Fake Russians and Real News

Every PR combatant wages war with his own arsenal of memes. That the right’s tend to be amusing while the left’s are lugubrious is mostly a function of the personalities each movement attracts. Two of those memes now churning up the liberal silt are Russian Hacking and Fake News.

As to the former, dullard Republicans are livid, and now determined to discover what nefarious force was responsible for electing a Republican president. Apparently not satisfied with the media’s customary deluge of propaganda against their party, they are determined to supplement it with their own efforts. Imagine holding public hearings whose core pursuit is tantamount to an admission of your own candidate’s illegitimacy. If these people were any dumber, Bezos would give them a column at the Washington Post.

Full Metal Jacket’s Sgt. Hartman said “Marines die; that’s what they’re here for.” Well, Republicans lose; that’s what they’re here for. So suggesting they not cast their own victory into disrepute would be standing between a man and his sacred duty. So I’ll leave them to it.

But the Russians did it meme is one I rarely see lucidly examined. We all understand the necessity of private communications too well. Owing to the imposition of liberal social sacraments we all walk around in a sort of mass Truman Show. People play-act outwardly in order to remain economically viable, while speaking honestly only in the furtive company of confederates. Liberals also must live within their own box, and so the pap they regurgitate publicly distills to some interesting candor in private. That’s where the Wikileaks Emails come in.

This series of publicized correspondence revealed a lavish excess of democrat corruption and collusion. All of which were apparently valid, as I have heard no claims that the Emails were fabricated. Instead of focusing on such highly embarrassing and perfectly immoral indiscretions, the left’s media arm has dutifully directed attention toward just who is the culprit responsible for liberating these awkward missives. The crime isn’t what they were caught doing, but who did the catching. This being analogous to forming a lynch mob to apprehend the guy responsible for releasing photos of you burying dead bodies in your back yard. The real story here is did the photographer work for the Russians?? That’s pretty useful squid ink if you can buy it in bulk.

Even more useful is in claiming injury to Our Democracy by release of the Emails. Look, privacy is critical once one is off-camera in our Truman Show. But having more insight into the workings of a political party rather than less can not plausibly be said to have created a reduction of cognizant voting. It is completely the contrary. On the presumption they were legitimate, the released Emails gave voters information on which to make a more informed decision. It may have been bad for those intending to communicate privately, but it was categorically not bad for Our Democracy. An even better democracy would be if every politician spoke publicly only under the effects of sodium pentothal–whether or not they preferred to keep their honest sentiments concealed.

But of course the sanctity of balloting isn’t at all the left’s actual concern, as would certainly be revealed if more of them began clicking on phishing links. It’s what results can be manufactured that’s at issue. As we just witnessed, a public well-informed about democrat machinations can generate unfortunate results indeed. And elections that result in lachrymose liberals are the worst kind of democracy of all.

Which brings us to the related concept of “fake news.” As discussed here previously, the media’s vertical monopoly is being broken down daily by the type of horizontal communications you are reading presently. This presents a significant problem for the people whose ideal democracy consumes only the information that produces ideal results. That problem being the loss of power, prestige, and profits. And so an aggressive new ad campaign was launched by the media to counter the disinformation outlets that were countering their disinformation.

Watch regime media - America's leading narrative product (accept no cheap imitations!)

Watch regime media – USA’s leading news product (accept no cheap imitations!)

Hey business is business, and your country is their country. Every man has to hustle for a buck. And when the owners of so many succulent bucks begin viewing you as lying scum, your brand has a real problem. That means it’s time to go after the competition–I hope you didn’t think honesty and fairness were on the table.

So like ball bearings it’s all Russians and fake news these days. Keeping track of who is accused of being which may be the most the most trying task of all.


10 thoughts on “Fake Russians and Real News

  1. The Ferguson PD faced a massive overhaul when their email server was leaked (via subpoena). When exposed to the same standard of transparency, the Democratic Party gets away with blaming us for looking. I wonder what the difference is.

  2. I remember last year our Eternal Friend Bibi got the longest standing ovation from Congress of any foreign rep. How about the Saudi money flushing around mosque droppings?

    What we need is a 50-D linguistic kill shot counter to “fake news.” Maybe corporate news?

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  5. My earliest remembrance of the term “fake news” was its use in the Fake News Trial of Ernst Zundel. I’ll make an educated guess and say that weakening of the holohoax narrative is the enemyedia’s worst nightmare, but it’s not so much that today’s youth don’t believe it. They just don’t care. Criminalizing the truth isn’t going to change that.

  6. Holy Shit. You have a remarkable talent for saying what I’m thinking only I don’t know how to arrange the words. Thanks,

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