Mogadishu on Campus

I am certain there were such oxymorons as “Somali-Americans” in 1993. But none of which I had ever heard. As far as most people I knew were concerned that cultural eon ago, a little bit of Africans went a long way. The tacit agreement being that our own black native stock was quite sufficient to provide the country’s welfare workers and prison guards with ample employment security without need of additional stimulus.

And so whatever it is Africans did was best done there.

Unfortunately, that’s the sort of quixotic reasoning that doesn’t long survive the pen of neocon presidencies. And Bush 1 had a lot of ink to spill. Of course there was the Immigration Act of 1990 signed by GHWB after being sponsored in congress by Edward Kennedy (naturally). But laws like that take time to season into civil war, and George’s clock was ticking. So the first Iraq-attaq commenced a year later.

Unfortunately, that contest didn’t separate nearly enough limbs from American torsos, and so in 1992 an electorally-defeated lame duck Herbert Walker Bush launched Operation Restore Hope in Somalia.

Hope. It would be fascinating to know how much death and decay have marched under the banner of such platitudes. If men knew the truth of what was coming, I imagine the only words to strike more fear than hope would be “freedom” and “democracy.”

But returning back to 1992, Somalia had not so much deteriorated as it had simply maintained its native war/famine footing. And were Alabama farm boys just supposed to sit around and live while epicene globalists watched history’s constant in horror? Obviously not. So Bush gave the country he shat on one last grunt before decamping from the White House, and in December of that year the first Marines landed in the Horn of Africa.

The point of the military’s mission was for American politicians and NGOs to earn cheap grace on the backs and blood of their soldiers. But that intent was understandably concealed behind the nominal mission, which was to stop Somalis from killing each other and stealing all the food/aid. How hard could it be? All American commanders had to do was force Africans to share their gibs while smiling for the media. Predictably though, this became a task with equal rates of success as ordering officers to lift off the ground by flapping their arms and yelling “caw! caw!”

Instead of providing feel-good photo-ops, Somalis continued to behave like Somalis. Food continued to be stolen and skulls continued sprouting holes. For the Americans, this had to be like trying to catch rain-water in your hands. But someone had to get shots of smiling full-bellied black kids, by god.

So troops were vainly deployed through 1993 to force-feed unreceptive Africans so as to reinflate their fertility in hopes Mr. Malthus would quickly return to begin the famine/photo-op cycle anew. Thus began an interminable series of aid-raids and cat and mouse with Mogadishu’s warlords, particularly the nefarious Aidid.

None of which was admittedly all that interesting to people 8,000 miles away…until the evening news of October 3 and 4. These were the days of Black Hawk Down. I still remember watching video feeds of feral Somalis desecrating the bodies of fallen American servicemen as they were dragged through the dirt ruts of that pre-civ hell. I was at a friend’s apartment as a few of us just stared at the screen. Someone muttered with murder in their voice: “Fucking animals.”

I suppose what we should have muttered instead was, “Welcome to the neighborhood!” Because mass importation is now the certain response to foreign savagery. Docile aliens do themselves no favors at all, when only the most flamboyant barbarism ever catches the appreciative eye of the western refugee apparatus. If you want to establish metastasizing colonies in our country, you better be handy with a machete in yours.

But this was an unknown phenomenon at the time. And so just as few would have believed that 9/11 would represent the inflection point for huge increases in muslim immigration, none at all could at the time conceive of what was about to come from Somalia. Youthful bigots may not intuitively grasp the utter disbelief of watching Somali migration turn vertical after the scenes below.




Of course Mogadishu is a great distance away, and liberals don’t want to travel that far. So they seek to reenact those scenes in places like Ohio State University. Where, as all of you know, a Somali student, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, offered up another example of renowned East African gratitude by running over multiple students and then stabbing several on the ground. It was only by an act of sheer cultural appropriation that a responding officer shot the assailant dead before he was able to mount his victims on the bumper for an old-fashioned Islamic street dragging. Though for liberals, being run over and stabbed by foreign nationals just has that exotic flair of ethnic cuisine.

Though that enticement aside, I’ll mention a few fundamental points that CNN’s coverage will be certain to omit: We actually don’t have to live like this. We don’t have to accept Muslim violence or Somali colonization. Immigration is not like gravity or the rains. We can decide exactly who and how many. Or we can decide no more at all. They won’t lack for real estate. They have a country. They all have countries. This is what we have. Somalia will remain stocked with millions of indifferent Somalis, regardless. So many people believe “values” compel us to such national sacrifice. They do not. Values are what we use to make society livable. There is no value worth having that makes it misery.


