Another Job Americans Won’t Do

Sophistry is a skill set of which America suffers an even greater deficit than lettuce pickers. We certainly have ample quantity, and the effort is Herculean. But the quality of Western sophistry is simply abysmal. What the hell are journalism students even being taught these days?

Here’s an example: If somone offered to build a nice wind chime out of your family’s spinal columns and mount it on your patio, you’d probably demur even if he insisted the novelty would improve the property’s market value.

No? Don’t you even care about what’s best for your house?!

That’s wretched sophistry. You love your house because of the secure, comfortable, and pleasing accommodations it provides you and your family. You don’t love it independent of its role as your home. And you certainly don’t love it more than the people whose home it exists to be. Sacrificing them (or yourself) to its nominal enhancement would eliminate the very source of its appeal. I assume your surprise will be scant to learn this is precisely the logic routinely on offer at the rhetorical intersection of immigration and America. Consider this piece from Yahoo!’s finance department.

How Latinos are driving income growth in America

You won’t believe how much that patio wind chime will add to the value of your house.

“Making America Rich Again: The Latino Effect on Economic Growth.”

That’s the title of a new report written by Jeffrey Eisenach, SVP at NERA Economic Consulting and a member of Trump’s transition team.

Commissioned by the nonpartisan Latino Donor Collaborative (LDC) (et al) the report is particularly timely…

That oxymoron was a little bland for my taste. The nonpartisan Latino Donor Collective. Much like the nonpartisan ADL or BLM. Just regular objective racial advocacy groups trying to be heard above the din of all those special interests. I’ll be looking forward to Yahoo!’s coverage of similar reports issued by the “nonpartisan Aryan Angels of Vengeance.”

LDC co-founder Sol Trujillo told Yahoo Finance that he had one primary objective for the report: to debunk Latino stereotypes.

That’s gratifying. I expect Mr. Trujillo will make short work of such false stereotypes as “hardworking Mexicans,” “natural conservatives,” and “you probably won’t be decapitated in Acapulco.”

He says they were able to find empirical evidence that Latinos are playing a critical role in rejuvenating the American workforce.

That’s great to hear. Mike, we’ve decided to rejuvenate your position with Jose. I think you’ll be quite pleased with the overall effects on the American workforce. Or more conceptually: Mexicans are increasing to meet the needs of increasing Mexicans.

“The data surrounding Latinos’ economic implications pull together a story that’s compelling, pervasive and deep. Especially because the average Latino is nine years younger than the overall population, we know that this demographic will be with us for a while, and we can take advantage of that,” he says.

See, the gringo labor-units are reaching end-of-service. So we’ll need to execute an equipment refresh to stay within warranty. That’s what they meant in the Constitution’s preamble: secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our Economy.

Though one question I urge everyone to ask in these situations is: Who’s “we?”

In fact, over the last decade (between 2005 to 2015), Hispanics — who account for just 18% of the population — accounted for 29% of the growth in real aggregate income.

And ants accounted for 29% of the growth in food eaten at our last family picnic. But what’s that do for me? More specifically: because America has been good for latinos does not mean latinos have been good for Americans.

He says the Latino population is a bright spot in what he calls the “new mainstream economy” that supports a highly educated, tech savvy population, specifically citing 3D printing and robotics as examples of the innovative industries that are burgeoning in the US.

That’s quite an implied correlation. Both the Latino population and technology industries are growing. Therefore, you need more Mexicans or say goodbye to your 3D printed robots, QE fucking D.

Meanwhile, Trujillo says regardless on one’s immigration views, it’s vital to leverage the talent that already exists in the US. “We need to fix the conversation about how Latinos are vital to the economy. Deportations should not be the core message.”

Agreed twice. One, it’s vital to leverage the talent that already existed in the US prior to the Hart-Celler Immigration Act. Two, we need to fix the conversation about how latinos are vital to The Economy. They’re not. And even if they were, this country isn’t a sweatshop, outlet mall, or GDP graph. It’s a home to the people who built it.

America deserves better sophistry.


7 thoughts on “Another Job Americans Won’t Do

  1. It would be quite entertaining to print and disseminate these artfully crafted blog posts on liberal university campuses and record the expressions of shitlib and sjw faces as the weight of undeniable hate filled facts and concepts shatter their minds.

  2. Though one question I urge everyone to ask in these situations is: Who’s “we?”
    America deserves better sophistry.

    Diversity is (((our))) strength

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  4. Eric Decarbonnel has some very informative videos on youtube(for now). He explains why the U.S. had to invade Afghanistan. To keep the Anglozionist ponzi currency scheme going, “we” must export inflation(dollars) to the rest of the world. What better way than to import heroin? Another good strategy is to exchange dollars for Mexicans. Illegals export a lot of dollars to Mexico. Once there, they don’t come back. Since “we” export inflation to the rest of the world, “our” deficits don’t matter.

  5. ” written by (((Jeffrey Eisenach))) . . . a member of Trump’s transition team”

    Every. Single. Time.

    Make America great again. By bombing Iran and giving Israel $3billion/year, for the next 3 billion years.

    Wall? What wall?

  6. Yes Mexicans are so good for the economy that their homeland is a failed Narco-Terrorist State. Except for poverty, crime, disease, poor infrastructure and mass graves, everyone knows that Mexico is almost as well run as The Planet of the Apes. Get in on this great economic swindle. All it will cost is your lives, your families’ lives and the future of your race.

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