Carolina Aglow

Every condition in flux seeks a state of equilibrium. The flakes in a snow globe eventually descend, no matter how enthusiastically jostled. Of course that’s not always an expeditious process. America has been waiting some 150+ years for emancipated blacks to reach a tolerably sustainable state, and the modern apex of that achievement is lit by urban bonfires filtered through teargas. That’s called assimilation.

The next stage of settling presents society with challenges its accepted dogmas are ill prepared to resolve. Because there is no path our pieties will permit us to take that terminates in a peaceful state. Blacks will continue to commit crimes in cosmic disproportion. Upon being approached by law enforcement they will continue to resist commands and some very low percentage will continue to get shot. The media will continue to incite, Soros will provide riot logistics, businesses will be looted, white bystanders will be beaten, police will be assaulted, city blocks will burn, and politicians will grovel. And when all the toilet paper has been pilfered, taxpayers will receive the bill.

Any consideration of how to disrupt this chemical sequence requires determining which element is even possible to alter. Actually very few of them within context of our exquisite sensibilities. Blacks are immunized from collective scrutiny, criticism, or expectations of reciprocal social agency. They are more like an asteroid belt than a group of sentient human beings. It is simply an expectation that once inflamed they will destructively collide with anything in proximity, while it is your obligation to not impede their path.

That means either police (including black police) ultimately cease subjecting them to our legal framework or we quarantine the entire media complex for a year after every inevitable shooting. I think the former option is the only one on the table.

As police grow acclimated to the realization that every call involving blacks carries a nontrivial possibility of ruination, they will begin to simply shrink from those interactions. This being a response that is further emboldening to the black predators who will certainly not shrink from taking full advantage.

The result will be much more entropy, crime, and racial profiling…of the kind the left is perfectly content to accept.

And as we observe this further settling into a society of bitter broad spectrum affirmative action, it always occurs to me: we really don’t have to live like this. Nothing obligates us to squander more generations in futile black uplift and appeasement. Just because 18th century human traffickers delivered African dig-labor into the Western Hemisphere does not logically mean their posterity and ours are bound to perpetual entanglement. Our children could cultivate aspirations even more profound than toadying to those who hate them. That 99% of the country has never given this a first thought is a comment on the power of blithe superstition.

Separate countries exist for many outstanding reasons. Not the least of which being to keep mutually antagonistic tribes from each other’s throats. Though we’ve only given it a few centuries with blacks, so a slide into pessimism may be overly rash. Yet a robust pessimism would have been quite beneficial for white Haitians before 1804, and so I’m hopeful we retain enough of it to not follow their optimistic example.

Fortunately, optimism for racial harmony isn’t the sentiment blacks are eliciting in their multi-city Burning Man tour. In fact, the display has to represent an unpleasant jolt to the carefully nurtured values of many voters. Some are starting to understand the trajectory of our current settling. While few of these voters live in places like Wisconsin or Minnesota, those in lower parallels are starting to clearly see the light.

And in the embers, a red hat.


24 thoughts on “Carolina Aglow

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  2. The internet has been very useful in enabling the curious to discover why aframs are undesirable neighbors. There are individual exceptions, to be sure, but were I living in the US, I know I wouldn’t want see if I might get lucky when an afram moved in next door or for that matter within fifty miles of where I lived. Where I live now, there are none within a hundred miles or more.

    Will the white folk of the northern hemisphere ever wake up to the fact that the aframs are owed absolutely nothing?

    • The Asiams are owed safe neighborhoods and functioning schools. In fact they are owed the right to be our superiors despite there not being a a single cornerback amongst them. It is our solemn collective purpose to protect them from the Aframs. Good on you boys in blue.

  3. How long do you think it’ll take, once police stop policing, for communities to begin policing themselves? I can imagine a place like Salt Lake City (hypothetically, of course, the population of dindus has to be pretty small there) not playing the race game for very long when their lives are threatened.

  4. Good essay, boss.

    Even though I live in suburban SoCal, and don’t see the immediate concerns in my town, there are cities nearby that will explode and affect my family’s lifestyle, and I resent having to be witness to that.

