Hate Hurts So Good

Imagine two opposing political factions. One of these toil tirelessly to consolidate the victories of its antagonist, as the other works just as diligently to delegitimize resistance to its agenda. Let these effects season for a couple of generations and then guess which side is winning.

That isn’t a particularly novel insight, as the American cuckservative has been studiously conjugated by every commenter south of Barrow by this point. But it does bring to mind an even more belabored subject: Hate.

Younger readers might be astounded to learn that there was a period, subsequent to the passing of pteranodons, when Hate caterwauling was not a viable means of attack. Serious adults in heated political, racial, or cultural clashes may have called one another a bum, scum, or dumb, but they didn’t make accusations of emotional states. At least none I ever heard. This wasn’t because of faded congeniality, but because it would have been mocked out the door.

Hate? Wtf does ‘hate’ have to do with anything? Get this tongue-muncher in a straitjacket.

I remember first hearing the concept of ‘Hate-Crimes.’ Political debates followed and I was naively optimistic that nothing so ridiculous or ripe for manipulation could ever be ratified. So whatever some polyp-faced prosecutor says is hate will be illegal, and whatever they say is not will be copacetic? Good luck getting that passed, Dems.

You really have to take your optimism in moderation, it turns out.

In the passage of time since, most in the mainstream have agreeably jettisoned their critical faculties and now join the left in bellowing about Hate like a banded bull. Of course it goes without saying–literally, it is never said–that Hate is a perfectly normal emotion that can be seen in lurid detail on the face of any lib foaming about right-wing haters. Hate is native to being human, and no man born by physical conception hasn’t experienced it many times.

Hate is not just part of what makes us alive, it also helps keep us that way. Like most visceral impulses, it is highly adaptive. Hate inspires resistance to those who would harm what we love. It motivates in a way mere intellect never can. No successful army has ever loved its opponent, and men who feel warmly toward their enemies don’t write history books.

All of which is wholly irrelevant. The architects of ‘anti-hate’ initiatives know these things as well as you or I. As surely as they know Mark Hamill isn’t really a master flash-light fencer. But every objective needs a good show.

And the objective is to make opposition illegal (or otherwise personally ruinous). That’s Hate’s modern utility. They could have chosen any word, I suppose. The term itself isn’t meaningful other than the requirement it be able to bear negative emotional connotations. And Hate sounds like a mean face looks. Once established, you accumulate consensus against this abstract term, then define it however necessary to harm your opponent. When that proves inadequate, you simply import additional constituents until your enemy is swamped and chant at your totem to inhibit his response.

I can’t say it isn’t a valid tactic. I remember arguing with my siblings growing up, and often having decisions reached by a vote. In hindsight it was pretty foolish to expend such persuasive effort in logic or cajoling when I could have more easily just brought seven Guatemalans into the house as proxies and had my brother locked in the attic when he hated the results. Really people, this is how you win debates.

Like most industrial efficiencies, Germans understand this.

Facebook must ban abusive content, says German Justice Minister Maas.

Certainly, they must. Abusive content sounds closer to Hate than I feel comfortable getting. Do you have any examples, Herr Maas?

Given the recent rise in anti-migrant and xenophobic posts, he has called for a meeting with Facebook’s European managers.

So abuse is not raping German women, or murdering German men, or declarations of a German caliphate. And abuse is definitely not a blitzkrieg dispossession in the form of 40% migrant youth. No, abusive content is expressing opposition to those things. And that’s illegal. Pretty clever, eh little chum?

Fortunately, law and order German conservatives will be heartened to learn that faceberg has in response deleted 100,000 illegal Hate excretions, defined (seriously) as those not liked by German liberals. Though this was a mere drop in the deplorable basket, and Maas has called for much more strict policing of Teutonic shitposters. At least until that 40% figure can push through the Russian winter all the way to 100–that’s when Hate tends to resolve itself.

And while it must be endlessly amusing to the Chinese, none of this theater is even remotely concerned with human emotions. The left is as impassive to who you hate as who you love. The ploy is simply to render resistance inert. Who knew Hate could hurt so good?


13 thoughts on “Hate Hurts So Good

  1. Those who define Hate define the nature of the tyranny, as they well know. Those individuals or groups accused of being Hateful, are, of course, being readied for extermination.

    Are their any groups in the USA that are considered so hateful that they may not even form a chess club for their people.

    Hmm. It’s definitely not Jews, Blacks or Latinos. They have endless organisations devoted to their people, Jewish schools, Black Caucuses, La Raza and so on.

    I think I’ll start a White only school, a White Caucus, and “The Race” – a political organisation for Whites and Whites only.

    Or would that be Hate?

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  3. Another brilliant polemic. I re-posted this on The Burning Platform. Your words have the power to sway and to cut through the nonsensical arguments of the Statists. Thanks.

  4. Serious adults in heated political, racial, or cultural clashes may have called one another a bum, scum, or dumb, but they didn’t make accusations of emotional states.

    That was when the serious adults in the room were all men. We now live in a political sphere dominated by female sensibilities, where the feelings of a fat, murder-abetting Venezuelan beauty Queen outweigh any concerns about influence peddling and destruction of evidence by the Secretary of State. That both of these women are lying about their past escapes no one, it’s the narrative that matters.

    The purpose of the state is now to appropriate the resources of white men for distribution to women and their bastard spawn, so that they do not have to be negotiated for. Defense of the culture is the job of men, and throughout history, when women are in charge, these defenses are quickly abandoned and the gates opened to the barbarians. Your women will be ruled, if not by you than by someone else. In the mean time, resistance to the Agenda is Hate.

    Eternal hate is the price of liberty.

    • This is exactly right. We live in a female-primary social order, which of course cannot last. Patriarchy will return, whether through our own assertion, or with us all praying to Mecca five times daily. I just hope the natural order returns through the former, and not the latter.

  5. Speaking of hate how about that evil “Pepe the Frog” who has now been inducted into the hate symbol Hall of Fame by the ever so sensitive Jews at the (((ADL))). The (((ADL))) says they have bestowed this honor on Pepe based on increased use by anti-Semites and white supremacists.

    Now based on my observation the only intention you must possess to qualify as anti-Semite and white supremacist by the (((ADL))) is to be pro-white, love your white race and wish to preserve your white race. All evil intentions by their fair standards.

    Let me say this to all the (((ADL))) folks out there, on behalf of Pepe and his predominately white high IQ legion of millions we consider this a badge of honor and look forward to that day when the (((ADL))) headquarters are permanently moved from NY city to Israel never to be heard from again.

    We have given Go Green and new meaning 🙂


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