I got a call today from an old friend I hadn’t spoken to for longer than I am proud to admit. He is a university graduate, though in the Earth sciences. As such, he comes home most nights with dirty hands and a prole demeanor. Which is to say for purposes of the left: he is an “uneducated white male.” He has no children of his own. Though a blithely miscegenating sibling has endowed him with a mulatto niece, whom he treats with tender affection. Further to his racial equanimity, he believes the Amerindians swarming his town bear potential as valuable contributors to polyglot America. This to say he is not radical, raysis, or alt-right. Yet he seethes with contempt.

Like millions of others, he has come to either intuit, or explicitly comprehend, the left’s bitter disdain for people like him. For his culture, his heritage, and the country he grew up in and loved now belittled by cackling at its funeral. Years of mockery, derision, and demonization of blue-collar whites have finally penetrated the most tranquil cud-chewing, and resulted in a virile reciprocation of sentiment. At this point he said he couldn’t care less about the indelicacies of pussy-grabbing or tainted values. He just wants a political Patton to rip out their living goddamned guts and use them to grease the treads of our tanks.

I really should thank the left’s degenerate claque of vultures. A lifetime of my own proselytizing would have been unlikely to bring this mild and overly-accommodating man to such a boil. Though with that task complete by our enemies’ own efforts, I can proceed on with a few election autopsy results.

Everyone understands why the right perpetually bobs in the wake of the left. Because one side tries to convince a skeptical audience of its airy abstractions, while the other side simply imports a foreign majority while promising gibs. One of these strategies is ruthlessly effective. The other is less so.

Trump will either absorb this distinction, or the new immigrant Kentucky will elect his democratic successor. That is a high probability, though there is a powerful countervailing force in play. Whites are waking from their opium dream at approximately the rate their votes are being nullified by migrants. Thus the unexpected flipping of states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin in an electorate less white than just four years earlier. In 2020 (barring calamity, scandal, or betrayal of Trump’s constituents), Maine, Minnesota, and New Hampshire will additionally vote Republican. Colorado will probably sway back to Trump as could Virginia conceivably. These shifts will occur as Florida and Nevada both likely turn permanently blue through migration.

Though the point is that there is more right-wing resiliency in the electorate than static evaluations would suggest. Mississippi is only 58% white, though voted for Trump by an 18 point margin. Bloc-voting ain’t just for blacks anymore.

Another interesting dynamic to note is the limits of coalition elasticity. The recent California senate race was actually between two female democrats: A Mexican and a Jamaican/Indian hybrid, naturally. I never even looked to see who won, as it’s completely immaterial.

But with Republicans now wholly jettisoned from a state they used to reliably win, it is now democrat v. democrat. And as the pursuit of power invariably excites the senses, that will quickly deteriorate into enthusiastic factional in-fighting. Once whitey has been eaten, snout turns to snout. At 55% democrats have a comfortable multi-racial majority, but at 75% they will have internecine war. In tribal coalition politics, too much of a good thing is very bad indeed.

The Window
A courageous liberal is someone who screams loudly whatever he is permitted to say. The left is adroit at accumulating such boisterous bumper sticker midgets because it provides an outlet for attacking others without fear of repercussions. No one gets fired or hate-crime indicted for attacking poor whites. I can’t overstate how powerful a lure this is to opportunist personalities.

A Trump presidency has the potential to alter this psychic model significantly. Imagine the speech shroud slowly lifting on the right as it shifts awkwardly to the left. If talk of white interests became openly accepted, as accusations of “white privilege” became examples of hate, you’d be amazed by how many previously peacocking liberals suddenly lost their appetite for conflict. It would be even more deleterious for their assembly line of linguine-armed recruits, who would be far less incentivized to join a movement whose opponents actually punch back.

The Ripples
Trump’s election could have huge implications for Europe. America stands on the necks of its vassal states like Huma is probably standing on a chair. To have this weight lifted to merely a neutral stance would tremendous. To have the vast US apparatus actually supportive of nationalist movements would be beyond hope–as it probably is. Though already EU worms are writhing at the prospect.

The American election will certainly provide momentum to populist-right candidates. But beyond that, a weakening or dissolution of the EU will provide desperately needed clarity to ongoing national decisions. If Sweden knows no supranational entity can enforce its pieties on neighbors, the yearning to dissolve its nation as a solitary spectacle will diminish substantially. Likewise, if Italy understands that every African it dredges from the Mediterranean will be its burden alone, then hundreds of distressed dinghies will find themselves glub-glubbing on the Italian navy’s very long lunch breaks.

