Strife of the Party

National Review recently posted an insightful piece positing that America’s massive demographic swamping will portend poorly for the Republican Party and its white constituents. Quite insightful indeed…had it been written 50 years ago.

Though crafted as it was in The Current Year I found my reaction returning to its customary default for journals of conservative effluvia: contempt. Yes, the greatest “peaceful” invasion in human history has indeed malformed the political landscape–thanks for the tip.

Though beyond cuckservatism’s remarkable capacity to identify its own body parts, is the fact that such observations have become permissible in those pages only after becoming a fait accompli. For generations National Review adhered to a rigid HR policy that required termination for any writer predicting the precise conditions it now reports to us blandly as fact today. Men such as Brimelow, Sobran, and Sailer were routinely jettisoned from the magazine (and conservatism at large if Buckley could manage it) for writing what was essentially the same article as that linked above: non-white immigration will politically destroy conservatives.

The difference being that those earlier writings, if widely heeded, could have altered the southern mudslide before it became the fact that National Review now exhorts its readers to concede. But doing so when it would have been much easier would have put conservatism in the awkward and unnatural position of actually conserving something. So plainly those writers had to go. Don’t give us a doctor when we’re waiting for the mortician.

As a result, Republican Conservatism chose to fight the left’s imported voter auxiliaries with the big gun of bromides. The Constitution, Natural Conservatives, Family Values, Free Enterprise, and That’s Not Who We Are. With sufficient time and duplicity the platitude becomes reality: who we are is us no longer. The left recognized from the outset that demography was political destiny, as Buckley’s bare-backs lectured their dupes to disavow. This is the party of Lincoln, and if you think traditional conservatism is threatened by brown people, then the exit doors are in the back. Yes, there’s probably fourth-floor windows in back as well–the audience should have put those to use in hindsight.

So the crushing demographic transformation that could not be acknowledged when it could be stopped becomes a topic of lengthy discussion once conservative outlets conclude it is unalterable. There’s no such thing as the devil until your tongue is on his hooves.

To what I presume is no one’s surprise at all, such supplications are precisely the prescription offered by National Review upon reaching its shocking racial realization. That is if this outlet doesn’t follow custom and banish itself from the conservative movement (maybe Vdare will agree to absorb its stable of bigoted writers). Facing the democratic numerical abyss that it previously demanded conservatives never consider, the publication now chides them for following its previous demands.

Instead of choosing a leader who could appeal to these voters as well as to the ones changing the mountain West and the Middle Atlantic states, Republicans nominated a man who implicitly denies the demographic changes that make his candidacy such an electoral challenge–and who indulges the fantasy of returning to an America that no longer exists.

See, that’s the problem with Trump and alt-right extremists: they deny the importance of race. And of course brown immigrants aren’t going to take your country and swamp your votes, that’s just ugly racism. America is about timeless values like individualism and liberty and justice and stop indulging fantasies about a country that no longer exists!

I marvel at the reservoir of bad-faith required to pen such things. Since you idiots actually listened to us in the past and weren’t racist, you’re now going to have to accommodate millions of brown people who are. This outlet obviously doesn’t contemplate the welfare of those people foolish enough to have sought its counsel through the years. Instead, the issue that has triggered the wringing of soft city hands is the fate of the Republican Party. Which is apparently much like the Marine Corps: If the party lives forever, YOU live forever. And you can help the party today by ordering a gift subscription for only $1.02 per issue (think how pleased your black friends will be!)

Though contrary to marketing and morality, the Republican Party is not a steward of either conservative values or people. It is a political vehicle to advance the interests of whoever controls it. When Globo-con outlets appeal for the health of the party, their goal is to maintain that vehicle’s viability. But not necessarily for you. Conservatives are perpetually flummoxed by this. They should care about the Republican Party precisely to the extent they care about their car: how far forward can each move them? Failing that, the Republicans have no more use to their constituents than saying grace at a Podesta dinner party.