41 thoughts on “Mogadishu on Campus

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  2. No, you don’t have to live like that, but presently you do, people of USA. Will the new president act to change this? One hears a chorus of “He’d better!” One hopes he hears it.

    I live in Argentina, a country that has nearly no African immigration: the only statistic I could find indicated that in 2008, 70 refugees arrived, but only ten remained. I live in the rural interior and in my 12 years here I’ve seen two or three blacks, but in my village none, not once. Weep for us and our lack of diversity!

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  4. Excellent as usual.

    Have you reached out to for cross posting? You deserve a larger audience and your stuff is far better than almost everything that goes up there except Lawrence Murray.

    • Have you reached out to for cross posting? You deserve a larger audience and your stuff is far better than almost everything that goes up there except Lawrence Murray.

      It would probably be better for Porter to remain unaffiliated with that brand. If anything, I would think that efforts should be made to disseminate his writing into the mainstream.

  5. When the movie Blackhawk Down first came out in theaters, I went to see it in a large Northeastern city. There were two Somali women dressed in their native garb, clapping wildly every time an American was shot or blown up in the film. We have truly been poisoned by our own government.

    • Those two female savages should have immediately been shouted and booted out of the
      theater post haste! They and those like them have no place here whatsoever!

      moslems and their ‘fellow travelers’ and enablers…they can all FOAD!!

      Yours in Liberty w/o ANY respect for the ‘cult of death’ aka pisslam and it’s
      chomo mass murdering charlatan ‘mo’!

  6. Expect similar “incidents” from the religion of pieces in other Ohio cities such as-Cleveland,Akron,Columbus,Cincinnatti,Dayton,Toledo and Youngstown.
    Plus in smaller cities and towns that have branch campuses of Ohio state,Kent state,Cleveland state,Youngstown state universities.
    All the big cities in Ohio are infested with libtards/cultural Marxists/leftists intent on creating “diversity” among the population.
    Lots of Somalis in the cities,the west side of Cleveland-long an Hispanic dominated area-now looks like Iraq.

  7. Divide and conquer, that’s the usual recipe. We’ll see if Trump follows it. I’m still waiting for Obama to get rid of Gitmo, as he promised.

    It was sheer luck that officer was in the area that this lowlife attacked. No doubt the campus will double down on firearms prohibition? The tweet said “Run Hide Fight.” I wonder, with what?

    • re: “Run Hide Fight” .. I’m certain they want you to do the above “fairly” .. i.e. in liberal logic un-fairly .. to which I say if you find yourself in a fair fight then your an idiot.

      Here in Alabama .. I carry everwhere I go .. and my trunk is full of extra tools to go above and beyond my normal over-achiever status 8@P


      Of course the correct answer is to deport everyone legal or illegal and stop ALL immigration .. but what Poly’Tician will do the will of the people? Time will tell when we get more of these attacks.

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  9. An excellent piece. Persuasive in the fight against mass immigration. Valuable toward eliciting realist emotions about human nature.

    As men of honor, however, we must acknowledge that we are bombing Muslims in about seven of their countries at the moment. This, after we have devastated many parts of the region over the past 50 years with our debased foreign policies. Surely they have a right to fight back?

    • Historically muslims have had little reliance on enemy ordnance to stimulate their aggression. Though I agree we’ve been incorrigible involving ourselves in their stone-age affairs.

      Which should lead our politicians to an obvious conclusion: the last group of people a prudent man would let into his home are those with a legitimate cause to kill him.

      • A fine response. I agree with most of it, although I am skeptical or agnostic as to the claim in the first sentence, especially if it implies an exceptionalism. Even if it were accurate, I think it is a legitimate question whether Islam itself feeds aggression, or moderates it.

      • “the last group of people a prudent man would let into his home are those with a legitimate cause to kill him”

        Very true. I still fail to see any legitimate reason why we would involve ourselves in their affairs. If they want to live like savages from the stone age, we should just leave them to their own devices. The idea that after bombing them ceaselessly for the last decade and a half we should invite a bunch of them into our country is patently absurd. We then heap more absurdity onto the pile when we act surprised when one of them kills a bunch of people(or tries to, in this particular case). As you said, we don’t have to live like this.

