Finding the Dish’s Exit Door

It’s interesting how many men yearn for the right to speak freely–at the hate speech trial of their enemies. The fact illustrates how useful an agreement of terms would be for contemporary discourse. For instance, when I’m talking it’s free speech. And when you’re arguing, it’s Hate speech. This solipcentric model of morality might have been contested by Copernicus, who thought neither Earth nor the men who walk upon it occupied the center of the universe. But I’ve already explained what opposition to me represents, so keep it up Nicolaus and see where it gets you.

Though speech is far from the only area where man’s principles extend very little beyond his own nose. By historical observation, it seems the only human impulse more powerful than forming oppressive multi-racial empires is the desire to not live under one. This friction is no where more vividly displayed than in the mutual hostility between EU technocrats and the mere citizens being pulverized by their Eurafrican ambitions. Of course it is the hoi polloi who are guilty of Hate which, as we know, is defined as opposition to the state’s agenda. It’s almost if as you can guess who’s benevolent and who’s the bigot by whether their head is wearing a crown or a boot heel.

All of which makes Our Values a poor base from which to premise political loyalties. Fortunately for their many enemies, conservative goobers do not readily grasp this. While whites worry about angels and abstractions, the 90% global minorities pursue their own tangible interests. Though hopefully in our absence they will conscientiously nurture those values we perished to uphold. I’m sure of it.

But there’s more and more chips appearing in the paint. People are beginning to comprehend that our modern pieties are merely a platform of attack. The question increasingly asked in response being: How many more mosques, traitor? If you’re looking for a near certain profit, invest heavily in the continuing upward trend of this chart.


Another response already alluded to above is the desire to avoid the broad petri-dish societies men eternally try to erect as a homage to their own vanity. You’d obviously struggle to find a dish more diverse than Brazil. Though once there, you wouldn’t struggle at all to find a willing assailant.

But what’s so predictable as to be baffling to the media is how stratified the prevalence of crime is in that country. The Economist, for one, labored to understand the carnage in the north compared to relative tranquility in the south. The only factors its learned writers could speculate upon were a 1.1% difference in the proportion of young men, disparate appetites for crack consumption, and “better policing.” That’s insightful commentary, and well worth the cost of a subscription. My similar theory is that Denmark benefits from ‘better countrying.’

And perhaps it’s that general, mysterious betterness that has hundreds of thousands of southern Brazilians yearning to separate from their crack indulgent northern countrymen.

Hundreds of thousands of people in the south of Brazil have voted in an unofficial plebiscite to separate from South America’s biggest nation and form their own country, organizers of the ballot said.

Counting of the 617,000 votes cast on Oct. 1 in the “Plebisul” finished on Tuesday. Organizers said 96 percent had voted to create a new country out of Brazil’s three most southern states, arguing they pay too much in taxes to the central government and get too little in return.

While it was not possible to independently verify the count, Brazilian media reported ballot boxes had been set up in cities throughout the region for the vote, which occurred the day before nationwide elections for mayors and city councils. Organizers had said their target was a million voters — or 5 percent of those eligible to vote in the three states. Even though the vote has no legal value, and they failed to hit that target, the message sent was unmistakable.

“We in the south have the conditions to sustain ourselves and generate riches. Today we generate a mountain of riches in taxes and benefits which are exported, and there is no counterpart,” said José Gonçalves, a business manager voting in favor of independence in the southern city of Porto Alegre, in an interview posted on YouTube by the city’s Jornal do Comércio newspaper.

We have the conditions to sustain ourselves and generate riches. That’s thoughtfully diplomatic language. You’ll note how frequently those same conditions proliferate (or not) according to consistent demographic profiles.

And whether more than a handful of people understand their own internal motivations, so much of the intensifying angst in Western peoples results from one visceral sentiment: We don’t have to live like this. We don’t have to be beaten, belittled, and parasitized for the sake of another man’s morality just because his is attached to a megaphone. We don’t have to subsidize the contempt of others. We’ve wallowed in alien charity and cultural masochism long enough to see the results. It’s time to invest in our future. That’s the emerging sentiment.

