The Morning Ritual

One of the first things I do each morning is to make certain I am not attempting to violate the sovereign territory of a foreign country with the intent of extracting a lavish entitlement lifestyle from its social welfare system while sexually relieving myself in public venues via masturbation or assault. Though I am uncommonly disciplined, and such a regimen of arduous self-denial won’t appeal to everyone.

By appearance, it appeals to Africans the least.

There’s surely some mystical energy force at work in the level of presumption required to board a dinghy with the blithe and certain expectation that you will be saved, ferried, fed, and accommodated by sheer nonobligatory and unrequited foreign benevolence. It’s as if a man routinely leaped off the roof of a building because the downward elevator was too slow, since it’s the responsibility of a chinaman to catch him anyway. If this attitude can be captured in physical form, it will power man’s journeys through the cosmos.

But at the moment, it’s only able to power them to Rome.

Though even that can moisten cheeks in the event of miscalculations. Just as a guy too rushed to take the elevator needs to be certain he’s jumping in the direction of a sedge hat, so too must seafaring Sudanese be sure they are scuttling their boats in the range of preening white liberals. Sadly, in the video below, the hep me! hep me! I’m drowning because I intentionally jumped into the water! distress signal did not translate as effectively into Arabic.

Indeed while Africans were floating on their stomachs awaiting rescue, the Arab fishermen, who may have looked Italian but were very much not–as a coral snake looks like a king snake, with equally different mortality results–did precisely nothing.

Well, that’s not entirely true. One who appears to be manning the camera does quite a bit of pointing and jabbering, apparently remarking upon the many colorful varieties of Mediterranean rock fish off the port bow. Though his zoological commentary adds little to their buoyancy. The lesson, learned with finality for some, is when fishing for suckers, never paddle toward sharks.

The demise of these welfare voyagers is only mostly their own fault. Not at all blameless are Europe’s treasonous leadership, whose pompous open-door policy and Mediterranean ferry-service directly incentivized the behavior. In contrast, a conspicuously dangerous trip followed by certain and immediate removal would have quickly left a placid surface above Poseidon’s domain. And how the hell are we supposed to signal our virtue with that?

Of course few things are as virtuous as bobbing africans, civil unrest, and nation-wrecking. Thus why all are pursued by Euro-libs with such enthusiasm. That she has simultaneously marred the lives of both her own people, and those from foreign countries she cherishes far more is something Angela’s critics have not been reticent to mention.

Which leaves us with one most unfortunate fact of all: there’s never an Arab fisherman around when Merkel needs one.


11 thoughts on “The Morning Ritual

  1. I hope that after we clean the mess up in Europe, we can hold all these do-gooders that have been saving and importing these people responsible for their crimes. I would suggest a nice long Mediterranean swim as one possible punishment. Complete with a televised rescue by some helpful Tunisians.

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  3. The Obama’s will soon have 100% free time to help other countries with leadership and nation building. I’m asking that they take their recent experience back to the homeland and “Make Africa Great Again”.

    Apparently black people know how to do that sort of thing. According to every African “historian” I have encountered here in the USA it was African slaves who built America. Funny I didn’t see any mentioned in this recent historical mini series, maybe they’ll be featured in the Spike Lee version.

    Furthermore I am asking the new Trump Administration to halt all Immigration except for providing free passage and homestead (welfare) to the remaining 4,586,838 white people in South Africa. It’s no fun being a minority in the country you built.

  4. Speaking of Tunisians, the EU said to be considering plan to allow Tunisians into Europe in exchange for taking back “failed asylum” seekers. It’s funny how no African country sought a formal agreement with Italy for taking their citizens.

    You don’t try to bribe a den of thieves. You simply dump the writhing cargo back on their coast with gunship escorts and tell them to let you know if they want to make something of it. And if you want to have a laugh out of it, tell Tunisia’s leaders that every repatriated African will be provisioned with an AK-47 and told upon landing “food and women are over there.” That might have an inhibiting effect on their pass-through mentality.

    • Sounds good to me. Though let us be realistic and concede that until the real rulers of the USA and Europe – the Jewish banks that own the illegal, unconstitutional Federal Reserve System and the Bank of England – are imprisoned and their assets given back to the respective national Treasuries, nothing will actually be done.

      I pray Trump is man we need, but he will have to first remove the inordinate amount of Jews in the military top brass to then take on the bankers. They are probably already planning to repeat the Kennedy example.

  5. This is a disturbing trend that needs to be stopped by the new Justice Department. Criminal Blacks and Hispanic sexual predators, robbers, murderers, rapists, drug addicts, child molesters, parole violators and others being categorized as White. This is illegal and a crime against white people and must be stopped. The obvious reason is to skew the crime statistics. I smell traitor Obama in this caper, it has to be coming from the top down.

    Sending this one to the Trump transition team, this is criminal bullshit. Trump had better double down and prosecute obvious criminal activity by the Obama administration and Clinton crime family if he wants to retain the support that elected him. Seriously exhausted of all patience with ALL politicians at all levels of government.

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