They ARE Acting Normal

It is completely predictable that the only societies to feature militant feminism are those already most indulgent to females. There is no action on earth that generates more furious demands than offering lavish concessions.

All societies develop mostly unwritten social compacts to manage interactions between the sexes and competition for mates. In the West, men have agreed to jostle for sexual access by winning women’s favor rather than by strength of physical hair dragging. Those who violate these rules by seeking carnal relief sans female consent are harshly punished by other men–not by sneering butch feminists, to point out the obvious.

Women also have obligations to certain deportment within this arrangement, though few seem to recognize the fact. In exchange for men providing a secure, accommodating environment that offers them practically unlimited latitude, women are (or more accurately were) expected to limit sexual and marriage opportunities to those men competing within the in-group social compact who actually enforce the provisions of her liberty. Sex with out-group males was tacitly considered to be an egregious cheat of the system from which the cheater continued to benefit. The implied recrimination being: You want to lie with Africans, go do it in whatever society they can maintain. Thus miscegenation was once bitterly and rightfully scorned by Western men within short living memory.

But of course unrequited universalism has changed all that. In this, we extend the amenities and protections of our own particular and fragile social compact to global out-groups, who in response offer no reciprocal courtesy to us whatsoever. That’s unrequited universalism: a wonderfully efficient model for securing real estate in a Peking museum.

And while this state of affairs may be plain to the bigots and misogynists who used to simply be called heterosexual white men, it is vastly more opaque to the liberal women aligned against them. Because to these daffodils, sexual compacts are only those little mirrors used to check their appearance before applying a prophylactic. Their environment of secure libertinism is simply assumed to be a global constant, like pi I suppose. Therefore men are as interchangeable as locales. What are we must be as they; what is here must be as there; and did that poor oppressed brown man just shove his hand down my pants?

These attitudes and behaviors are on ample display in the video below. In it, a young, attractive, and typically blithe Dutch woman travels to Iran “to find out for herself” about foul rumors of social improprieties. So she dons a headdress, chats up some locals, and even goes skiing. Everything is going swimmingly until a group of Persian males notice this infidel female flouncing within arm’s reach. And promptly arms start reaching.

Hey! Hey! This is not normal! These guys are fondling my ass and squeezing my tits!

She flees the scrum, and subsequently reaches sanctuary behind locked gates under escort of a gallant Iranian officer. Having spirited her to safety from this pack of lechers cum rapists, her defender asks for nothing in return other than to accommodate his tongue in her mouth and hands on her breasts. It’s gratifying to know chivalry isn’t dead.

The girl is naturally astounded by this serial predation, and finally thwarts his advances screaming Fucking hell man, act normal! As the lawman finally retreats, she laments to the camera: They all see me as some kind of whore.

Well something like that.

What they see you as is an un-chaperoned out-group female who is not shielded by their in-group sexual compact. That is to say they are bound to no constraints in their interactions with you, and thus hair-dragging is back on the menu. Presumably a Persian woman wouldn’t have been subjected to such group molestation. But Europeans can not be Persian, even when so foolish to think Persians can be European.

So because this dizzy Dutch girl has been indoctrinated to embrace a false premise, she places herself in physical jeopardy out of the belief that western sexual protections extend beyond the range of western men. They do not–as residents of Malmo could attest.

Fortunately, our intrepid adventuress suffered no injuries other than to her delusions. And even those will likely heal with the aid of a White Privilege workshop. But if they do not, the psychic scars from observing foreign fauna in its native habitat may just be sufficient for her to decide she wants it to stay there.


17 thoughts on “They ARE Acting Normal

  1. take heart Porter, not all women are this stoopid…
    Many women still honor and respect their man and will continue to do so.
    It is very difficult to understand European women and their “welcoming”
    of their invaders. Some American women do not appreciate the gift of a
    good husband. They are in an outdated “feminist mode” that is bordering
    on the absurd. They are sometimes even hostile to men. Who are their
    role models? I don’t get it. I wish it would end!

    We love your work BTW, may you be well, and God Bless you and yours.