The will of the European people has been utterly disparaged and dismissed. Should it finally find voice in their institutions, parasitic migrants will find their accommodations turning distinctly inhospitable. And that’s when the dinghies start heading south.

Where now
As asserted previously, opportunity rarely lingers in politics. January is when Republicans should firm their gelatinous spines and move hard on every strategic front. The history books are never kind when written by someone else’s children. So I don’t want any shit about holding to our values…and neither does General Patton.

I don’t want any messages saying ‘I’m holding my position.’ We’re not holding a goddamned thing. We’re advancing constantly and we’re not interested in holding anything except the enemy’s balls. We’re going to hold him by his balls and we’re going to kick him in the ass; twist his balls and kick the living shit out of him all the time. Our plan of operation is to advance and keep on advancing. We’re going to go through the enemy like shit through a tinhorn.

Move out

Move out


21 thoughts on “T-Day

  1. Its unfortunate that we can’t actually send all these leftists to Canada. All these little snowflakes that think they can jump over the border into Canada and get welcomed with open arms? Wrong, eh. Long process to get granted canadian citizenship, and even residency. It can take years, unless you find a Canadian to marry. I don’t think they give a damn either if you go up there and shit out a kid. Anchor baby is a strictly American indulgence. So, those equality loving Canadian liberals actually have a much stricter immigration system that we have. I wonder familiar Amy Schumer is with it?

    And don’t even get me started on the Mexicans. Ask a semi-knowledgeable Mexican what the Mexican government would do to an illegal Guatemalan migrant waving the Guatemalan flag at a Mexican political event. If you guessed “praise him for his courage and demand his voice be heard” you guessed wrong, and will win the consolation prize, which is a stay in a mexican prison followed by a boot to the ass out of the country, with an old fashioned ass kicking probably thrown into the mix as well. They don’t put up with this shit, and yet demand that we do. Obama and the others who drive the clown car that calls itself the US government know this very well, yet still pretend otherwise.

      • I’ve asked that question myself on more than one occasion. I’ve yet to get an (honest) answer. The real answer is because its poor and full of mexicans. Which is exactly why many of us want to prevent our cities from turning into mexico.

  2. We are have landed at Normandy, the beach head is established, we are encountering heavy resistance, never the less breakout is inevitable. Target is 100% operational and my suicide squad is determined to decimate the target; red pilled.

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  4. Let NATO die of old age, then watch Trump’s “ally” Putin send the tanks through the Fulda Gap. Wouldn’t happen, at least not now, but the idea of seeing Eurotwits caught between the Russkis and the “refugees” warms the heart. And while they may be heartless, the arms merchants will certainly rub their hands together with glee if the nations of Old Christendom realize it’s time to get serious.

    They can begin by doing what the USA should do: restore national monetary sovereignty and do away with debt-money and its institutions. It’s time for the principle of subsidiarity to be applied on a global basis: http://subsidiarityinstitute.blogspot.com.ar/

  5. Soros and the money masters pick your pockets because their political puppets permit them to do so. The crazies are used to distract, but you fund them; this must stop. Dry up the funding obtained by fraud, the sjw gang can be used for shovel-ready infrastructure repair. Restore monetary sovereignty!

  6. “Though a blithely miscegenating sibling has endowed him with a mulatto niece, whom he treats with tender affection. Further to his racial equanimity, he believes the Amerindians swarming his town bear potential as valuable contributors to polyglot America.”

    People like this really can’t be trusted or embraced, tbh. He must be taught to understand that he has to make a choice. It’s us vs. them.

  7. At the end of the day, if the (((Enemy Within))) control our currencies – Fed Reserve, Bank of England etc – then they get to control everything else as they can outbid everyone else for anything they need to keep that control.

    Trump gives me hope, but let let Trump get in and abolish the Federal Reserve and demand reparations from the dozen or so Jewish banks that make up the FR for the wealth they have stolen from America since 1913 and then I will really be a believer. For since 1913 (and a lot longer in the UK) the Jewish banking mafia have bought up most of the media and the best politicians money can buy, of either flavour.

    That is the actual war that must be won and in truth this is what WW2 was really all about. All else will then follow.

    The Jewish banking mafia must be destroyed along with the golem traitors that have served them this last century.

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