The Mauer Just Got Four Meters Higher

If we ignore human nature long enough, maybe it will go away. That’s the typical Western stance on all social manifestations of mankind’s biodiversity. Most of these expressions are now so obvious that only air-tight cultural blockades keep them from being any more controversial than basic math. It’s an effective strategy, that I suppose we should be grateful hasn’t been more thoroughly applied. If stating the results of 2+2 equaled getting fired for Hate, children would only learn working addition from pseudonymous shitlords on dissident blogs. The lesson being: most men only say what they may, not what they must.

One of the things men would more often say under a less stringent embargo is how all of them crave their own space. A room for themselves within their house, a house for their family within the city, and a habitat for their people within the world. These yearnings are universal and largely undisputed. That is until the White Exception to all principles is applied.

Unfortunately though, indicting either man’s ancient instincts or the number four for raysis makes neither actually evaporate. People are going to build boundaries between themselves and those who are not them. Prudent men tend to place these fortifications outside their home rather than within it. But prudent is not the accusation we’ll level at Merkel’s Migrant Latrine. And so where national boundaries were ignored, local ones are now erected.


A 12-foot high barrier – higher than the Berlin Wall – is being erected in the German city of Munich to protect locals from young refugees who are set to move into the area.

Locals campaigned for the wall, in the suburb of Neuperlach Süd, after authorities decided that some 160 young unaccompanied migrants will move into a large shelter which is less than 100 metres from a residential estate.

Critics say the wall is further proof of the alienation voters feel with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refugee policy.

The wall is nearly finished. Locals say they do not care about how it looks; only that it will separate them from the unaccompanied refugees who have often been at the centre of friction with locals in other German towns.

Separating locals from aggressive foreigners was precisely why men invented such things as nation-states, masonry, and machine guns. But memory fades under the lights of liberalism, and thus what was previously plain is now the province of extremism.

I don’t know if something is extreme when everyone is doing it, but if so the future for walls is extreme indeed. Because once you embrace the moral justification of a Munich Wall, it is a very small step back to the extremities of national borders. If you accept that Germans in Munich should be protected from pillaging Pashtuns, then you will eventually agree that Germans in all Germany should as well.

I am sure that country does not lack the engineering expertise to calculate the elegant efficiency of one external border compared to a labyrinth of internal partitions and foreign encampments. Hopefully they also don’t lack the foresight to understand that hastily erected city walls are simply more intimate national borders, which if left equally undefended will ultimately see them laying bricks around their own bedrooms. If German men do not understand this presently, their women will have the point impressed upon them with increasing frequency.

The fact is Germans’ greatest ethical obligation is to their own children. Though if maladaptive morality demands they provide for aliens, then doing so in foreign camps rather than their own streets is the only rational option. The Munich Wall will only be as effective as the strength of the German spine to defend it. And if that has suddenly grown firm, then the barrier’s proper footprint has already been drawn.


The Mauer just got four meters higher.


14 thoughts on “The Mauer Just Got Four Meters Higher

  1. In 1987 the Berlin Wall separated Germany from Germany.
    In the Current Year the Munich wall separates Germany from Afghanistan.

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  4. Porter,

    You made the front page of Western Rifle Shooters Again. Congrats. You’re doing a great job of converting people to the Alt-Right. I once considered myself a staunch Constitutional Conservative. Between you and the Atlantic Centurion, I now see the error of my ways. Thanks.

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  6. That wall is just a public admission of German male impotence.

    Walls by themselves do nothing. I’m 66 years old and would have little problem getting over it. Where are the machine guns on top of the wall? The Berlin Wall had machine guns.

    I’ll know Germans are getting serious when they arm themselves despite all official government prohibitions. This wall is not serious.

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