One item that goes largely unremarked upon by most combatants in the West’s existential conflict, is how reliant the system remains on those it labors against. Of course the tax-wool sheared from legacy sheep keeps all other creatures warm in the winter. But beyond the obvious utility of subsidizing their own dispossession, the succulent middle-class herd is invaluable for its quiet competence and obedient accommodation. In order to funnel whites off the planet expeditiously, we need a workforce who can keep the machine lubricated and its business-end pointed at themselves. Frankly, I just don’t trust this process to black labor until the job is 90% done.

Until we reach that optimal diversity, there remains much work to be performed at some level of good-faith proficiency. HR drones and college admissions staff must see to it that other whites are properly shunted aside as per policy. Blind HUD moles must keep the burrows clear for Section 8ing the suburbs. Good Christians must feed Africans and import refugees. And prosecutors must meticulously map the psyche of defendants to determine the precise Hate content of their criminal motivations.

That last item has a relevant corollary. After indictment, juries must agree to convict their peers on a battery of charges increasingly (and conspicuously) weaponized against people just like themselves. The question eventually becomes, “how long do we play ball in a rigged game?” Soros could plant a national hedgerow of militant prosecutors; all to no avail if juries voted with one middle finger.

That’s called jury nullification. One of the most infamous examples being the OJ Simpson criminal trial. The verdict of which was greeted by auditoriums of jubilant blacks. It’s possible they subsequently reflected on the injury this event inflicted to America’s civic values, though footage here is far more grainy.

Though that verdict and their response was perfectly fine, we can all agree. The real problems manifest when whites start behaving like everyone else. Jury nullification for the sake of our own interests is simply not who we are. And that’s why the Bundy verdicts were so repugnant (and reprehensible).

A federal jury has found Ammon Bundy and his six co-defendants not guilty on all charges for taking over a federal wildlife refuge in eastern Oregon earlier this year.

Standoff leaders Ammon and Ryan Bundy and five others were charged with conspiring to impede federal workers from their jobs at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Several also were charged with possessing a firearm in a federal facility.

All seven defendants were found not guilty Thursday on all charges. The jury had no verdict for Ryan Bundy’s theft of government property charge.

They barely slipped the hook on that one. If there is one activity I encourage all activists to avoid, it is conspiring to impede federal workers from their jobs. Joe, you chain the coffee machine. Fred, blockade the break room. And Stan, hack the firewall to halt every incoming packet from Those three actions alone could effectively cease all government office activity. That’s why a large number of witnesses and participants were government informants. They take Pornhub very seriously.

Now obviously an armed embargo of whatever a government office allegedly does is going to attract a law enforcement response. And this was no different. One of those responses was to shoot protestor LaVoy Finicum dead at a roadside stop. Though given the absence of skittles noted in the autopsy, you may not have heard his name mentioned as frequently as others in the news.

In any event, the government had its case plainly made, as most salient facts of the matter were not in dispute. The prosecutors put on their show, the jurists somberly absorbed their instructions, they retired to deliberations…and then promptly returned a set of not guilty verdicts.

Huh? Did they not comprehend the evidentiary firewall logs?

They didn’t care. The federal bureaucracy’s contempt for the people is broadly perceived in this area, and the jury pool was eager to reciprocate when given opportunity. I expect this to be a growing phenomenon as similar sentiments flourish among the community that enjoys no federal affinity.

Of course there was no racial element about the affair whatsoever, aside from the undiversity of its defendants. Though, like the spilling of a milkshake, no event isn’t just cause for the invocation of “white privilege” from the left. One of the most unselfconsciously amusing being from born-in-Turkey commenter, Cenk Uygur. It’s outrageous a man must travel so far to be oppressed.

Though I think this is probably something of which libs will need to grow inured. The privilege of whites to contemplate their own interests is definitely on the right side of history. Those on the left just need to stop being afraid of change.


12 thoughts on “Nullified

  1. Cenk Uygur, Young Turk.

    Young Turks, the people who ended Armenian privilege, now set their sights on White privilege.

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  3. Jury nullification is just one of a number of tactics normal white people can use to derail the tyranny train. As they become more emboldened, they may discover that it really is a “we against them” society in which they live and “we” is never an abstraction, particularly for “them”. Once that discovery is internalized, the “we” faction may begin to go beyond perfectly legal tactics such as jury nullification, general strikes, work-to-rule and other passive resistance measures, moving on to active resistance measures such as vigilantism, sabotage and so on.

  4. As much as I hate to send people to the echo chamber of SJW nonsense known as, you should read the comments on the posts about this. It’s both hilarious and depressing at the same time.

  5. While driving through neighborhoods north my current abode, my wife asked what do you think if this place or that place. We’re looking to move. One particular locale she liked. I noted simply, “Too many blacks. Keep driving.” I like blacks, sort of, the civilized ones, kind of. She’s ok with it. She’s black. I told her when the fun starts they’ll all try to murder me. I told her I didn’t want to be the next George Zimmerman. She thinks it’s silly. I tell her if we get caught in a BLM riot just pretend you’re against whitey. They’ll ignore her while torching whites. Meanwhile, I’ll bail out of the car with my Glock & run to the hills until the natives get bored. They don’t like lots of green space & woods.

  6. That linked National Review article is infuriating. Are all their writers and editors twelve years old? Then they have the cheek to offer me a subscription. Truly, these people are worthless.

  7. Jury duty and trips to the DMV are really the only places where all Gods children from every place under the bell curve co-comingle. I’m all for jury nullification, but it’s really at odds with my desire to get the fuck out of there as fast as possible. Judges can be quite obstinate in demanding a verdict, and my refusal to convict is likely to bump up severely with Janiqua’s desire to acquit (and vice Versa in all but the rarest of cases, actually). Just like paying taxes and coaching youth baseball, I suppose I’ll take one for team civilization if it comes to it, though.

  8. The Bundy fedguv infiltrators / story still is covering the political imprisonment of the Hammonds and Hillary’s sale of uranium mining rights under the Hammonds BLM grazing lands. I used to wonder how brothers came to war over an issue; after listening to my brother and his wife go on and on about how they wanted the feds to go in and shoot all the Bundys, I wonder no more. what a fucked up country.

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