The Marigold Migration

Historians will likely struggle to find analogies for the Italian shuttle service now operating off the coast of North Africa. It would be unlikely enough for an invaded people to offer such meticulous care to their antagonists that they would safely tow them back to their point of origin. Though to actively ferry them to Europe while only feet from the Maghreb is a thing that would grant Gibbon the grist for many additional chapters in his decline and fall series.

And historians wouldn’t be the only ones flummoxed by this behavior. While he has remained admirably stoic, one presumes that Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi must be livid at his comparatively shabby treatment by the Europeans at Tours. That he even had to manage his own logistics train without the aid of Soros-backed NGOs was insolence enough.

Though returning to the present…while observers could easily be dazzled by the sight of Italians primly shuttling their own replacements into Rome, it’s the mental frame that motivates this dance of decay that I’ll focus on. Half the western mindset, and all its state policy, is premised on external altruism. That is to say, we start asking what’s best for those most hostile, alien, and distant from us, and slowly work our way home. So slowly in fact that only the Visegrad governments ever actually get there.

As I have written many times previously, nations don’t actually form states for the benefit of foreign peoples. Franklin didn’t turn to Jefferson with the hope that their new republic would capably serve the residents of Arabia. And no man exhorts his peers after winning independence with: I certainly hope our children will receive no undue benefit from all this.

Though it is precisely this mentality that has come to hold sway for those ensconced within the priest caste. That is because external altruism is like a Hermes handbag: quite chichi for those well insulated from its costs. For those less sheltered, and thus less enthused by flamboyant expenditures on cultural couture, these priests and their institutions have justifiably come to be seen as the black mold that blooms in unventilated environments. Government being the most airless of all.

What’s so conspicuous about this psychic straitjacket is how firmly it remains even when attempting to solve the very problems it has caused. Consider this report on the EU’s new approach to African swamping:

No more Mr. Nice Guy – EU gets tough on African migrants

Yes, that’s the actual title. Reuters is apparently test-driving new comedy writers. But let’s see just how pitiless Euros are proposing to become…

At their summit, European Union leaders will agree to use money and trade to force African countries to curb emigration, in a shift towards a more hard-nosed joint foreign policy.

I doubt Martel would have agreed to his troops deploying tactics that diabolical.

The new approach – aimed at keeping people away from Europe – was first proposed by Italy, the main disembarkation point for Africa migrants. It is initially aimed at Nigeria, Niger, Senegal, Ethiopia and Mali.

Behind the diplomatic language lies a threat of cutting development aid and restricting trade with those African countries that do not cooperate before the next migration season starts in the spring.

Apart from the stick, there is also the carrot, which comes in the form of promises of more aid and preferential trade treatment under what Brussels calls migration “compacts”.

Migration season. That’s touching imagery. Ahh, how the marigolds bloom during migration season. It’s as if waves of Africans are as natural as the cycle of the tides.

But more relevantly, that “No more Mr. Nice Guy” actually turns out to be Plenty More Mr. Nice Bribe. That’ll show them. And of course when other third-world egg sacs see their peers receiving bags of money, they will want the same. Otherwise who can really say what humanitarian crisis may befall the Democratic Republic of the Congo? Surely the Italian government doesn’t want that possibility on its conscience. Best just to be safe and pay.

This transparent ludicrousness is the sort of thing not well seen from within Western state monasteries. Their ministers simply can not (or more accurately, are determined to never) conceive of European people having a valid claim on their own countries. So the problem created by cultivating foreign interests may only be addressed by solutions that also serve the same foreigners. Thus we must let them in segues predictably to we’ll pay them not to come. That’s going to become a lot of paying, though I suppose it could come out of Europe’s useless military budget.

But what of those who quite want Europe for their own and don’t receive or won’t accept the bribe? We’ll just have to figure out something else they’d like even more…maybe Hermes handbags? Certainly “you can’t come in” and “you will get out” do nothing for the people Western governments believe they exist to serve.