        Another thing no one ever talks about is the religious makeup of our recent Syrian imports. Among the hundreds of thousands fleeing the warzone in Syria, there are Christians, Jews, Druze, Shia muslims, etc. Yet over 99% of our ‘refugees’ we bring in are Sunni muslims, the same sect of islam as ISIS and pretty much every other terrorist group we managed to create with our idiotic middle eastern adventures. Why is that?

  10. “Youthful bigots may not intuitively grasp the utter disbelief of watching Somali migration turn vertical after the scenes below.”

    I was only 5 when it happened, but every time I see Black Hawk Down I vacillate between livid and incredulous as to how we eagerly import them en masse.

  11. I am certain there were such oxymorons as “Somali-Americans” in 1993. But none of which I had ever heard.

    Good point. Back then Somalis were pretty rare outside their piece o’ crap homeland. But less than 25 years later they’re frickin everywhere. Every major Western city and plenty of minor ones now have huge populations of “skinnies” (as they’re called in ‘Black Hawk Down’). There’s even a large number of Somali “refugees” in Cape Town for crying out loud.

    I have to laugh when I hear about these allegedly massive populations of Somalis in Columbus or the Twin Cities though. Y’all have no idea what true Somali infestation is like: within a 10 km radius of my home I guarantee you that there are more of them than in Minnesota and Ohio combined. When it comes to the mass importation of the worst people in the world, nobody but nobody out-cucks Canada.

    Actually I take that back. Somalis are in fact more intelligent and sophisticated than West African types, like Jamaicans or Nigerians for example. They’re definitely more entrepreneurial than their more phenotypically negroid cousins, and I always see large groups of Somalis in the library, reading or studying quietly. Strange but true. So they should more accurately be described as *almost* the worst people in the world. That said, they still have to go back. All of them.

    As for their homeland, PJ O’Rourke interviewed a US soldier in Somalia back in 1993 or thereabouts. The soldier had a simple (final?) solution to the Somali problem: arm them, train them, then seal the borders. Hoo-ah!

  12. Here’s what one concerned Ohio State Muslim had to say three months ago:

    “I wanted to pray in the open, but I was scared with everything going on in the media. I’m a Muslim, it’s not what the media portrays me to be. If people look at me, a Muslim praying, I don’t know what they’re going to think, what’s going to happen. But, I don’t blame them. It’s the media that put that picture in their heads so they’re just going to have it and it, it’s going to make them feel uncomfortable. I was kind of scared right now. But I just did it. I relied on God. I went over to the corner and just prayed.”

    That muslim’s name? Abdul Razak Ali Artan

  13. Attend the tale of Sweeney Abdul
    His skin was bronze and his belly full
    He shaved the faces of gentlemen
    Who likely will never vote Kasich again
    He drove the sidewalk that few have plowed
    Did Sweeney proud
    The Demon Arab of College Road

  14. Diversity is (((our))) strength.

    THE TIMES OF ISRAEL, 11 September 2015

    The president of the CENTRAL COUNCIL OF JEWS IN GERMANY, Josef Schuster, said this week that…”The Jewish community in Germany SIDES WITH THE [MUSLIM] REFUGEES and has started a lot of local initiatives to help them.”

    Forward, 26 June 2013

    Jews Unite Behind Push for Immigration Reform

    Ethics and SELF-INTEREST [Note: “SELF-INTEREST”] Drive Unusual Nationwide Effort

    “It’s the ethical thing to do,” said HIAS [Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society] president and CEO Mark Hetfield, of the community’s immigration reform activism. But he quickly added, “It’s in our [organised Jewry’s] STRATEGIC INTEREST.” [Note: “STRATEGIC INTEREST”]

    Center For Immigration Studies, October 2001

    The Jewish Stake in America’s Changing Demography

    “It is simply astounding to contemplate the recent historical rise in Mexican immigration. In 1970, there were fewer than 800,000 Mexican immigrants; 30 years later the number is approaching 9 million, a 10-fold increase in one generation….

    The Jewish community is thus in a position where it will be able to DIVIDE AND CONQUER [Note: “DIVIDE AND CONQUER”] and enter into selective coalitions that support OUR [organised Jewry’s] AGENDAS.” – Dr. Stephen Steinlight, Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies and former National Affairs Director at the American Jewish Committee (AJC)

    American Jewish Committee, September 2012

    Page 5

    Jewish POLITICAL INFLUENCE will depend upon establishing PARTNERSHIPS AND COALITIONS with other ETHNIC AND RELIGIOUS GROUPS. Such alliances build understanding and trust while advancing mutual interests.

    Hat tip to Frank Galton for his research.

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