The Hungary Games

Anything a man makes of value will be coveted by men who can not make the same. That envy applies particularly to the habitat he carves from nature. When no care is taken toward the future, enviable habitats find new ownership. If you only build while I only breed, then we both know whose children will inherit your house. And it is certainly true that if you build it, they will come. Less recognized is that after they come, they will take, they will consume, and their r-selected mold bloom will leave only two vast and trunkless legs of stone as the lone and level sands stretch far away.

Aspiration without deterrence is called self-sacrifice. And there are no selves Westerners are more happy to gut than their own children. We get the thrill of virtue, they the thrill of war. Can you spare us a flattering eulogy, son?

Though some aren’t so generous with their children’s misery. These are the people who would pass down their civilizational inheritance without soiling the package. And giving what you got means defending it in transit.

Within a broad spectrum, there are two general avenues available to a modern nation in defending its state. It may a) vote convincingly for referenda and leadership that align with its sovereign interests, or b) vote on universalist sentiment and subsequently come to existential conflict with their politicians and the foreign colonists those officials consistently import. It’s not such an easy decision now, is it?

So difficult, apparently, that not even the mighty Magyars can bring themselves to choose one over the other. As you may be aware, Hungary held a referendum earlier today. Here is specifically what it posed:

Do you want the EU to be able to mandate the obligatory resettlement of non-Hungarian citizens into Hungary even without the approval of the National Assembly?

Although this is precisely the question being contested, some media organs took exception with what they considered a leading question. And in their defense, I see no mentions of hate, bigotry, or nazis, and thus it may not have even been legible to liberals with vocabularies anchored exclusively in these terms.

The plebiscite was organized by Prime Minister of the European Peoples Viktor Orban to formally ratify his refusal to accept even one of the 1,294 Africans fleeing the war in Syria that were allotted to Hungary by the EU.

The results of this vote were what mathematicians would call statistically significant. Obligatory migrant resettlement lost 1.7% to 98.3%. That seems even more emphatic than a dead man’s support for democrats. And so you might find it counterintuitive to contemplate it as a victory instead for Hungary’s prodigal son. But in a very real sense, it was.

To be legally ‘valid’ the initiative required a 50 percent participation rate from eligible voters. This was actually the key metric; the initiative was always destined to pass at any level of turnout. Though the participation requirement created an odd incentive for pro-dispossession voters, in that casting ballots against the measure would actually aid in passing it through elevating participation. So it became an election between vote and don’t vote. And if you remember my two ultimate societal choices above, B won.

Only 41 percent of eligible voters cast ballots, and the National Election Committee declared the referendum void. Opposition figures are even calling for Orban’s resignation. Hey if you can’t even get 99% of the vote, then you’ve no viable mandate to lead.

Though Viktor doesn’t appear to be considering retirement, and has instead announced that 98.3% is actually good enough for government work even in Hungary. As a result, he will propose a constitutional amendment that embeds the impulse of this referendum in the country’s charter.

While every reader here knows it is men, not paper, that make executive decisions, I’m still happy to see a man on our side swing with his other fist after the first one has missed. I’m less happy to watch another of Europe’s few remaining opportunities for peaceful defense fall into the preening pit. Here’s an example from one non-voter.

Opposition parties and rights groups had called on Hungarians to boycott the referendum or spoil their ballot.

“I am European so I cast my vote but I spoilt it because I don’t believe in this government. I want control of the migrant flow but not in this way,” a hotel owner in Budapest told AFP.

You precious little shit. The choices before you will never be leftists and foreigners against your own exquisite plan for migrant control. It is keep your country or lose it, that’s all. And the keeping grows steep as the losing gains traction. So start early.

Though today tortured Tennyson says no, not in this way, alas dear friend. It’s good he’s a safely-cloistered European hotel owner. Harsher terrain would dispense quickly with such a cringing soul. I doubt the caliphate will be substantially more tender. But more importantly, the people of Hungary have waived a peaceful opportunity. Ahh but for the chance to say no when only words would suffice.


7 thoughts on “The Hungary Games

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  2. “Africans fleeing the war in Syria…”

    Syria being yet another African province, along with Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan… In fact, African geography is so fluid that Africans can be found fleeing towards free housing, benefits and healthcare even when there are no wars within a thousand clicks of the ancestral homelands! Even the merest hint of a fist fight in outer Mongolia will see thousands of Africans fleeing China via Hungary towards Britain, Germany and Sweden!

    Of course, to suggest that the people they inexorably flee towards may also have the sacred “ancestral homeland” status is sheer racist bigotry, as all decent folk know…

  3. Again, brilliant.

    I submitted this to Western Rifle Shooters Association, and posted it on The Burning Platform.

    Also, have you heard of a guy who tweets called JohnRiversToo? He seems very quick and bright, and very alt-right. He might be up your alley. Just wondering.


  4. ” ‘I am European so I cast my vote but I spoilt it because I don’t believe in this government. I want control of the migrant flow but not in this way,’ a hotel owner in Budapest told AFP. ”

    Yes I’m sure Soros and Co. will happily listen to your suggestions as they turn your hotel into a tenement for Moroccans and Afghanis fleeing Aleppo.

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