same line out of all of them, I’m reminded of my least favorite term in government parlance: bipartisan consensus. Any time you hear that one, bend over and grab your ankles.

  7. Dear Porter,

    I just posted this on The Burning Platform. I found it via ModernHeretic3000.

    Is there any chance you could use your fantastic writing skills to show the world what a scumbag that Christopher Supron is, the “Elector of Conscience” who wants to deny Trump the Presidency?

    Thank you for taking a look.

    If you use it, I took it from, so please credit them.


    • Thanks Yojimbo. Yes, I saw that report from gotnews. It’s the sort of back-alley knifing the left has been perfecting for generations. Nice to see elements of the right learn the pleasures of dumpster diving. I assume the goobery Supron is just a patsy for either Kristol or the democrats, and would wager money he didn’t even write his NYTs ode to conscience. He’s plainly a wreck of a man, and one who’s far over his head in this arena of elite cutthroats. But he let himself get played, either by stroke of ego or palm, and now his laundry is out hanging in public view. If you don’t know who the fish is in a poker game, it’s you.

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