The Ghost Ship

Some interesting symmetry in Oakland and Austria this weekend. First, the former. As readers know, dozens of caricature liberals, cloistered in a cluttered hippy commune, slipped their surly privilege Friday night. The cause was a massive warehouse fire where many of them lived and “worked” in a sort of junk-heap honeycomb that appeared meticulously crafted to maximize fire fatalities. There were no sprinklers, smoke alarms, or (functioning) fire extinguishers; though Green Party tracts and hookah pipes are thought to have been comparatively abundant. Further, the city’s somber lesbian spokeswoman stated that the second floor stair-way was simply a ramp of stacked debris, while the main floor was a maze of discarded furniture and large animal husks (my speculation) that made locating the exit a thrilling competition against one’s own peeling flesh.

Though the proximate causes of this avoidable carnage are less interesting than the underlying meta. These artists and dreamers could have easily chosen to live in safe, permit-granted housing. If hundreds of thousands of the country’s most violent and bitter blacks can find housing with interior construction in Oakland, then certainly a claque of antifa can do the same.

But that would hardly have suited their aesthetic requirements. Secure, inspected, and safeguarded housing is much like a homogenous white country: boring at best, Hate most likely. For a certain mindset, there’s a formidable psychic frisson to sleeping on filthy rugs beside a Thai squatter. The core of that pleasure being partially in the expression of unrequited out-group camaraderie. But perhaps of equal emotional importance is the eternal lure of iconoclastic conformity.

There is little risk of loss in wagering that the tattooed, pierced, and painted parties at the Oakland warehouse viewed themselves as singularly thoughtful renegades from the suffocating sameness of heartland Bourgeoisie whiteness. Though the fact that you would actually find more variance of thought in a Nebraska cornfield than in the rigid orthodoxy of a leftist burrow is something very few THC-fueled discussions long linger upon. The point of iconoclastic conformity is to stand as a idealistic rebel from the traditions and interests of your in-group, while surrounding yourself in a cocoon of safe-space assurance. Few people are more conformist than those determined to prove they aren’t. And no courage of convictions is so conspicuous as that which goes uncontested.

By the way, the doomed building was known locally as the Oakland Ghost Ship.

I had a sense of ghost ship foreboding upon reading of yesterday’s Austrian election results. In them, the far-far-far right presidential candidate, Norbert Hofer, was defeated by the Green Party’s Alexander Van der Bellen. Before continuing, an editorial note: given that this movement is quite a bit more red than green, we’ll (charitably) refer to it going forward as the Holidays Party.

And for its iconoclastically conformist members, it was a holiday indeed.

After an ugly and deeply polarising presidential campaign in normally tranquil Austria, whooping and relief on one side Sunday night was matched by disdain and anger on the other.

artist Natalia Nadasma, 21, said that Brexit and Trump had motivated many activists to make sure that the Austrian election wasn’t yet another political shock.

“A lot of people from civil society decided to be active, to go onto the streets in order to convince people to vote for liberalism, to vote for openness, to vote for diversity,” Nadasma said.

To vote for no societal smoke alarms, stairways, or sprinklers, she is not quite self-aware enough to say. And her civil society countrymen agreed that cultivating their own dingy multi-cult commune was preferable to the stultifying and flame retardant Austrians-first alternative. If only fire or migrants could be coaxed to share our appreciation of liberal aesthetics many cheeks would remain dry.

Unfortunately neither appear at all inclined to spare liberals from their foolishness. As a month prior to the Oakland conflagration, one of Austria’s linguistic siblings met a similarly tragic fate.

Maria Ladenburger, the daughter of a high-ranking EU official, was returning from a party in the university city of Freiburg in Germany when she was assaulted on a cycle path.

She was raped and then drowned before her body was found in the River Dreisam.

The suspect, an Afghan migrant, was caught after police found DNA on a scarf near the path.

Ms Ladenburger reportedly worked in her spare time helping out in refugee homes in Freiburg.

The Diversity Ghost Ship claims another soul. What is obvious to bigots often requires reiteration for the unwary. Encroaching foreigners are no more interested in your pious morality than a flame is in your bohemian architecture. Building restrictions exist for much the same reason as border restrictions: to keep something important to you from turning to ash.

Those determined to never grasp this can count on one eventual embarkation.



26 thoughts on “The Ghost Ship

  1. Get the facts before you vomit forth your hate. I guarantee she was meeting the young man for masculine sex(which white boys cannot provide) and things got out of hand

    Interesting that CNN and NYT don’t carry this story.

    Maybe they recognize that this stuff doesn’t happen in a vacuum and that colonilazation sometimes create justifiable actions

      • I usually spam his comments, but that one was too funny not to post. I think ole Duck may have been shitlib jivin’ the whole time.

    • That’s right Diny Tick,

      Negro and Muslim colonisation of White lands is sure storing up some serious justifiable actions. Or were you brought here on a Jewish slave ship? In which case, you can leave with all limbs attached. Nowotimsayin?

    • What I find Interesting is that CNN and NYT don’t carry this story –

      People of Color endanger White people by their inherent low IQ, jealousy and retarded emotional trigger mechanism. I would much rather be surrounded by a pack of feral dogs than Tiny Ducks and his brown Muslim cousins who by the way typically satisfy their “masculine” sexual desires by raping children.

