Make it 72 Degrees, Scum

Whatever the results of next month’s election, this presidential campaign has illuminated corners of our polity that have long preferred the gloom. I do not think living memory offers another example of so many rodents linking arms in the light.

* Republicans rejecting their own constituents
* The use of conservatism to harvest votes for globalism
* Cross-party political unification
* Neocons returning left on the trail of jeers
* The media’s open collusion with democrats
* The ongoing integration of business into movement liberalism
* 50 years of rigging elections.
* And, as always, a Hungarian jew buried under his marionettes.

Though there has been nothing so maliciously overt as the consolidation of force against blue collar whites. This being a cohort with practically zero political advocacy. And those who lack aggressive defense can always rely upon receiving enthusiastic attacks.

Of course the left long ago progressed from championing these hard-hat every-men to the less industrious though far more fecund urban clientele that now serve as our violent moral exemplars. Often called “Reagan Democrats” working class whites periodically flirted with Republicans who offered them indifference rather than contempt. And while that’s certainly enticing, the right’s free-trade religion left many shorn of livelihoods in rusted towns being colonized by Quetzalcoatl.

Thus while liberalism’s overt racial hostility was not ideal, it did remain politically competitive with the prospect of unemployment and alcoholism. That is until democrats fully embraced the globalist economic agenda and began offering both simultaneously.

This has occasioned a mass migration of political refugees to a Republican Party that has no interest in taking them in. It must be truly wrenching for DC apparatchiks desperate to execute a Hispanic pivot to see instead millions of furious white proles in their primaries actually demanding political representation. Christ, how many of you can even speak Spanish? The Republican Party NO HABLA INGLES!

You can imagine True Conservatives aren’t the only ones vexed by this blue collar recalcitrance. The left has customarily fallen upon its fainting couch. I mean, blacks burning down their charity hovels and assaulting/murdering innocent bystanders are what we call civil rights protests. But whites attending political rallies and railing about the media that openly despise them are Hitler. And he must be dealt with. Consider these ruminations from The Atlantic:

And so the United States has reached the point where a chunk of Trump voters feel moved to let their freshly stoked inner bigot off the leash, be it on social media or at public events. This summer, The New York Times compiled a video montage titled, “Unfiltered Voices From Donald Trump’s Crowds,” which spotlighted the vulgar language used among Trump supporters at rallies. Then, toward the end of the clip, Trump fan Mike Wallace, a pale, skinny older guy who looked more worn-down than mad as he explained his voting choice, lamented: “I feel he’s the last chance we have to establish law and order and preserve the culture I grew up in.” Such is the core anxiety Trump has exploited in his followers.

Trumpism has made the rest of the nation all the more eager to ignore the millions of white voters living on the edges of the economy.

There is little value in trying to figure out what portion of Trump fans are, say, hard-core xenophobes vs. casual bigots (now there’s a term) vs. voters merely disgusted with the system. Hillary Clinton, for her part, may have apologized for her “deplorables” crack, but some in the electorate share her frustration. And with every day that goes by, animus toward this group grows: How can you support this charlatan? Don’t you know what he said about X? Didn’t you hear what his supporters did to that protester in Y? And, my God, what about that kid in Virginia who yelled “Take the bitch down”?

If anything, Trumpism has, in part, made the rest of the nation all the more eager to ignore the millions of white voters living on the edges of the economy. Many may now be written off without guilt, because they have shown themselves to be not just unfortunates but undesirables—irredeemable hate-mongers itching to reassert their cultural dominance. Of course, the political establishment will first need to spend a couple of months piously lecturing Trump fans. But once the finger wagging is done, non-Trump America will return to their regular lives, leaving disappointed Trump devotees to stew in the resentments and anxieties he, among others, has nurtured.

Hate Mongers
Full of Resentments and Anxieties

Which bloc-voting leftist clientele class would the above descriptions not apply to? As the obvious answer is none, there’s no principle at work in these denunciations. It’s just base contempt foisted upon the only group The Atlantic would ever dare sanction. There’s a term for exclusively attacking those who have no viable means of retaliation. That term is not courage.

Reviled, lectured, and then written off without guilt. I do hope these sentiments are etched in memory’s granite when pious suggestions to embrace our universal brotherhood are put forth in the future.

Also noteworthy is how perspectives on undesirability shift when it is the feet of Atlantic writers doing the talking rather than their tongues. When the question is, What neighborhood shall we move to shitlib dearest? The answer is consistently: one full of ‘irredeemable’ whites.

But hypocrisy and duplicity aren’t liberalism’s only attractive features. There’s also the determined inability to comprehend how third wave artisanal coffee beans get turned into lattes at hipster redoubts. Because hating blue collar whites requires never realizing whose back you’re standing on.

Rig operators
Service technicians
Railroad conductors
Drill bit and refinery operators

Stephen Colbert makes me laugh, what the fuck do any of these people do? I just turn knobs, push buttons, and tap my screen and things happen; that’s how the world works. Why it doesn’t work that way in third-world countries is a topic we will spend very little time contemplating.

Obviously virtue-man must toil to never see beyond the nose he looks down. Though if ever considered for a moment, it would be discomfiting to realize the infrastructure platform for his opinions is maintained strictly by the recipients of his disdain. Instead of persistent rolling brownouts, why do lights always turn on over the heads of Atlantic writers? They don’t know, and Tennessee Coates isn’t telling.

