The Right Side of the Future

Commenter DN Poolside posed a perceptive question recently:

Is it possible for the Overton window to move left AND right at the same time?

That’s plainly what’s occurring. Liberalism, and its SJW drone fleet, achieve more thorough destruction of traditional norms on a near daily basis. As just one example, transgender evolved from a term most of the public had never heard, to society’s standard of civil virtue in mere moments after something called gay marriage was found lurking in the penumbras. Now athletic contests may not be held in good conscience where men are prohibited from women’s restrooms. Such a position would have been the purview of science fiction within living memory of a field mouse. Today it is deemed the wisdom of the ancients.

Unfortunately, the left’s victories only aggravate rather than temper its desperation. Every cultural achievement requires a new pursuit, because history never stops and being on the new “right side” of it is paramount for fragile psyches. But history is already recorded, and so the right side they ludicrously presume to know is what more circumspect observers call “the future.” And getting there consistently before the clock requires frantic lunging into blind curves. So that’s what they do-–all jostling to not be the last around the bend.

The result is Overton screaming leftward under heavy acceleration. Though none of its liberal drivers ever look up to see who’s following. Millions across the West have simply watched it fade over the horizon with growing contempt. And because every people must have cultural denominators, a new Window has formed in the vapor trail of the old.

Nationalists and populists are now constructing their own values and vernaculars. They are building frameworks that serve their people’s welfare rather than exclusively that of others. They are rejecting the abstract and embracing the organic. The left’s sacred pail of ‘isms is being emptied, and speech that is consistently narrowing in one cohort is expanding in the other. The Right Side of History is still to be written, and the left has no monopoly on pens. Which means the old Overton Window and the new are racing rapidly apart. Throughout the West, a sort of national speciation is taking place.

In a visceral sense, that is why tonight’s US presidential debate is drawing historic interest. Partisans sense this is no typical election. Rarely have its standard-bearers represented such disparate factions. Hillary’s multi-cult migrant menagerie against Trump’s founding stock Deplorables. I don’t think the inevitable “that’s not who we are” has ever featured such mutually exclusive wes. The debate will be notable for its chasm of common ground. If nothing else, it will be a refreshing departure from two globalists murmuring about the most efficient means to subordinate the interests of Indiana to Israel or Kansans to Kurds.

So my response to DNP is yes, the Overton Window can move simultaneously left and right. But only if it is two Windows, rather than one. That’s a condition which seeks equilibrium. May it be found on The Right Side of the Future.


11 thoughts on “The Right Side of the Future

  1. My preference is that there are two separate panes, (within the same frame). Because then when the LH side is unconditionally demolished, the RH side will remain as a testament to virtue and goodness.

  2. Or, don’t get caught in the middle of the road when everyone is driving steamrollers at 90 mph.

    People are going to have to make a choice whose side they are on, their own or their enemies. I can’t see how Hillary convinces one more voter to join the ranks of suicidal imbeciles who plod behind her. She is at her ceiling and needs to push Trump to his floor. If she and her media allies can’t deliver a knockout punch tonight, the desperation is going to go nuclear.

    Godspeed, Mr. Trump. Burn that witch.

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    • No I didn’t. To his discredit I thought Trump did a lot of fighting on Clinton’s preferred terrain. Though both moved toward the center, thus minimizing the delta (in appearance, at least).

      Also the concerted fawning over blacks is simply embarrassing. That’s a requirement for any democrat, who needs a 20-1 advantage with them to win. Though it’s eye-rolling to watch a republican lick boots for his 5%. Though I presume that’s merely an exercise for the benefit of cucked suburbanites.

      • Porter, you are one of the few who has mentioned this ‘fawning over blacks,’ which has been very disconcerting to me. I realize most on the right are rationalizing this as a necessary thing, something that has always bothered me. For example, for years people said that Pat Buchanan ‘had to’ avoid the race issue, or that he ‘couldn’t’ say certain things. So we stop expecting ‘our side’ to speak plainly and we turn a blind eye and a deaf ear when they pander to minorities. Most on the right are cynical enough (myself included) that we accept that certain catering and fawning ‘has to’ happen, but when, if ever will this stop?
        And what about the middle-of-the-road Republicans/cuckservatives who are all in favor or minorities joining the ‘right”? They are actually excited about more minorities being included.

      • I agree. What began as a form of paternalistic condescension to blacks morphed into social etiquette, and is now a religion. In practically every public forum you can sense a palpable fear of being the one least extravagant in their praise. Just as the Soviets competed to clap the longest for Stalin, so do we for blacks. And of course unrealistic and obsequious public policy follows right behind the flattery.

        It’s all a stain on our dignity and, as you mention, an apt illustration of where seemingly benign and/or cynical lies frequently lead.

      • And they’re intent on importing even more dysfunctional minorities than blacks, just so that our posterity won’t be short of people to fawn over in future. There’s a lot of fawning in a nation.

  4. If only Mr. T could have been seated on Pat Buchanan’s knee like Charlie McCarthy on Edgar Bergen’s ( The fifteen minutes or so that I watched of the debate was the first time I’d sen or heard Mr. T speak. I greatly favor the platform upon which he stands, but wish there were a different spokesman. Then again, maybe his is the voice needed to awaken the Sleeping Giant that is the Deplorables; I hope so!

    I’m old and a long-time expat, roots laid down in South America, the continent I believe to be the final frontier for the NW European stock from which I descend along with my kids and grandchildren, but I still harbor great affection for the USA and believe that if HRC is elected president, that affection will be lost with any meaningful future for those foolish enough to have elected her and more so for their posterity.

    If moved any further left, the Overton window will be looking out upon a wasteland that was the West.

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