Real national borders are made by people, not geography. And many are going to be redrawn over the coming years. Some of these will be cheered and others bitterly denounced. Which is which will be strictly a matter of who and whom.


17 thoughts on “Finding the Dish’s Exit Door

  1. I wonder what the last thought through the liberal mind is when their skull is being cracked open by the diversity they embraced.

    • Honestly, in the True Believer’s mind, their last thought will be, “If only I had tried harder, and had loved them more, they would have known I was their friend.” They are pathological, and for the most part irredeemable.

  2. I’m at the point where I’d kill my own mother if she supported open borders. Doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what I’d do to non-relatives who support them. Just have to get the timing right.

  3. Having learned from Ernst Zundel’s experience, I took a painless pass on the opportunity to draw my trial(s) out over the next year(s) in an attempt to raise awareness of the White racial predicament. With only a hostile media to report on happenings inside the courtroom, it would have served little in proportion to the personal suffering my wife and I would have endured. We feel a sense of relief despite the warning posters about us that now adorn the street corners of what was once our neighborhood. An unintended consequence of our local “diversity” is that it has destroyed the sense of community which might previously have been available for weaponization against us. As it is, no one appears to give a damn about the Nazis living down the street.

    Check the video at link for a view of the advertising on my truck as it sat parked outside the front steps of the courthouse. I suspect the court wanted me out of there nearly as badly as I did.

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    • Good to see you, Peter. This is a great blog. Best of all, I learned about it through real life contact with a person in my own town who introduced himself to me after reading attack pieces on me in the enemyedia. It’s not just that they are losing the power to mobilize useful idiots against us, their efforts to do so are providing a means through which pro-Whites can identify and unite.

      • Yeah, Porter is my favorite writer now. It used to be Irishsavant. I am always impressed at how good you are with the media, in particular that time years ago when you were defending the mantra with that female reporter. In my practical experience I have found if anti-Whites call me racist they shrivel up when I reply “stop hating Whites”. Out of interest, what do you think of the Trump phenomenon?

  5. >>>I am always impressed at how good you are with the media, in particular that time years ago when you were defending the mantra with that female reporter.<<>>what do you think of the Trump phenomenon?<<<

    I was discouraged for a while when he was rope-a-doping, but now that he's throwing punches I'm fully behind him. I've got a set of TRUMP: DO THE WHITE THING truck skins set aside for a back-up against the off-chance he goes cucky again between now and the election.

    • My reply to Peter’s first question got chopped in posting process:

      “in particular that time years ago when you were defending the mantra with that female reporter.”

      That was a gibs-me-dat interview. I think KEZI felt vulnerable to a libel suit for lies they had told about me in a previous story, so they had Nicole Comstock snuggle up to me a bit and produced more than the normally allowed positive content of the interview. The key to exploiting enemyedia is in setting up the frame
      beforehand, particularly the visual frame. It’s more difficult for enemyedia to lie with photographs, video and audio, so get your visuals in place before any anticipated media encounter. It’s generally best to avoid talking to print journalists. I talked to two newspaper reporters in this case quid pro quo for tangential issues and they still crapped on me. Friendliness means nothing to them. It’s got to be an exchange, if there’s something they want, make sure its visually intertwined with sweet.

      • Here’s an example. Leftist media desperately wanted to publish a photo of evil White hate-speaker being led away in handcuffs. Okay, but there was a substantial trade-off that needed to be made to accomplish that.

  6. Snappy sign. I hope that is a pro-White Tibetan I see in the foreground. I have turned down 2 or 3 documentary makers interested in the pro-White movement over the last few years as I have no interest in using the MSM. They are too hostile despite their protestations to the contrary. I am for Trump 200%, he is a miracle.

    • That’s Toxoplasma Ghandistein. He’s as pro-White as he is Tibetan.

      Here’s what he wrote:

      Here’s what he meant:

  7. Brazilian “Southerners” like the US southerners before the 1900s it looks like they’re motivated by the brain-addling disease of white supremacy. You might want to read up on the US Civil War and see how that “Southern secession” worked out.

    They should go back to Europe. I’m sure the remaining indigenous peoples of Brazil won’t miss them

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