There’s a New Mahout in Town

Every new leader must establish their own political triage. And for the Golden Emperor, there are four primary DC rats’ nests that must be irradiated, showered in acid, scrubbed with white phosphorus, heated to a molten slurry, then dried into pellets and launched toward the V616 Monocerotis black hole.

Those are the Justice Department(sic), DHS, State Department, and HUD.

Along with the presidency, simply returning these agencies back to the stewardship of two-legged animals has the potential to render remarkable results. With Trump’s pen alone, Obama’s “Dreamers” can be roused back to the reality of El Salvador, border enforcement reactivated, and criminal penalties for employing chicken helots enthusiastically pursued. Also recall from these pages: the president alone establishes our budgeted refugee intake. And for 2017, I’m willing to live with zero if Ann Coulter is.

Of these, we already know America’s only representative in the senate chambers, Jeff Sessions, is set to become attorney general. The Dems will obviously attempt to scuttle his nomination for raysis, though that will require the treachery of three GOP senators to be fruitful. And while GOP betrayal is about as rare as pubic lice in a bath house, the cuck caucus must know they are treading perilously close to oblivion. Thus I’m skeptical three of them are eager to fall upon our values so early in the administration.

This means Sessions will probably get the DOJ–and a hazmat suit on entry. If he simply broom-sweeps the entire “civil-rights” division alone, the man will have done more good for mankind than most saints. But to do that as well as initiating pitiless immigration enforcement and deportations would be elation beyond the asking until very recently.

With Sessions well-deployed, I am hopeful the Department of Homeland Security will go to Kris Kobach, who leans even farther toward the right flank. Of course the question to this point has always been just whose homeland this department exists to secure. And people with homelands near the equator might find themselves chagrined to suddenly cede its resources to those of us in America. But that’s just too bad; maybe next time they’ll know to turn out more than a paltry three million illegal voters.

After these two, the pantry of public fire-eaters grows a bit sparse. Though hands of equal force are desperately needed at State and HUD also. The former because of its role as the left’s global enforcement arm–imagine America muscling its vassal states toward nationalism. The latter for its many efforts to shove Sheniqua up your nostrils; none so pernicious as the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule. “Fair” in this context taking its customary role of: what we don’t have of yours ain’t fair. Removing this prog ejaculate on the white suburbs must be paramount to the agency’s incoming head.

And finally, there is the DNA-caked halls of congress itself. It is there that the most courage must be summoned. As we’ve discussed previously, no amount of healthy virile Hate will salvage a situation that grants 1.1 million legal immigrants per year. Ending this in the form of Hart-Cellar repeal is a necessity.

And that brings me to the old familiar tale of how Indian mahouts train their elephants. Young calves are reportedly tied to a pole by very thin rope. This being sufficient to restrain the beast only in its larval stage. Though the animal learns while young that it can not break the bonds, and continues to believe the same even when they are older and easily can. They are thus bound not by any physical constraint, but their own psychological conditioning.

That string is what still holds us tethered to manifestly self-destructive immigration laws. The belief that to severely curtail immigration, pause it entirely, or state honestly from what source countries we’d prefer our immigrants is impossible. Because we have learned in our youth to do so is RACIST ANTI-IMMIGRANT. But we aren’t really held by these ooga-booga words. We can actually pass laws that accrue to our benefit. We can say that’s enough of you, and owe no foreigners any justification whatsoever. After all it’s our country, not theirs. And it’s our decision who we let in and how many. Middle Easterners (for one) have an abundance of sand to go pound if they don’t like the choices.

As critical as numbers are, there may be nothing so important as breaking this mental rope around our ankles. And when that happens, we’ll make the elephants great again.



35 thoughts on “There’s a New Mahout in Town

  1. From what little I know of this Kobach guy, he seems like he’d be good for that job, even though I have big ideological objections to that departments existence. It is a colossal waste of money, all it does create a gigantic, bumbling bureaucracy out of a bunch of smaller agencies, and what few constitutionally authorized powers it original member agencies possessed should be relinquished to them and DHS disbanded. That being said, since thats unlikely to happen, since stupid government agencies that shouldn’t exist only grow bigger(see DOE/HUD/HHS, etc) we all know that isn’t going to happen. At least now they can go after people actually breaking the law, since, you know, entering the country illegally is illegal, rather than the usual spending massive amounts of money on conferences on how dangerous ‘white nationalists’ are.

    I guess Ill have to read up on Kobach if he gets the nod. All I know about him is the hate Ive seen a few times when glancing over the headlines. If those hillary fluffers and bernie blowers go after him that often, he must really be seen as a threat, which means I like him. Not a big fan of republicans in general at any level, but anyone who gets the level of bile as this guy must be OK.

  2. Fascinating read.

    Can someone get this to Ann Coulter? I think she’d be delighted by it, including the elephant metaphor.

