Liberalism Falling in the Forest

If a lib cries racist in the forest, does it make a sound if no one gives a shit?

John Locke meditated on this conundrum a few centuries ago, though it is only after the emperor’s ascension that contemporary intellectuals like Whoopi Goldberg will examine the matter with equal erudition.

Physicists on The View would likely argue that the existence of exogenous phenomenon (like forlorn cries of fascism) are not contingent upon a recipient’s faculties of perception. Though that would be to mistake raysis as a primary rather than secondary quality.

Primary qualities are thought to be properties of objects that are independent of any observer, such as solidity, extension, motion, number and figure. These characteristics convey facts. They exist in the thing itself, can be determined with certainty, and do not rely on subjective judgments. For example, if a ball is spherical, no one can reasonably argue that it is triangular.

Secondary qualities are thought to be properties that produce sensations in observers, such as color, taste, smell, and sound. They can be described as the effect things have on certain people. Knowledge that comes from secondary qualities does not provide objective facts about things.

Consider that the squealing of “Supremacist!” is no actual sound itself, but merely how a recipient’s auditory cortex interprets the rattling of their own eardrums. Absent a party to conduct that process these screams are all just vibrations in the air…and thus no objective bigotry can be said to have occurred whatsoever.

Most people don’t realize how far this function can be extrapolated. Because even when others are present to absorb lib lamentations, nothing of these come into physical existence until someone actually cares. Without the intended submission response, nazi! is no more than crackles over a ham radio. As a result, the answer to our first question is an unequivocal no.

Historically liberals have had little cause to consider the metaphysical characteristics of their sole incendiary device. They simply pointed, shrieked, and watched the bow-tied conservatives flee as if their garters were on fire. This aided by the fact that cucks are born with parabolic bat-ears capable of detecting an enemy accusation even over the bleating of their wives’ children.

Unfortunately for the establishment edifice, alt-righters are practically deaf to the whole din. And raysis that is ignored is raysis that doesn’t exist.

We’re seeing the first effects of this in Trump’s staffing selections, most prominently with his chief policy strategist Steve Bannon, whose name has produced its own funnel cloud of vibrations in the media. I don’t know that I’ve heard RACIST ANTI-SEMITE repeated so ad nauseam since my manservant discovered this blog.

But racist anti-semite only exists where it has an effect. And thus far it seems to be having little. Bannon appears to be as viably bigoted as ever, despite the left’s cacophony of vituperation. In contrast, if we had just elected Rich Lowry the SPLC would hold veto power over his cabinet and Heidi would already be eating rodents out of the Rose Garden. Which is precisely why the last National Review subscriber will expire during Trump’s first term according to the actuarial tables.

Of course if accusations come to fruition the entire Trump circle will bloom with Hate. Kris Kobach has been denounced for being almost perceptibly unhappy at the prospect of his people’s dispossession. As Senator Sessions has come under similar indictment for past “racial insensitivity.” The intent being to disqualify opposition until only the most docile remain.

We sensitive now

We sensitive now

Well here’s hoping insensitivity is the best the left is going to get. Sensitivity for those who despise you is a luxury item, and there is far too much work ahead to indulge in it. Besides I have no idea how many pages Donald has to sign just to revoke every Obama order.

But if Trump’s extremist lieutenants are all left standing with their testicles intact, an important image will be absorbed into minds across the country. That being one of the men who were called racist and lived to shrug about it. One prominant survivor begets many. Should a cascade of indifference begin, it will end with raysis in rubble.

Do you know how impotent liberalism would be without the power of that word? No one in the forest would even care if it fell.


14 thoughts on “Liberalism Falling in the Forest

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  2. If only one group of folks hear the hoofbeats of the Cossack horde over the horizon, can it be truly said that it is approaching?

  3. Another marvel of satirical exposition, Porter. One of your best. A great phrase- ” crackles over a ham radio..” ! We figured out we could change the station… thanks to you, and others in the alt-right who have been leading us out of the forest.

  4. cucks are born with parabolic bat-ears capable of detecting an enemy accusation even over the bleating of their wives’ children.

    That’s not a shiv, it’s a crysknife.

  5. This reminds me of Heller’s description of Clevinger in Catch 22: “He was a militant idealist who crusaded against racial bigotry by growing faint in its presence.” If the leftist spell can be broken the question will be how long it takes for the nonplussed shitlibs to move from denial to anger; hopefully long enough for a critical mass of gaslight ‘conservatives’ to plant their feet solidly in reality.

  6. Are you saying racism transmutates from solid ThoughtCrime into ethereal social construct the moment no-one gives a shit? That means I’m not actually a fucking racist after all!

    Damn it!

    • Let not thine soul be troubled, son of man. Verily, if thou wast born White, thou shalt be raycis; forever and ever amen.
      Go therefore, and sin some more.

  7. Many years ago (15+) I made an offhand comment re immigrants needing to assimilate to get work and a casual coworker heard me. She was spitting her words, “that is the most racist thing I have ever heard!” How shocked was I? I tried to rephrase for her but it was too late. BTW, I noticed she was gay, (no problem) but I didn’t care for her piercing stares. I concluded she was completely insane. Gratefully her employment was short-lived, a few weeks and she was gone.

    This racist meme touted by white females against men and women on behalf of our brown brethren
    seems so odd/bizarre actually. Who appointed these people as moral judges spouting BS hither and yon? I say, “get a life.”

  8. “…cucks are born with parabolic bat-ears capable of detecting an enemy accusation even over the bleating of their wives’ children.”

    Wonderful. I’ve meant to comment a while ago but am a lurker by nature. Porter, you are the finest writer on the Right and if we had more people like you, our victory for the culture of the West would be certain.

    In addition to your blog, I find Counter-Currents and Vox Popoli best written and most useful. What do you read?


    • Thanks Rona, and glad you delurked. Less than 1% of the readers here comment. I’m looking to increase this to 50% by Christmas.

      As for other outlets, the link-pen here has some good ones in addition to the two you named. I don’t really have a mandatory daily read, though I have considered doing a Vox Day type format of shorter squib-posting.

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