This revolving clown car of payments and piety will be a source of great merriment for the Chinese. Though none at all for the people of Europe and her diaspora. It is this ice-cold regard that is shifting the focus of millions rapidly back to the welfare of home. To country, nation, and family. To conserving the priceless inheritance of their forefathers before priests can sell it to strangers. External altruism has had its costly and unrequited run. “Is it good for us?” will be the future’s novel question.


28 thoughts on “The Marigold Migration

  1. That is to say, we start asking what’s best for those most hostile, alien, and distant from us, and slowly work our way home.

    Yep. Whether it’s blacks in the US, Muslims in Europe, or aboriginals in Canada and Australia, Auster’s First Law always applies: The worse any designated minority or alien group behaves in a liberal society, the bigger become the lies of Political Correctess in covering up for that group.

  2. Maybe we should be ruled by some kind of scientific elite who can explain this metastasing altruism and eradicate it like a surgeon cutting out a tumour. It’s gone beyond the worst dystopian nightmare any fiction writer could think up.

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  4. If only there were history books available that could give the eurocrats some historical examples of how well it works paying people to leave you alone. Too bad there aren’t any historical examples to perhaps glean some insight on this. Guess we will have to just see how this works out.

    • Paying the Danegeld is almost always poor policy. Though it’s the underlying philosophy in this case that is so harmful. European leaders can only conceive of solutions in context of what would benefit non-European people. Bribery is thus merely a symptom of the illness.

  5. In London, with a guy yesterday who is well off boomer, semi-retired, living in beautiful enclave outside the city. When I mentioned the fact that Britain’s capital city was now less than half British, he said he loved it. Restaurants and all that. Interesting people to look at, like decorations. His fervent commitment to the ideology of his youth is impervious to the real world events it has inspired. One of those decorations got arrested yesterday with a bomb on the subway. But the real problem is the unwashed who don’t appreciate the scenery.

    BTW, the obsession with public demonstrations of hatred towards Trump is as strong here as it is on American media.

    • “When I mentioned the fact that Britain’s capital city was now less than half British, he said he loved it. Restaurants and all that. Interesting people to look at, like decorations.”

      For people that love to brag about how cultured they are, SWPLs have a very shallow grasp on what culture really is. “Those dead white males may have spent their entire lives decoding cuneiform script and studying the nomadic lifestyle of the Tuareg, but did they have 30 different ethnic restaurants in a one block radius? Check and mate, bigot.” The thing is, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to experience other cultures. The problem arises when you supplant your own just so you can post 20 pictures of chicken biryani on your instagram. It used to be that people would travel and see new parts of the world and then return home. Now there is no home – just a Potemkin Bazar.

  6. Emigrated from the US to Europe in 1999, from Europe to South America in 2004, having been able to read the handwriting on the wall. In the US, it had become evident that people of European descent were going to be overwhelmed by preferential treatment toward their own African-descended countrymen and Latino immigrants largely coming from the lowest sectors of Latin American societies. In Europe, the problem would eventually come from African and Muslim immigrants.

    I find it ironic that I now live in a 1950s-esque social setting in the interior of a South American country with little immigration or emigration than had been the case in the societies now being invaded. The very high birth rates in MENA and sub-Sahara Africa, the places from which the “migrants” depart, promise that the steady stream of invasion will soon become a tidal wave.

  7. James M.: Thanks, and welcome.

    Rob: One (sort of) positive perspective is the absolute certainty that the West’s telescoping altruism will cease instantaneously the moment its societies and governments tip over to non-white.

    Rev. Right: That was a very artfully stated comment. I particularly liked: His fervent commitment to the ideology of his youth is impervious to the real world events it has inspired. How so frequently true. My sample size is too small to draw conclusions, but I’ve met multiple smarmy Brits who actually think they have something to tell me about the benefits of diversity. I often somberly think many of the tribes of Europe are simply not going to pass through this filter we find ourselves in. Brits and Swedes in particular seem determined to live with the angels, and no force on Earth is going to thwart them.

    Finally, perhaps one far future day man will discover the technology of “recipes,” thus liberating him from the obligation to import millions of aliens for the pleasure of lamb meat on a stick.

    • “Finally, perhaps one far future day man will discover the technology of “recipes,” thus liberating him from the obligation to import millions of aliens for the pleasure of lamb meat on a stick.”