    Run ’em down.

  5. The only thing on fire here is your ignorance.

    Alot of white people in america apparently believe race relations are worse now then they were back in, say, the 1950s. They just think the reason that is so is because anti-white racism is now a bigger problem then anti-black racism.

    Here’s some stuff on it if you want:

    These guys have a paper from I think 2011 or so that basically talked about white views on race relations vs black views and the biggest takeaway was that white people viewed racial issues as a zero-sum game and so as black people are less discriminated against, white people are discriminated against more.

    The larger point is generally that alot of white people in america have deeply fucked up views on race and deeply resent the perceived loss of preferential position within american society. And so, well, they want to fix that. They want to make america like it used to be. To make it great again.

    When Clinton wins we are going to show you it’s socially unacceptable and just keep pushing to have that ideology pushed out of the mainstream and into the shadows were it can eventually wither. It’s basically all you can do in the long run.

    • I don’t care about race relations in the 1950’s, all I care about is that we have spent trillions of dollars over the last few decades in a futile attempt to get black people to perform at something resembling the levels of other races. It has failed miserably. It will continue to fail because money isn’t going to solve the problems caused by a much lower mean IQ. If you want to look at the societies black people build, take a gander at Sub-saharan Africa. Thats what a median IQ in the 70’s gets you. If you want to see how black people manage an existing society that was built and then handed to them by whites over the course of a generation, check out Baltimore, Chicago, numerous other places. We are tired of squandering our national wealth trying to attain the unattainable.

      And if you think that the points I made above are withering and dying, you are going to be in for a rude awakening in the next few years, regardless of who wins in November. Your ilk have pushed and pushed because you never encountered any real resistance. Well, now you have, and its starting to push back. Constantly criticizing and berating the very people (whites) who pay for most of your nonsense is a losing proposition.

    • Hi Josh, have you ever heard of the Kalergi Plan? That is the plan to destroy the white race in Europe.

      Do you support that kind of plan or not?

    • Oh the watercolor people feeling uppity again? Why do you have a hole dug to hide in? You better, we see you. Say all those fake words you made up. The Destroyer is Here. You and yours will not escape this time sewer rat.

    • “When Clinton wins we are going to show you it’s socially unacceptable”. Wow that’s genius, that will solve all the problems won’t it. The welfare state has destroyed the black community. Your party your candidate. Take a bow.

  6. “When Clinton wins we are going to show you it’s socially unacceptable and just keep pushing to have that ideology pushed out of the mainstream and into the shadows were it can eventually wither.”

    I don’t think the soy eating low-T left is going to do much pushing. However, their necks will get pulled nicely in the gallows.

  7. Here’s a question for the folks assembled here, and Porter, if he cares to answer it. I wonder sometimes whether blacks could be made functioning members of society. Perhaps I’ll say it this way: are blacks simply incapable of civilized behavior, or are blacks simply incapable of civilized behavior under the current circumstances?

    If you’re familiar with some of the writing of the various bloggers in the “manosphere”, some advance the readily observable position that female sexual choice is dysgenic. Meaning if you make women the decision makers over their own sexuality, women freely reward felons with prison tats sexual access, while studiously ignoring someone with a decent job and a clean background check. This setup (female control over sexual choice) has been the enforced norm, via the welfare state, since probably the 1960s, certainly for the blacks. Which means rather than blacks doing things like going to school and getting jobs, they rob convenience stores as their initiation rite into manhood and cut rap albums.

    And I guess my question is whether blacks behaving like animals is, oddly enough, a rational reaction to the social forces they find themselves confronted with. If you’re a black male, you can either: (1) make rap albums, commit felonies, and be rewarded with frequent no strings attached sex; or (2) go to school, get a job, and receiving heaping piles of NOSEX while being patronized endlessly by disingenuous white liberals.

    So how about it: are blacks incapable of civilized behavior, or could blacks be made somewhat tolerable by doing things like: (1) ending female suffrage; (2) ending gibsmedats; and (3) ending child support? I myself wonder if blacks couldn’t be made at least tolerable by allowing black men an ownership interest in their own family.

