Opportunity’s Fleeting Offer

A great tactician is one who wins with the pieces he has to play. A great strategist changes the board. We’re far from knowing whether Trump will be either, but only one of those skill sets will linger past his presidency. His underdog electoral conquest of both neo-cuckservatism and its lead-dog, liberalism, represents a brilliant tactical victory in the midst of an increasingly dire strategic position. A position that, if not fundamentally altered, will soon enough see whatever he hopes to accomplish washed aside in a wave of favelas.

A recent interview with the VP-elect gave some indications about that future state. In it, Mr. Pence–presumably speaking under authority of his boss–describes the new administration’s immediate priorities:

* Curbing illegal immigration
* Repealing Obamacare
* Replace Scalia
* Fundamental tax reform to “free up the pent-up energy in the American economy.”

I often wonder when Guatemala’s single-digit income tax rate is going to unshackle its pent-up economic energy. Or why the citizens of that relatively unpent country perpetually flee to more constrictive Economies. I also wonder if it is because stock conservative doctrine actually explains nothing in the world whatsoever.

And since tax reform is apparently something this administration is committed to squandering precious political effort upon, it falls to fringe dissident outposts to mention how fundamentally insubstantial the effort will prove–even when entirely successful.

There is spending and there is how it will be paid for. The former is where all real decisions are made: who, what, and how much gets funded. Once that is determined, the rest is just accounting. Spending can be funded either by taxes, debt, or currency devaluation. Each is a wealth extractor, direct taxation simply being the most honest of the three. As a result, grand pronouncements over tax cuts are only the promise to drape a sheet over the price of government. I’d argue it’s a thing that instead should be far more conspicuous.

If taxes were really an economic bugaboo, then the entire federal budget could simply be financed by treasury issuances and/or quantitative easing. But no one other than the terminally obtuse would believe that elimination of government taxes had actually eliminated government costs. Thus the serious talk spending, while the frivolous talk taxes. And that’s what we have National Review for. If Trump considered the purse strategically, he would drastically cut the gibs bait that attracts so many of its itinerant consumers.

But look again at Pence’s top three priorities. All are perfectly honorable goals. But which strategically change the board? This is what he must consider to leave any lasting impact. Fewer illegal immigrants are certainly nice, but what of the 1.1 million waltzing in legally each year? It’s an unconscionable number. And after 50 years of indulgence, we simply have no more credit-line for pious patty-caking about how so not-racist we are.

The slope of white demographic decline is steepening. Deaths are now overtaking births, resulting not only in proportional decline, but absolute as well. This situation, of course, being cause for national emergency mobilization if suffered by any group in the country but the one who founded it. But since we mouth the sophistry that those founders were The Immigrant People our concern is supposedly assuaged by their perpetual rejuvenation at the border. If your forefathers moved, then those moving now are the same as your forefathers. Movement homogenizes humans–except in Israel, Africa, or Asia. I’m sure you understand.

Though if small anecdotes are indicative, much of this ridiculous conceit is crumbling. The most actively cheered tweet from my account is the one urging repeal of Hart-Celler. The old conservative sheep-dog shrug of We’re only against *illegal* immigration is mercifully receding like the mucus trail of a slug. Rational alt perspectives are beginning to permeate edges of the middle ground. It’s becoming more clearly understood that losing your country to hostile foreigners legally is less solace than Jonah Goldberg would have you believe.

The opportunities to strike strategically do not long remain open. And the public’s “pent-up energy” resides far more in ending perpetual mass immigration than it does in bolstering corporate income statements. Carpe diem, carpe noctem, or carpe collum. Seize what you can grasp. Just don’t spend your brief window only seizing sand.


11 thoughts on “Opportunity’s Fleeting Offer

  1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/police-use-fake-news-in-sting-aimed-at-california-gang/2016/12/03/6e0c7d8c-b984-11e6-939c-91749443c5e5_story.html?utm_term=.fa1d3db3f50d

    OT: Bezos’ blog has an interesting take on Fake News. TL;DR – Police create and disseminate fake news to the public so as to protect American civilian gang members, like the Melendez Brothers, from dangerous Central California Gangs like MS-13. A USC Law Professor assures us that this is better, from a PR standpoint, than the only other possible alternative, which is to for the police to NOT disseminate fake news.

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  4. The importance of differentiating between strategy and tactic is paramount, but far too many people don’t truly understand that there is a difference, never mind being able to explain it; you did so in a pithy manner and deserve kudos.

    You also deserve kudos for singling out Hart-Celler as a key piece on the board, so to speak. If immigration is not slowed or stopped for at least a decade, the future of white folks in the USA is far from rosy.

    Personally, I’d add to the strategy list a program to recover national monetary sovereignty and another to greatly reduce the size of government–federal, state and local–while incentivizing small business creation with all due speed.

    The tactics required to effect the strategy will have to wait for another day, but one dearly hopes Mr T shares the strategy and is busily scheming out the near-term tactics necessary keep his electorate mobilized and motivated to continue to fight the good fight, no easy task. Let’s wish him luck!

  5. If Trump does nothing but repeals Hart Cellar and deports illegals, he would have given the country a couple more decades of breathing room.

    If he repeals Hart Cellar, deports illegals, deports all refugees, and cancels all green cards I’d accept a 100% tax increase and maybe offer a hand-job.

    If he does all the above and cancels naturalized citizenship of those brought in since 1965 I think it’s fair to say most people on our side would be his concubine.

    All other laws and social programs can be changed and fixed later. But if immigration is not fixed, then the country is finished. It’s impossible to undo demographic displacement peacefully. It’s the 800lb. sombrero in the room.

  6. It is infuriating to hear people talk about being ‘all for legal immigration’. Why? Name one area of society that has benefitted from a million plus a year? Don’t get me wrong, I love taco trucks as much as the next guy, but I don’t imagine my love of taco trucks will illicit understanding from my children when they have grown up and begin to understand that their parents and grandparents have destroyed their future on the mantel of not looking raysis.

    If these people bring such enrichment with them, why does every single country they come from look like such a shithole. You ever hear the phrase you can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl? It clearly applies here. You can remove a million north africans and mexicans from the third world and put them here, but they won’t adopt first world cultural norms, they will only make whatever area they reside in increasingly become third world.

    • I always like to ask people that support legal/illegal immigration that if the people coming here are so good, why is that their host countries always seem so eager to be rid of them? Who gets rid of something valuable?

      I know some countries have had a brain drain of their best going overseas, but they look at it like a big problem. They don’t open up consulates in the receiving country to issue ID cards and print out comic books on how their best and brightest can sneak across the border.

      Heck, I’d love nothing more than to encourage our inner city vibrants to head to warmer climes and the pleasant playas of the Yucatan. But how long would Mexico allow that to happen?

      • “Heck, I’d love nothing more than to encourage our inner city vibrants to head to warmer climes and the pleasant playas of the Yucatan. But how long would Mexico allow that to happen?”

        mexico would not allow that to happen at all, which is yet another reason why its so odd that they protest our immigration laws so much. Said inner city vibrants must prove their ability to fund their existence before mexico will allow them residency. Funny how that works.

  7. A lot of politicians’ mischief can be undone at a later date by new laws and court rulings. But short of ethnic cleansing or massive forced movements of population, immigration can’t be reversed. I hope Pence is speaking for himself rather than his boss. Talk of “curbing illegal immigration” is meaningless. How could a politician not be committed to ending anything that’s illegal?

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