Sunday Supremacy

Sunday mornings aren’t just for penning Hate epistles. Like most of you, this is the time I spend preparing to stare intently for seven hours at 82″ of physical mutations pursuing an oblong ball in yoga pants. This obviously can’t be accomplished while still in possession of any residual dignity, and so I drown that in a case of semi-potable Budweiser and a fountain of viscous simulated cheese. And there are millions just like me.

In fact, the “NFL” counts on it. This being the acronym for the syndicate that owns and outfits each troop, while carefully cultivating the corporate sponsors who pay billions for the right to promote their products to a sea of stupefied whites.

The latter cohort represents primary producers within the NFL ecosystem. All higher participants in the foot-ball food chain ultimately rely upon this vegetation for sustenance. Advertising is the photosynthesis that converts couch pilots into consumers, thus nourishing those above them. No whites watching means no advertisers paying, which means a desiccated syndicate and unemployed ‘cornerbacks.’

That’s fundamental biology. Though, as frequently occurs in contemporary affairs, reality often finds itself being chop-blocked by liberal pieties and racial cowardice. This friction between dollars and demands is amusingly playing out presently in shoulder pads.

Readers are familiar with the San Francisco player who began this latest bout of protests from oppressed ‘minority’ multi-millionaires. Colin Kapaernick was raised by an (apparently) loving white family, whose affections left so little impression that their ummm son promptly forgot them entirely upon leaving the house.

It’s remarkable how authoritatively blacks come down on the nature v. nurture divide. Whether a second string quarterback or the president of the USA, sentiments are nearly always the same: those who invested life and love in their upbringing are just typical white people. Africans always return to tribe. Compared to our own money mesmerized myopians, I have to admit it’s a bit admirable.

Though the optics of preening prima donnas who earn 10-∞ multiples of their fan base whining about social justice is a bit less admirable for members of the syndicate. And this discomfort isn’t easily avoided. Like all liberals, tacit or overt, they know that blacks are always right. But now those blacks are directly insulting symbols of the NFL’s vegetation.

Guys watching foot-ball all day don’t want to think overly hard on how utterly they are held in contempt by their gyrating gridiron idols. Such contemplation can interrupt the proper absorption of advertising content.

Which means the syndicate has a problem. Blacks must be given the latitude to act like blacks. Anything less would fly perilously close to racist supremacy. But as they act increasingly at odds with their fans’ universalist fantasies, those ultimate bill-payers may begin to turn away in disgust. Early season ratings deterioration suggests this may already be happening.

I don’t imagine the performers have any more comprehended how their salaries get paid than they have how food gets into a grocery store. Ignorance is a dis. And the dissing is just getting started.

Eagles planning anthem demonstration on Monday night

Personally, I’m delighted at the friction. Either the syndicate will crush its employees’ overt racial advocacy and suffer furious liberal recriminations in the process, or its lucrative white vegetation will start to migrate from the tee-vee like an Eritrean fleeing the war in Syria.

So tell ’em all about it on Monday night, Eagles. You’re not going to take this honky shit standing up.



14 thoughts on “Sunday Supremacy

  1. Reblogged this on The way I see things … and commented:
    National Football League For me this Says it represents America.

    Someone on Facebook wrote this — Hatin’ football is like hatin’ apple pie, sweet tea, trucks, bald eagles, Top Gun, the National Anthem, and America all at the same time.


    I love football I love the Panthers but I do not feel the NFL represents America.

  2. Those sports fans could watch the World Cup of Hockey instead. As far as I can tell, all 184 players involved are white. Also, Team USA coach John Tortorella specifically warned any player thinking about aping (heh) Kapaernick: “If any of my players sit on the bench for the national anthem, they will sit there the rest of the game.”

    In other news, the deplorably far-right AfD just won 14% of the vote in ultra-leftist Berlin no less. Auf Wiedersehen, Frau Merkel.

    • Jeppo I’m a big hockey fan. Not only for the speed of the game, but also the violence that so frequently arises and reminds me that not all whites are passive, corn syrup fed zombies.

      As for the core subject of the post, I recently opined to my (very few) twatter followers that the NFL owners and the media are complicit in the degradation of the culture because they know how much moolah is on the line. If they condemned the protests, their workforce would literally go ape shit and the whole advertising Ponzi scheme would be in jeopardy. So they murmur platitudes about the honor in peaceful protest, while those of us in the real world are wondering how the justified death of a few thugs came to be something central to a celebrated protest movement that remains celebrated despite dead cops being squarely on its shoulders. We’ve gone from Steinbrenner sitting players for having long sideburns to today’s owners cowering behind PR statements that could have been penned by Donna Brazile. Is it possible for the Overton window to move left AND right at the same time?

    • As far as I can tell, all 184 players involved are white.

      nope. comparing the list of Black NHL players to the WCoH rosters, the 3rd Negro on the list is playing for Team Europe. i’m not going to waste time going beyond that.

      congratulations, Porter.

      that’s rhetorically a VERY effective essay.

      it’s also likely a very close analog of how ((( they ))) view operations.

      • the 3rd Negro on the list is playing for Team Europe

        Pierre-Édouard Bellemare, I must have missed him. There’s also a dude named Justin Abdelkader playing for the US, but he doesn’t exactly look like your typical jihadist:

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  4. This is great. I’ve pretty much stopped watching sports other than golf. The negro felon league is going under, good riddance. If it takes a dindu reverting to his African norm to get people to stop polluting their minds and bodies with this nonsense then so be it. One thing whites have the ability to do that blacks and other ‘oppressed’ groups do not is the ability to hit corporate entities where it really hurts, their wallets. If whites stop watching that shit in droves, bye bye huge salaries, bye bye sponsorships, and these people will go back to doing what large and stupid people usually do – dig ditches or collect welfare.

    • White people pay for everything… It was pointed out on one blog that I can’t recall, that the most racist, subversive, action a White person could do, was a not pay taxes. Just look at what happened at Target, after they started having gender neutral bathrooms. And that wasn’t even a well organized boycott.On the other hand I love when blacks threaten to boycott, or illegal Latinos threaten to go on strike… BFD, malt liquor sales drop, and you have to cut your own grass…like everybody did 15 years ago.

  5. Let the players cut off their noses to spite their faces. Ratings are dropping and advertisers won’t be happy. It’s my hope they work the dindu community into a self righteous lather that will be bitterly betrayed when the league has to bring the hammer down on the players and those players roll over like the lap dogs they are.

  6. People of Color are a deplorable basket of inferiority complexes crying out for attention. Oppressed POC come here then cry about being oppressed and POC fleeing leftist socialist oppression come here and vote for leftist socialist oppressors. :/

    America needs to rescind the immigration act of 1965, end the anchor baby clause, deport illegals, build the wall, end welfare and EBT and start importing only white people until we get back to 95% white.

    All POC have their own exclusive color based country we should too; America is our white country.

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