      Speaking of colonization, the black leader Mugabe over in his African oasis wants Tiny Ducks to manage and work the once prosperous farms created by White farmer colonization. Oh wait actually he changed his mind he now wants White farmers back because the Tiny Ducks can’t seem to grow and harvest crops in quantities large enough to save themselves from starving to death. Like I said low IQ.

    • Tiny Dick, your presence has been missed at Sailer’s since the election. Good to see you didn’t off yourself in despair.

  2. I can’t say Im very familiar with the politics of this alleged far right Hofner fellow, but I’m continually amused by the labels used these days. Anyone not rolling out the welcome mat for migrants is considered “far-right” apparently, and may even be literally hitler as well. Even uttering a word that maybe we should import a slightly smaller number of africans are met with howls of outrage. I wonder where this guy would fall on the American political spectrum. I have a feeling he’d be considered centrist at most.

    We will see how the Austrians feel after a few more years of incidents like the one you described. At some point, the migrant saturation will reach levels that peaceful deportations and a sealing of the border become impossible. It will either have to be very violent, or the white women will just have to accept sharia as a fact of life. I confess I have no idea what that point is, but many of these countries have to be rapidly approaching it. Given the fact that, at least in Austria, the political will doesn’t yet exist to at least stop importing more of them, the will to resist, violently if neccessary, a further encroachment upon their country probably doesn’t exist either. Time will tell, but it looks like going long head scarf makers is a pretty safe investment.

  3. When reading of these events over the past few days, I regularly checked my grief-o-meter to assess an appropriate response, but at no time did the needle even budge. I did notice, however, when perusing one of the dispatches, that Oakland seems to have hit a trifecta with their black lesbian fire chief.

    • I did notice, however, when perusing one of the dispatches, that Oakland seems to have hit a trifecta with their black lesbian fire chief.

      Sounds like a good combination – firetrap packed with shitlibs plus an affirmative action fire chief. Maybe they could build a rapefugee shelter on the ruins.

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  5. Apparently Dr. Ladenburger solicited donations for illegal Muslims in Germany at his defiled daughter’s funeral:

    Ghost Ship was a quality flick – except for that disgusting IR kiss scene.

      • To suggest that even at her funeral one’s thoughts – represented by flowers – must be for Muslims in Bangladesh before that of the raped and murdered family member or friend is decidedly perverted.

        “Flowers for our daughter? No, no, no. We must think of Muslims in Bangladesh at this time of mourning. PRIORITIES, you see,”

        And that failure, utter, miserable failure, to discern life’s actual priorities is what led to this girls death. Her parents bear some of the blame, along with the perpetrator. The funeral wishes simply show that they are unrepentant or blinded by ideology about their role in this tragedy. It’s just horrible, perverted, insane!

  6. The land of Amadeus, Adolf and Arnold vomits forth Van der Bellen. As the God-Emperor would say, “Sad.”

    There is little risk of loss in wagering that the tattooed, pierced, and painted parties at the Oakland warehouse viewed themselves as singularly thoughtful renegades from the suffocating sameness of heartland Bourgeoisie whiteness. Though the fact that you would actually find more variance of thought in a Nebraska cornfield than in the rigid orthodoxy of a leftist burrow is something very few THC-fueled discussions long linger upon.

    I might take that wager. Though the faggy/weirdo/leftoid vibe at a Bay Area rave would break the Richter scale, deplorables like to party too, believe me (as the God-Emperor might add). I’ll bet the racial demographics of the roasted ravers are a lot whiter than that of Oakland as a whole. EDM is a mostly white thing, with a bit of fashy flavour at the fringes.

    After a long day of shitposting and meme warfare, your typical strapping young shitlord’s mind turns to chicks, tunes, booze, drugs, party, sex, yeah. And living in wog-infested big metro areas, they naturally seek out islands of whiteness for the hunt. Lots of white chicks go to these parties, which, like everything else in these big cities, are dens of loony-left liberalism.

    But the original scene that grew into massive, million-person parties like the Berlin Love Parade had a kind of Bowie-in-the-1970s fascist ethos and fashion sense. And a lot of the techno music that became huge in Europe was actually pioneered by white guys from Detroit who came up with the crunching, industrial, fascistic beats from working in auto plants.

    The Love Parade, like the Ghost Ship, had a sad end. In 2010, 21 people were crushed to death in a tunnel, and the organizers cancelled all further Love Parades. But while it was a thing, it epitomized the shitlord mantra: feels good, man.

    • Yeah, from the photos the scuttled Ghost Ship was very white. My wager was that every one of them believed themselves to be individuals fully decoupled from that uncouth identity.

    • Shaun, I don’t know if WordPress offers that embedded functionality. Though you could probably achieve the same results with a site-specific search from your preferred engine. E.g., to search for your comments here enter the string below:


  7. Please let’s stick to the verifiable facts. The obituary above mentions “Bildungsarbeit fuer die Kirche in Bangladesch”. I’m not a speaker of German, but this seems to me to mean “formation” of the Church in Bangladesh, i.e. educating the native candidates for priesthood, and that means missionary work (there are 0.3% of Christians there.) I hope a native German speaker can either confirm or dismiss my guess.

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