Go Bold, Emperor Elect

Why Johnny Ringo, you look like someone just walked over your grave.

It requires a cold heart to luxuriate in the misery of defeated antagonists. That’s why we should cease doing so entirely on Inauguration Day. Fortunately, that’s still over two months away, which leaves ample time to gloat at the liberals who don’t begin to loathe our children until they emerge from the birth canal.

Here’s a few images of exquisite anguish. If ever in a plummeting airplane, I’ll pull these out for solace in the final moments.






We even had some Kakistocracy readers at Clinton HQ!

Are those Kakistocracy readers?

Even the model minority was succumbing to candor in the despair of its hive-mind.


Makes me wonder what people were thinking with those Asian exclusion acts?

Hey, who are those bigots?

Hey, who are those bigots?

No matter. Trump’s election represents a truly breathtaking repudiation of…everything. He faced a unified institutional front aligned against him, not so much for himself, but as a proxy for the legacy Americans betrayed by them all. But those are ancient hieroglyphs from Monday night. This is Wednesday. And what needs to be addressed now are the tantalizing possibilities that rarely linger long within reach.

The political landscape is swollen with potential targets. An override of Obama’s executive actions. Not some of them, not the ones deemed unconstitutional, all of them. Why suffer reading them to choose? Obamacare repeal. The Paris warming change accord. Deportations. TPP. Extricating ourselves from the Middle Eastern Morass and letting the very well rested IDF have a turn at “regime change” without our subsidies. Build The Wall. Defund sanctuary cities, and the states that harbor them. Crippling fines for employers hiring illegals. You know the list.

Unfortunately though those are all just tactics. If Trump wants to be a legend rather than a mere president he’ll have to ponder strategy. And that means securing the blessings of liberty for himself and his posterity. Posterity that–I hope Donald comprehends–will only be lavished with saliva as it recedes into minority status. His Golden Emperor statue, with one foot upon each coast, will not long survive the corrosive effects of our current demographics.

Which means 2017 is the time to strike boldly where opportunity beckons. Trump will have two houses of congress for at least two years. He should take large bites rather than small. And none would be larger than repeal of the immigration laws that are the source of all the left’s political power. To add upon a tweet from Ann Coulter: if only people who had four American grandparents were allowed to vote, the democrats could hold their convention in a shoe box. Though that’s an exaggeration, as they’ve always got the dutiful northern corners. Though without imported ballot drones, the metastasized anti-white left wouldn’t be threatening nationally to a wounded Pomeranian.

That’s largely because of two laws, and intentional negligence to enforce even those. Everyone knows well the Hart-Celler Act of 1965, which allowed one generation to primly stab its successors without living to see the blood. But few ever mention Bush’s equally despicable Immigration Act of 1990. This being a betrayal True Conservatives were always somehow remiss to mention as both his pups barked after the presidency.

By some accounts, Bush’s law increased legal immigration another 40% and introduced such exotic lunacies as the “diversity visa” and various job visas because, of course, we can’t mow our own lawns. As an aside, legal immigration now averages approximately 1.1 million/year. That means without a single border leap Trump will face a new hostile immigrant equivalent of Kentucky when he presumably runs for reelection in four years. And the First Honduran Transvestite President can just as easily unwind everything he accomplishes.

That’s why immigration laws are where Trump should go firstest with the mostest. Repealing these would be hugely more strategic victories than jettisoning Obamacare. Any of which would require senate Republicans to initiate the nuclear option to bypass a democratic filibuster. But if you are going to go all-in for a centerpiece repeal, make it for what matters most. Healthcare laws mean little in Liberia.

Wouldn’t you agree, General Butt Naked?



29 thoughts on “Go Bold, Emperor Elect

  1. Totally agree! Inspiring.

    This is consistent with my own thoughts of the past 28 hours.

    Our enemies have wasted no time in trying to spin this result away from immigration. Axelrod last night went immediately to citing a disingenuously worded poll to support his claim that this is not a vote for Immigration restriction. They know that in the end this is the only issue that matters. There will no doubt be people surrounding Trump who either have a like agenda or who are under the influence of people who do.

    How do we get your message to Trump, Porter? And how do we get the man razor sharp non-cock counsel?

  2. He faced a unified institutional front aligned against him, not so much for himself, but as a proxy for the legacy Americans betrayed by them all.

    I want to highlight this observation, because it is subtly made but important. A lot of attention and vitriol was directed at Trump this election, but if one listened carefully it was clear that the object of the fear and loathing from some sources was really his supporters.

    • And they got the message loud and clear and ignored all the distracting negative news stories–almost all false or misleading–and stood by their man and got out to vote, just like they got out to the rallies.

      All the talk of “data” misreads things. Not all data is quantitative. When he’s packing in rallies and she can hold her rallies in a Starbucks, it’s pretty obvious that something massive is afoot. And even then it was close.

  3. Absolutely go for the immigration laws first. Repeal and replace with the tried and true Naturalization Act of 1790. In fact, let’s just make that the preamble in our next Constitution.

    Concurrently, let’s start kicking in doors of company owners that hire illegals and haul them off to jail. I hear Hillary makes a mean Prison Ramen.

    If we’re feeling spirited, a repeal of the 19th Amendment wouldn’t be too much to ask.

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  5. At first I thought you were serious about being magnanimous. I am hearing a lot of talk about this right now and I hope it’s all ironic. When your enemy has been struck down it is time to destroy him utterly. He must now be allowed to rise. Boldness is and no compromise ever is the way to proceed now.

