All Values and No Victories Makes Conservatives a Dull Boy

I saw a Washington Post item the other day that placed Trump’s odds of winning the White House at essentially “zero.” I’m actually much more inclined toward evaluating probabilities than making stark predictions myself, though zero leaves little space for alternatives. That’s not particularly surprising for the Post, which has decayed under Jeff Bezos into the sort of maggoty mess that hunters find rotting under fallen trees. Though I suppose undead is a more accurate description than deceased.

This election has offered quite a series of “behind the shower curtain” reveals for anyone interested to look. The Post, along with practically all other media properties, have been shown to function in a unified soviet vascular system. Different parts, one mind. Where outlets of organ grinder monkeys like used to occupy a separate entity, they are now indistinguishable in content from the Post and its peers.

A similar unmasking has occurred for the Republican Party and all those burrowing creatures that dwell within its ecosystem. Populist Trump supporters, flush off their fair and square primary victory, were anticipating a well-earned romp under the party’s skirts. They have been greeted instead by the vagina dentata of furious donors and apparatchiks. The message being an unequivocal: You exist to serve us, not the other way around. Never forget this core conservative value.

As with the decomposing field of objective journalism, millions of Republican voters are now seeing their party as it is rather than as they preferred to imagine it.


The resulting melee, should Trump not surmount his 0-100 odds–or perhaps if he does, has some writers forecasting a nationalist/establishment fissure so deep as to scuttle the entire party in a Whig repeat.

There’s one primary reason I find this unlikely. Contra the cuck-bait line, political parties have no native values. Thus they bend in the Overton wind, rather than break. They are simply vehicles for political agendas. Values are the malleable abstractions those driving the vehicle use to farm votes and advance their tangible interests. That is one reason–along of course with immigration–why a Republican/Democrat electoral map looks much different now than 50 years ago. The “values” of various regional/cultural groups didn’t entirely change, but the party that advanced (or was less antagonistic to) their interests did.

That constituent rotation will almost certainly continue. And it is why the party will probably endure unless the brand simply becomes toxic. Though having a viable, competitive Republican Party is not at all synonymous with having actual political representation or advocacy. It’s simply a vehicle, not necessarily yours. Most parents are more concerned with the welfare of their children than the car they’re driving. Thus cheering for the perpetuation of Republican “conservatism” while ignoring the submersion of white conservatives is like thanking God that Timmy’s Toyota wasn’t totaled in his fatal collision. The car lives on!

If Trump wins, the corporate-con establishment will either have to plot its revenge in exile or truckle to him with split tongues. Neither exercise will be found palatable. So they work to engineer the electoral land-slide loss that will subsequently be used as cause to somberly shake their head in “We told you sos.”

I expect such a loss to trigger a melee for the Republican driver’s seat once all the recriminations have been recorded. Of course the Paul Ryan wing will immediately turn full globalist in its intent to secure a resounding 60% future victory: 30% multinational net profit margin plus 30% of the foreign vote.

Both parties will loudly denounce blue collar whites, who have come to embody liberalism’s bete noire. Condemnation of this group from the left will be strikingly vicious. That such sentiments would result in tongues caressing cold shoe leather if even hinted about more sacred demographics will never be considered.

But with even obsequious white cube-drones trying to pile on the democrats’ POC bandwagon, there’s going to be substantial vacant real-estate in the Republican machine. And just as militant Israel-first liberals once switched parties to take the driver’s seat as rebranded neocons, so will other opportunists from the left emerge this time. Of course they will be wholly uninterested in conserving anything beyond their own group influence and agenda. But the sooner milk-bone conservatives come to understand this about politics, the less miserable their children will be.

This is point I hope you’ll indulge me to belabor: political parties exist to advance interests, not defend values. Cunning libs like Jeff Bezos would say the same about newspapers.


11 thoughts on “All Values and No Victories Makes Conservatives a Dull Boy

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  2. Defending values begins at home. Never marry someone with core values that differ from your own. Be intellectually equipped to defend those values and thus never permit your children to be indoctrinated by “educators” who scorn those values. Teach your children not simply to be wary of strangers offering candy, but that “candy” takes many forms and “strangers” are those who do not share your values, not merely folks like this:

    The Republican Party must go the way of the Whigs. And the Fed must go the way of moneylenders in medieval England. If Trump loses, time for a Populist Party; if he wins, time for a Populist Party that he launches himself.

    • So Americans could wake up some morning in November scratching their heads saying “Evan who?….WTF???” He did work as a refugee resettlement officer, which is the sort of resumé a president needs these days to satisfy conservatives.

    • That Federalist article perfectly exemplifies why I can’t run a blog like this one. Even if I had Porter’s gift for writing, the material defies my every attempt to read all of it without spitting scotch all over my screen. For the nth time this year, the cuckservative establishment out-onions the Onion. And for the nth time this year, I’m considering an upgrade to grain alcohol, or maybe kerosene.

      “Our best chance to preserve our credibility as a viable political party is to impeach a candidate duly elected by our constituents. On what charge you ask? We’ll think of something, surely!”

      And I only skimmed the first half. Can’t even imagine what insanity padded out the rest.

      • It’s hard to say which scenario (McMuffin elected via EC or Trump impeached on Inauguration Day) would result in DC being burned to cinders first. That both were offered as serious proposals speaks to what sky castles the neocon unintelligentsia has erected for itself.

      • Ha, yeah, didn’t even get to the Goldberg nonsense, which is just sublime.

        I gotta disagree with him on the premise, though. I, for one, would prefer Clinton to the Mormon stooge. She, at least, would provide no small measure of morbid amusement in a cackling Antichrist sort of way.

        McMuffin’s the perfect name for the other guy, as his brand of evil’s utterly banal by comparison. It’s the cheap-date $2 breakfast to Hillary’s opulent smorgasbord of corruption. Whereas she demands 6+ figure bribes to sell out her country — and boy does she get a lot of ’em — McMuffin would sell us out for the chance to bottom for an impoverished Syrian migrant. I suppose that’s just the Christian in him, that wouldn’t turn away the humblest invader who wants to spray some Muslim in him too.

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