As long as one’s cocoon of temperate ignorance is well maintained, the incentives to intellectually venture out from it are few. And that keeps the rodents feeling very warm indeed.


18 thoughts on “Make it 72 Degrees, Scum

  1. In what direction can any nation be headed wherein the good people of the land collectively and individually find themselves the objects of such sheer visceral contempt, disdain, and—yes—outright hatred from its monolithic “leadership” establishment? “Lock-limit down” is the way to bet.

  2. Great post, Porter. You articulate our outrage better than any writer I know. Sidenote, I’m thinking of changing my username to either Inner Bigot or Casual Bigot, what do you think?
    BTW, you may want to consider linking to Infogalactic instead of Wikipedia.

    • Thanks. Casual Bigot will be my first foray into men’s leisure wear. If someone will photoshop that title over some suave men’s fashion photo I’ll put it in the banner rotation.

      Also, you’re right. I need to look into Infogalactic.

  3. Well to be fair twits like that writer are the ruling class of hhrrraatino countries. Until Los Chavez takes them over.

    I don’t believe that shitlibs will ever unite with their working cousins. As CH says, this is a white on white war, and the muds are just massed infantry. Sometimes the shitlibs get collateral damage, but all in all, it’s a good tactic for them. They keep those insolent high wage earning rednecks down, and they get to enjoy their soy pumpkin spice lattes for $5 while paying Pedro $10 per hour to mow the lawn.

    If I recall my WW1 history correctly, the way to fight massed infantry is not by digging in and waiting out the storm. Instead, it’s through stormtrooper tactics. Hit em where it hurts, exploit weaknesses, instead of massed counterattacks. Make the shitlibs live up to their own standards, call them out on their hypocrisy of where they live. Tax their money and their corporations.

    • The way to fight an entrenched enemy is to come up with tactics that catch them off guard and put them on the defense. The cuckservative position up to now was to dig in and hope to hold the line using Chauchats while the enemy was launching canisters of phosgene gas.

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  5. Learning Spanish makes good sense, because the most accessible final frontier for the gringo is southern South America. My son (an ex-offshore-rig-engineer) agreed, met and married a terrific young woman who is a great mom to their two boys. Now that I’ve become familiar with this site and others like it, I’m actually considering doing a blog meant to inform about the realities of life down here. Y’all have convinced me the USA is a few degrees short of being toast and while I’d like to be wrong and believe that Trump will win and the left will be turned back, I’m not so sure that even an electoral triumph will be enough to turn the tide.

    • My son (an ex-offshore-rig-engineer) agreed, met and married a terrific young woman who is a great mom to their two boys.

      Is his wife European?

    • I’m an American, not a South American. From this point there is no retreat for me. There are others of this mind, also, and that is something that the elites have not considered.

  6. Excellent. I’ve been saying this for a long time — they have absolutely no idea how much the country depends on “rednecks” to make it run. I am going to share this, and I hope it goes far and wide among the people of this country.

  7. It couldn’t have been better said, and it rang true. I live in the hills, aside a river, in an area where farmers ply their trade, animal husbandry goes on with the rhythm of the seasons, and we feel the disdain from urban hipsters who weekend out here. Whatever trendy athletic activity is in vogue takes precedence over learning anything at all about how their heirloom apples or varietal wines land on their chic tables. The tension is palpable, the divide widens.

  8. Compared to the rest of the world, America (and the West generally) enjoys an extraordinarily competent yeomanry. This competence is completely hidden from the priest caste, who instead believe that functional society results from holding proper liberal sentiments. Sentiments the workers they hate do not share in sufficient abundance. Thus the contempt from Atlantic writers who have never done a harder day’s work than whining about the white man’s oppression in a comfortable 72 degree office.

  9. The way to turn back massed infantry, ala WW1, is with the same stuff used then. The massed infantry of muds NOW, will be nearly all, low tech, basic gear and bullet types. The French, attempting to assault the Germans in their now-entrenched heights, after they pulled back from their Marne adventure, executed a direct infantry assault, preceded by artillery barrage and smoke. The Germans mowed them down by the thousands, with fifty Maxims per infantry battalion (No such amount of machine guns in either the BEF, or the French Army) providing grazing fire over cleared areas of over a mile to their fronts. Artillery and mortar support also played a very big role in turning the French back, especially causing innumerable casualties as the French retreated. The muds will not attack like that of course, and the Right has some mgs, but not enough. Ammo is a problem there. But the muds will lack support in critical areas, food, water, medical, all kinds of re-supply, and their training is minimal. Semi-automatic fire, massed, directed and controlled will discourage most other mass attacks after the first ones massacre the muds. But most importantly, the muds lack discipline and leadership, and will spend themselves on methods and tactics that will only earn them the wooden cross. What will rob whites of their sleep is the infiltrators in the night, out to terrorize and murder whites under cover of darkness, kidnap where possible, and commit atrocities. The trick in making the Mad Max scenario fail will be leadership and discipline, to know all about the muds and what they’re up to, and be prepared to receive their assault, or preempt their intentions.

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