    • My thoughts, exactly. Please God, make Trump read this.

      “the Hart-Celler Act of 1965, which allowed one generation to primly stab its successors without living to see the blood.” Holy shit, what a line.

  6. The lamentations of the Cucks and the Prozis serves to illustrate the point that these people, no matter their chronological age, are not adults. The public weeping and gnashing of teeth – the “lamentations of the women” – whatever gender they happen to be – is breathtaking. They have no shame. And the pundits that are telling people to stand and fight are literally inciting riots.

    All this after the relentless sycophantic, obsequous Hillary rump polishing by NeverTrump neocons and welfare queens. I would much rather be in a basket of deplorables than a swamp of corruptibles.

  7. This might be modified into a somewhat normie-appropriate version, by starting it after the “No matter,” and eliminating the reference to a First Honduran Transvestite President. But then, sending any link from the Kakistocracy Blog URL is risky of itself.

    Sigh, tradeoffs.

  8. 2016 will go down as one of the decisive years in Western history, like 1789 in France or 1989 in Eastern Europe. Except this time it’s *ours*

    Brexit early the Trumpening late
    When the Saxon began to hate

    It was Ann Coulter’s “Adios America” that convinced Trump to make immigration restriction the cornerstone of his campaign. And these newfound ideas of Coulter’s largely came from Steve Sailer.

    A few days after the 2012 election Sailer identified 6 contiguous states (PA OH MI WI IA MN) where millions of blue collar whites stayed home, thereby costing Romney the election. These states (against the advice of pollsters, media etc) became the prime focus of Trump’s campaign, and he ended up winning 5 of the 6.

    So a relatively obscure alt-right blogger is essentially the braintrust behind the entire Trumpian operation. Verily I say unto thee, fellow deplorables, tomorrow belongs to us.

  9. From your Twitter: “It’s been a treat watching furious blacks spit on their white liberal lap-dogs post election. Everyone hates a toady.”

    If not an inconvenience, could you provide an example or two to illustrate what you are referring to?

  10. AMR: Western society has inverted to a focus on what one says over what one does. And it is in words over action that I would be magnanimous indeed. A platform to change the game must upend the left’s structural demographic cheat. That means large scale deportations, The Wall, end birthright citizenship scams (of probably some period retroactively), and repeal of the immigration laws. I would call this program the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative for a Multicultural America. And those are pretty darn magnanimous words (none of which would get a man fired).

    The fundamental question is going to be whether Trump comes to play the game, or change it. That’s the difference between man and legend.

    Anonymous: I’ve been casting about liberal Twitter, which is a truly alien landscape for those who rarely reconnoiter the nut house. One of its most bizarre deep-sea relationships is that between militant blacks and their intensely sycophantic white allies. The latter of whom appear to compete for social status within their in-group by grandiose displays of subservience to the out-group. But you probably know that.

    What prompted the tweet was reading dozens of black twitter feeds utterly excoriating their white slaves (this being the role they seem most eager to occupy) for the election results. The general drift being that their “allies” hadn’t made sufficient exertions on behalf of black people’s preferred candidate, and had thus been proven as worthless as both parties agree they are. As a result, severe rhetorical lashings and additional self-abasement were required (presumably both being greeted enthusiastically by their belly-crawlers). I’m sure I could dredge some of these up, but didn’t save any along the way.

  11. I was reading the wiki-article on General Butt Naked and noticed his description of his company in battle: We were nude, fearless, and drunk…yet strategic. When we make our final assault on Washington, they should expect no less.

    But returning to the tactics v. strategy concept and how healthcare v. immigration fit into it, it makes me wonder (if they haven’t already) why Liberia and other destitute countries don’t pass legislation that provides free cutting edge Western medical care for all its citizens. Also a living wage, lavish retirements, and springs so pure they could soothe Michael Moore’s bleeding hemorrhoids. Why don’t they pass such laws? Don’t their people want these things?

    That’s the core conceit of such preoccupations. I understand Obamacare is causing substantial grief and financial distress for many people, and I have aggressively opposed it. Though from a longer-term national perspective the issue is much less what amenities a state compels itself to provide, but what its people can natively produce. And what those people can produce is on lurid display right now in all their source countries and the bottom of this table.

    Which means if you want top tier medicine in the future, it’s not healthcare laws you should be writing.

  12. President Trump will move quickly and decisively to deliver on all stated promises. First up will be building a huge and beautiful wall accompanied by a major tweak on the immigrant talent we draft into our great country.

    I truly believe Trump views the USA’s problems as one giant Wollmans Skating Rink and guess what he’s right. Just support him, get out of his way and let him run the show his way; watch and enjoy.

    Looks to me like all the followers are happily falling into line behind our new Emperor :}


  13. This is great. And I agree wholeheartedly. I have voted third party in recent elections, but very enthusiastically voted for trump this time around. If the left gets their wish and replaces americans by importing new, more compliant ‘americans’ from the third world, we will indeed look like Liberia by the time my kids are my age. That may be baked into the cake already. At the very least, stop the problem from getting worse.

    Another thing Trump HAS to do is keep the bush era neocons as far away from the levers of power as possible. Letting pious frauds like newt gingrich and bloodthirsty Israel-first neocons like john bolton run things is a recipe for disaster, and most definitely not what I and many others were voting for.

    • Totally agree… the bold domestic platform needs the save from the foreign and trade policy side… end the pointless middle east wars, extricate ourselves from the myriad of outdated defense agreements, as well as getting rid of NAFTA, GATT, TPP etc.

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