      If I had a dollar for every time I thought this, I’d be able to outspend Soros. That the ‘ethic restaurants’ fatuity has lasted long past its sell-by date (assuming it ever had one) is yet another sign of the insipidness of Leftism.

      Hell, I’d take Marx over today’s Left. At least he was a race realist.

      • The food excuse has always amused me too. I mean, things like discovering the principles of gravitation and the structure of DNA are things that mere Brits can do for themselves. But making a curry is beyond them, so a never-ending supply of sub-continentals must be imported. I suppose it’s the fact that Anglo-Saxons were never noted for elaborate cuisine that prompts this pretext for race replacement. Well, Asians never excelled at building functioning toilets either, but they can manage it if they really have to.

    • However, not two minutes ago, as I am standing here outside a London pub, a moslem woman approached me with open palm, to which I replied “beat it”. She left. The (English) bartender who had just stepped out said “There’s a lot to be said for euthanasia” to which I said “You can say that again”.

      So there’s that.

  8. Sometimes it becomes apparent why our side is losing. Yesterday the blog had a very large traffic surge, owing primarily to its appreciated endorsement on the Western Rifle blog. I just clicked over there and read the remarks related to the link here. One commenter was not at all impressed.

    I don’t think there’s much a self described ‘visionary of Marxist teachings’ has to offer me. Another pseudo-intellectual shitbird with a thesaurus is what he is.

    I suppose “pseudo intellectual shitbird” is a fair opinion, and possibly even worthy of being the blog byline. Though “visionary of Marxist teachings” had me baffled. Then I realized the poor guy was looking at one of the rotating banner images and assuming it was the photo and philosophy of your host. And that was highly amusing in a God-help-us kind of way.

    • I think people like the guy who made that comment probably lack the mental capacity to appreciate much that is said on here anyway, and are probably unreachable. I picture him as looking like the “get a brain, morans” guy. The first time i came here a few months back, i clicked refresh on your homepage a dozen or more times just to see all the banner images. They go very well with your tagline. Ive come across a couple things I thought would make a great banner image for your site, is there a way to submit pictures to you?

    • So we can safely assume if he actually READ anything, it must have been “too intellectual” to distinguish from Marxism…

  9. Rev. Right said
    a moslem woman approached me with open palm, to which I replied “beat it”.

    Thank you for that, Rev. I’ve been feeling such guilt and shame…

    One time, caught short in central Cape Town, I popped into the public toilets at the station. While I was about my business, a gentleman came and stood at the next urinal to my left. He seemed to be taking an undue interest in my operation, and was playing with his, So, unthinkingly, I said that: “Beat it.” Instead, he seemed to take it as an invitation, and reached over to grab me.

    I swung at him, of course, but alas! When you’re holding your own in your left, dodging backwards on your feet, trying not to spill, and swinging across your body with your right… he easily deflected it with his shoulder and skipped away, apologising.

    I’ve wondered since whether he thought I meant “Beat it off”? Was that an unfortunate choice of words? Do I give off unconscious signals that I might be amenable to that? As an Aspie, I’m accustomed to people misunderstanding my intent, while I have no idea what I said wrong, but that incident has haunted me. Thank you for confirming that it’s at least credible that “beat it” was not a come-on. I swear I never meant it that way.

  10. Porter, you want to be careful about posting your email address online. Rather type “at” instead of the commercial at sign. There are scammers who use bots to trawl the net looking for email addresses. They then hack those accounts and send begging letters to their contact lists

    I have twice received emails purporting to be from people with whom I had corresponded. One of them, I know had posted his address days before, which was the only reason I had corresponded with him. The other was my cousin. Both cases were the same message – travelling overseas, robbed, stranded without passport or money, please send cash.

  11. Amazingly, there was a sane comment piece in the NY Times on 23 October – “A modest proposal to end death in the Mediterranean” – which suggested that the kindest thing to do is to tow the boats back to Libya. Seems both legal and sensible. (FYI, today (26 Oct) the Italian PM was threatening a tantrum if other european countries didn’t do like Italy and accept plenty of africans. He should read the NY Times, or even your esteemed blog…)

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