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  4. The “mental rope” that truly needs breaking is the one that ties the US currency to a private rather than governmental entity for its issuance. Monet does not have to be “borrowed” into existence from a private entity that does not actually possess anything of tangible value to collateralize it. Unless and until this Gordian knot is cut, everything else Trump may intend to do will be far more difficult to accomplish.

    DHS, HUD, the Dept. of Education could all be disbanded and the former employees given shovel-ready jobs to rebuild the national infrastructure. Those empty office buildings would make for nice condos!

  5. If Jeff Sessions can eliminate anchor baby birth right citizenship he will be elevated to American hero status in my book. H1B visa workers have flooded the high tech industry since around 1998 and not only do these people reek from poor bathing habits they immediately start banging out babies that instantly become US citizens. This scam is so prevalent I have thought about changing my career so I don’t have to personally witness this disgusting caper any longer.

    We have the ACLU on the run and progressive’s heads are exploding everywhere. The work to save the country is just beginning. Keep the pressure on. The new administration wants to hear from each of you, don’t be shy.

    Go Here –

    More on Jeff Sessions

    • A constitutional amendment may not be enough, as the black robes at all levels will claim Muh Colossus takes precedent over Muh Constitution. Trump had the potential to give the bull his balls back, by having balls enough his own to strike down wholecloth legislation woven by the bench; but his repeated deference to the USSC’s BLTGamy decision (“It’s the law now. It’s been decided.”) has been a disppointment on that front. The federal judiciary is going to need a nationwide rhinoplasty. Maybe we can book Ben Carson to give them brain surgery with some long, sharp knives.

    • funny how ‘anchor babies’ work. Apparently thats a unique to amerika phenomenon. Most countries, including the ones who like to scream ‘RAYCIS’ don’t care if you happened to be within their borders when you have your baby, they don’t automatically grant citizenship to their entire extended families.

      • They don’t even grant citizenship to the baby either…on another tangent maybe Ron Paul will finally get the audit of the Fed.

    • This is a biggie in my book too. The reason we are having this entitlement mentality is the UN’s Agenda 21 plan called “the Rights of the Child”. In a nutshell, says the child’s rights are above any parental rights and the state should raise the child (sound anything like “it Takes a Village”, Clinton’s philosophy?) Common Core is one part of the problem, but it is just part of the UN’s complete agenda for really disregarding the parents. This view is even more dynamic in schools that call themselves International Baccalaurate or World schools, etc. If we got the UN the hell out of our country and break treaties with them–this would solve many problems we have. Their plan is behind the NWO–I think they call it Agenda 2030 now, but if you don’t know what it is, do your research. It’s has tendrils in everything like a huge spiderweb!

      • What we really need is to retroactively ‘avoid foreign entanglements.’ We need to get completely away from the UN, NATO, NAFTA and a raft of similar one-way streets to bankruptcy. They were never meant to benefit us.

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  7. This cannot be the typical Republican presidency where, at best, the leftward ratcheting of the culture is perhaps slowed a bit. It is time to actually reverse things. This opportunity cannot be wasted. The media and the Dems (but I repeat myself) will never be our friends, they will launch invective at us no matter what, so we might as well give them something to truly cry about. It’s the last chance to remedy this system from within. I am cautiously optimistic that Trump’s team seems to be well aware of this.

    The absolute top priority must be shutting off the demographic flood. Not only illegal immigration, but legal immigration as well needs to be reduced drastically, and limited to countries that produce desirable immigrants. You can make of that what you will. The Democrats have banked on “electing” themselves a whole new citizenry that will make us obsolete, and that strategy must have a stake driven through it.

    The first 18 months of the Trump presidency is the window of opportunity. Beyond that and the congressional GOP will be in their usual consultant-driven hysterics over the midterm elections in 2018, and will be far more reticent to cooperate.

    • That’s right. We have practically zero population growth and the Muslims have 5 or 6 wives and 30 or more kids. Who is going to be the majority in 20 years ?

  8. No mention of the EPA nor the DOI?

    The guy who Trump wants for the EPA is gonna raze it to the ground and salt the Earth where it stood.

    For the DOI I’d pick Palin in a heartbeat. She would open up drilling, timber and mining so we can harvest what God has given us and flip the bird to the fucking Arabs and Persians.

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  11. A plan is already on the drawing board to build a wall along the entire 1,989 mile US/Mexico border in the first 365 days of the Trump administration replacing the existing 386 miles of actual wall. ICE plans to work with a very large number of cities and county governments to detain and and deport ANY alien arrested for ANY crime. The 193,000 criminals cases dropped by traitor Obama are first on the list.

    Also planned is the reestablishment/upgrade of the National Security entry-exit registration system, extreme vetting, reduce Syrian immigration to zero and much more. 90% of this will be accomplished based on existing law, acts and legislation. No roadblocks just lots of anti-American leftist tears and lots of American citizen Patriot cheers.

    • I like it all so far, particularly the life time ban on executive officials lobbying for a foreign government and I would hope that anyone who lobbied for a foreign government would have a life time ban on becoming an executive official – with absolutely NO exceptions.

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