Demand the vehicle drive in your direction, or find one that will. It exists for your benefit, not you for its. That’s how the shrewd play politics. For those much less so, there’s just the vague hope that foreigners will follow the Constitution in their absence…and maybe even wear baseball caps.


11 thoughts on “Strife of the Party

  1. You’ll know we reached peak conservatism when National Review offers their first Spanish language edition.

    But their logic is impeccable. In order to preserve our conservative values, we should alter the GOP to appeal the most base Latin American leftist dogma that we whole heartedly imported over the past 50 years. Why? Because that’s who we are!

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  3. This triggered a morbid exercise: what will NR concede in 2026?
    “To honor the memory of the 15,000 who have died in pointless Middle East conflicts, we must continue pointless Middle East conflicts,” or “if we don’t want to squander every nickel of the $100 billion invested in too big to fail banks, we must invest $100 trillion in too big to fail banks”

    Oh, and loved the “wringing of soft city hands” line. Perfection in a turn of phrase there.

  4. “There’s no such thing as the devil until your tongue is on his hooves.”- oh, Porter. When the burning comes… do not let your women look back. In God and Jesus name, Amen.

  5. Murray Rothbard, a chap who didn’t miss very much, once allowed as to how he had become convinced (still in the 1950s as I recall) that Buckley’s NR was nothing less than a CIA front. His insight is more rather than less consistent with the notion that the Republican “Party” has served as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Party of Government since, say, ca. 1940. Is it any wonder that the Left’s drive to “elect a new people” has proven to be a such monumentally effective steamroller?

  6. Its taken awhile, but people are finally waking up. Apparently “PROGRESSIVISM! but, lets do it a little slower, please…” isn’t really that popular of a slogan. That’s essentially all we are getting out of ‘Conservatism, Inc’ these days. Question them on what exactly they have managed to conserve in living memory, and about the best they can do is assure that if it wasn’t for them, things would be worse. Hardly a ringing endorsement, but also a safe one, since its impossible to disprove.

    It will be interesting to see if they have an audience after this. If trump wins, and the dishonest leftist media ends up getting chased out of town with torches and pitchforks, I hope Bill Kristol and the rest are included on that illustrious list. Be a real shame for these scions of the republican party to miss out on the fun.

  7. These Cohen fed cuckolds have no future. Trump isn’t radical, just sane. This two party scam has been revealed. Trump wasn’t saving US, he was offering (((them))) a way out. Fortunately, they’re way too stupid to take it.
    These dumb fuckers never see it coming. Those brown and black hordes aren’t coming for their Revolution, and they don’t fucking care about their globalism crap. They just want free shit and handouts. Replacing the productive with stupid bums is the kind of unforced error that these greedy idiots always do to lose. They’ll blame US, but they were simply part of a Giant Suicide Pact.

  8. Buckley certainly seems to have been the ur-cuck, in retrospect. Maybe he was indeed a CIA front, a Pied Piper for gullible conservatives.

    “How do Republicans survive?”, asks NR. It’s funny how easy it is to get people to substitute the Republican Party for their race. It kind of reminds me of how Konrad Lorenz showed how to get baby geese to substitute him for their mother and follow him everywhere.

    • If they could peer into the future, white cucks would see a Spanish-only Republican Party fielding all Amerindian slates and running on the motto of “Beat the afros like we beat the gringos!”

      To this tears would trace down smiling cheeks: “We did it, the party survived!”

  9. Not a single commenter ever suggests that maybe we ought to reach out to some of these new voters and try to win them over to our candidates and our proposals.

    There is ZERO interest in trying to win over black voters, Hispanic voters, Asian voters, and even young white college students and young white college graduates. None at all.

    Instead, the reaction is to turn even further inward, huddle in the shrinking number of Red States, and go hide in the attic while railing against how the neighborhood is changing for the worse.

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