    • I think the most reasonable hope is that blacks could become less dysfunctional. But their intractable intelligence deficit makes ambitions beyond this pretty whimsical. And it’s not strictly a matter of intelligence. Blacks are not 85 IQ white people in brown skin. They are far more physically aggressive and solipsistic, while equally less empathetic than dull whites. All of which act as multipliers in calculating the sum of their social pathology.

      Of course the media, entertainment, and academic oppression propaganda that blacks absorb from birth also greatly diminishes any hope for their integration into a (formerly) intelligent, cooperative society. The net effects of dumb, impulsive, superstitious people being relentlessly indoctrinated against whites pushes real life outcomes from certain bad to manufactured atrocious.

      Also as for sex (and contra to your first #2) I think (but do not know) that a black man of legitimate means rolling around town in a Mercedes would not hurt for black female companionship. I think most of the rapper/cappers do so because their IQ limitations foreclose the corporate route, or the path of career investment lies beyond their very short time horizons.

      While I do think black outcomes could be improved through policies no liberal would ever abide, I also ask: why bother? If I want to hear Elvis I’ll download a song for .99, rather than trying to train my dog to howl Blue Suede Shoes. Black uplift has been a gross failure not only because of malign and inapt tactics, but because it is an extraordinarily difficult/borderline impossible task. And what do we get out of the attempt other than misery?

      We’re not slaves to the world created by slave traders. It’s time to move on.

      • I see your points. And my question is not to suggest that a black man actually sits down and writes out a pro and con list of behaving like an uncivilized brute, merely that they sort of intuit the result with what faculties they have. After all, the drive for sex is primal and doesn’t require the ability to understand trigonometry.

        The misery of the situation is that we are not allowed to “move on”. I personally would like to see all the blacks repatriated back to Africa, but I suppose I’d settle for the Bad Old Days where they couldn’t vote or really participate in civic life. Tightly controlled, they actually did things like marry and invest in their offspring, at least somewhat. Of course such solutions are utterly unavailable in today’s environment, and even thinking such things loudly sends GoodWhites shrieking for the smelling salts. I probably have been placed on some watch list merely for typing those thoughts out.

        I hope, like you, that the frequent temper tantrums by black mobs begins to make whites understand what, exactly, is at stake, in this election and others going forward. And again, this continues to be one of the, if not the absolute, best blog on the Internet.

    • My concise opinion is: they’re hopeless.

      Their cultural peak is the kraal, the assegai, and the cattle herd.

      Place them in anything beyond that, and they will degrade it in the direction of their natural habitat. Send ’em all back to Africa where they won’t have to deal with other races, cut off all aid and contact, and let them sort things out for themselves. If they make it, great. If they don’t, well, the kraal still isn’t out of style.

    • Hi. (longtime reader, never commented before).

      LawDog’s theory doesn’t actually come from the Alt-right. I’m a MGTOW and one of our ideological founders, Barbarosssa, is a mixed-race (partially black) Dominican who came up with this theory independently about 5 years ago.
      I’m also a race-realist and at first I thought the notion that feminism was weaponized against black men was idiotic, until this was explained to me. I totally believe it now. Pushing a janitor’s mop or collecting curbside recycling for “de Man” doesn’t get you any puxxy.

      What I’m wondering is to what extent this was done deliberately as a facet of Anarcho-Tyranny, to create an army of violent state-dependent negros to weaponize against us?

  8. The only answer to this dilemma is encouraged segregation, stop immigration completely and deport illegals. There is no policy, no laws, no education system, no rehabilitation or amount of money that will cure the scourge wrought by low IQ people of color. Lower IQ produces lower income and higher crime. High IQ is our most precious resource in society.

  9. Just a follow up to the The Truth About Crime video by Stefan Molyneux, he does offer a solution to criminal activity problem at about the 50 minute mark. The solution requires personal responsibility and behavioral changes. However first needs to come people collectively admitting there is a problem to begin with which doesn’t appear likely any time soon.

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