Making an Unscheduled Stop

I must admit to having my schad pleasantly deep enfreude over the ongoing Klinton Klown Kar Katastrophe. No pair of lifelong government employees have ever amassed such obscene wealth quite so obscenely. They’ve fucked more women, sold more influence, and stepped over more corpses than George Will. That’s a fact. Yet within their solipcentric solar system, BillnHill could always rely on an orbiting asteroid belt of enablers to shield them from any resulting radiation.

Here’s a few notches on the family belt.

Nuclear secrets to China
Cattle futures
Fund raising scandals
The Boeing contract quid pro quo
Donations for pardons
FBI filegate
Web Hubbell
IRSing political opposition

And of course the Email imbroglio now fittingly maneuvered into a reverse cowgirl position with Hilly’s lesbian Arab paramour and her dick-picing jewish husband. Then there are the reportedly ongoing investigations of the Clinton Foundation, which has been impressively built into the world’s most lucrative political auction house. If Apple’s BLT CEO had thoughtfully developed an app for that enterprise, I may have put in a bribery bid for the contract to transport African refugees to Tel Aviv. Or at least that’s where they would have ended up, sometimes I can’t make out the fine print.

Through it all, the Clintons always emerge with votes (and pubic lice) intact. They are a political resource that is always protected because it always sells. And with repercussions never trailing indiscretions, it’s been difficult to remain vigilant in their dotage. The mind simply isn’t as sharp at 70, and who has time to memorize a maze of laws and regulations? Well the proles do, but unlike them the Clintons are busy people.

Busy mostly keeping their syndicate upright. And when older drivers are hauling at high speed a truckload of sycophants, grifters, pilotfish, and prostitutes, sometimes unforseen events occur. That’s when the old smooth road turns hard on impact. But don’t cry for their H1Bs, Argentina.

Just enjoy the video below as diversity-America pulls alongside for a glimpse of the Kash Kruiser in motion. If the van’s a rockin’ don’t let Comey come knockin!

4 thoughts on “Making an Unscheduled Stop

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  2. Apparently your catalogue of Klinton Krimes is a bit light. The rumours flying about rival your recent fictional post. Vox Day links to, and discusses, the latest posting by Anonymous – the guys in the Guy Fawkes masks – and Wikileaks, promising revelations that will send both Clintons, plus a score of others, to jail.

    Even if it’s a leg-pull, it’s a good one. Tomorrow is Guy Fawkes’ Day, a perfect time for some really explosive fireworks. I’m hoping it’s real.

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