    • This is great. And what happened to her is entirely predictable. A long time ago when I was stationed in the ME for a while, women used to get so mad when trying to question Iraqi men that they would get no respect. Some blonde haired woman trying to interact and develop a repore with an Iraqi man was fucking hilarious. They’d be picking up their phones and taking pictures of her right in her face. They stop their boats out on the water to take pictures. If a semi attractive female was trying to talk to several Iraqi men, one would just walk up and take a picture of her ass. No respect whatsoever. And the girls would get PISSED. We’d do things out on the water where the entire purpose was to befriend the Iraqi fishermen so they would make our OPLAT security jobs easier, and we couldn’t take any of the women with us, ever. One of two things would nearly always happen. They’d either spend the entire time trying to get close to her and take pictures of her, harass her, etc. Or, in some cases, they would instantly get hostile at the idea of an armed female coming onto their boat, telling them what to do. Usually, with the attractive ones it was the pictures/harassment, and with the bull dyke types it was hostility.

      Western women have been spoiled by western men treating them with deference. They are going to be in for a rude awakening if they ever get their way in letting more of these people into the country.

      • Had an NGO/ hippie chick tell me the only reason she was unsafe in Afghanistan was me and my crew…. as in her armed escorts made her a target for all the peace loving, women respecting hajjis

        She declined my offer to drop her, and the rest of them, off in downtown Kandahar

  2. I often thought the best thing we can do to normies being indoctrinated into the liberal left is give them a free two-month visit to a third-world country of their choice.

    Or two days in Baltimore.

    Either one will cure a normal person forever of diversity love.

    • Would that it were so. I’m convinced that most of them would go down bibbling “I hate white people, long live browns!” if they were knifed in the guts by a raging dindu after watching their entire family necklaced in front of them. Unfortunately.

  3. Not too many of your posts relate even tangentially to “gender war” issues, but this is hands down the best of its kind that I’ve read in many years.

    Phenomenal stuff, should be required reading for all young shitlib minded women.

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  5. As Chesterton said in the aftermath of the Titanic disaster…

    It appears in the displeasing incident of Miss Sylvia Pankhurst, who, immediately after the disaster, seems to have hastened to assure the public that men must get no credit for giving the boats up to women, because it was the “rule” at sea. Whether this was a graceful thing for a gay spinster to say to eight hundred widows in the very hour of doom is not worth inquiry here, Like cannibalism, it is a matter of taste. But what chiefly astonishes me in the remark is the utter absence which it reveals of the rudiments of political thought. What does Miss Pankhurst imagine a “rule” is–a sort of basilisk? Some hundreds of men are, in the exact and literal sense of the proverb, between the devil and the deep sea. It is their business, if they can make up their minds to it, to accept the deep sea and resist the devil. What does Miss Pankhurst suppose a “rule” could do to them in such extremities? Does she think the captain would fine every man sixpence who expressed a preference for his life? Has it occurred to her that a hundredth part of the ship’s population could have thrown the captain and all the authorities into the sea? But Miss Pankhurst’s remark although imbecile, is informing. Now I see the abject and idolatrous way in which she uses the word “rule,” I begin to understand the abject and idolatrous way in which she uses the word “vote.” She cannot see that wills and not words control events. If ever she is in a fire or shipwreck with men below a certain standard of European morals, she will soon find out that the existence of a rule depends on whether people can be induced to obey it. And if she ever has a vote in the very low state of European politics, she will very soon find out that its importance depends on whether you can induce the man you vote for to obey his mandate or any of his promises. It is vain to rule if your subjects can and do disobey you. It is vain to vote if your delegates can and do disobey you.

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  8. You totally miss the point. You subscribe to the Victorian depiction of women as angels. They grab her tits they squeeze her backside at 1:20 into the video, and she yells “leave me alone” but at 1:26 into the video, look at the grin on her face.

    Women like rape. Their resistance is just a shit test. They perceive these men as more manly than whites because we fail the shit test that these men pass.

    That is why women vote for rapeugees, because they do the raping that white men will not do.

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