Dances with Hajis

For readers still bathing in the crimson reverie of Eid al-Adha, a brief note to maintain your festive spirit. It was announced recently that British ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Simon Collis, has converted to Islam.


Some bigots will blanch at this, though there’s certainly precedent for those with more rational dispositions. For example, the American ambassador to Israel, Daniel Shapiro, is a jew. And I expect Simon Collis will remain no less loyal and committed to the interests of English and Welshmen then Mr. Shapiro is to his countrymen in Kansas.

Bonds of fellowship are forged by governments not people, you understand. If a state entity offers citizenship to two men from different races and cultures, then their allegiance to one another becomes sacrosanct. That’s why you feel so innately connected to naturalized Somalis. It’s just the way human beings are wired.

As a result, the now-Muslim but still British Mr. Collis will faithfully serve the country that employs him while standing as a staunch advocate in negotiations with his fellow Islamists. Though whose position he will actually advocate is an open question. But given Britain’s ongoing submersion into the Dar al-Islam, it may just as well be a moot point before any conflict of interest inquires take flight.

This going native isn’t entirely unexpected. Collis has lived in muslim societies for some 30 years now, and he took a Syrian wife in 2011. The difference between historical acknowledgement of reality and the present liberal war on it is that modern sensibilities preclude any candid evaluation of his continuing fitness to serve British interests. Collis isn’t a demon for what he’s done, but he also isn’t in the Englishman’s corner–as their ambassador is obliged to be. A man whose defense lawyer is in bed with the prosecutor better start hoping for lenient sentencing.

None of which can now be publicly mentioned. And, of course, none of it is.

The Foreign Office declined to comment, saying Mr Collis’s religion was a personal matter. 

What kind of matter might it have been if Collis had tweeted smiling photos of himself at a Pegida rally? A matter of dire diplomatic concern, I imagine. And if that speculation is correct, it suggests a nearly perfect contemporary logic inversion. The West dispatches ambassadors who represent other societies rather than its own.

Maybe we should call that novel phenomenon “Tatanka.”



6 thoughts on “Dances with Hajis

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  2. Sorry, but this shit is fucking hilarious. This is one of those times where all you can really do it accept the fact that we are fucked, and take some small comfort knowing you have front row seats to the greatest clownshow in modern history. If someone told my grandparents 40 years ago that this would be how the world works in 2016, they’d have locked them in the loony bin because no normal westerner would have ever imagined it could get like this. Just think of what it will be like in another 40 years, or even 20, if the shooting hasn’t started yet. Fuckin A.

    “The difference between historical acknowledgement of reality and the present liberal war on it” great line, by the way. A war on historical reality is an apt description for our present reality.

    By the way, the home page picture of “Joe Ligotti” the logan airport union worker isn’t an actual real thing that was on the news….was he? Thats a joke right? Please, tell me its a joke.

    • “The difference between historical acknowledgement of reality and the present liberal war on it” great line, by the way. A war on historical reality is an apt description for our present reality.

      A small nuance. I believe our author is describing a contemporary war on actual reality, not historical reality. He is saying that in the past, reality was acknowledged and that it is ignored or disputed today.

  3. The USA under the fraud Muslim Obama is in worse shape unless you happen to love the Muslim Brotherhood. These are just some of the devout Muslims in his administration. Also worth mentioning is the Head of the CIA John O. Brennan appointed by Obama is rumored to be a Wahhabism convert.

    * Abedin, Huma: Deputy Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
    * Abunimah, Ali: Vice president of the Arab American Action Network
    * Al-Hibri, Azizah: U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom
    * Al-Mansour, Khalid Abdullah Tariq: Patron of Obama during 1980s
    * Al-Marayati, Salam: Representative of the U.S. government at the annual Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe conference
    * Alikhan, Areef: Department of Homeland Security
    * Arab American Action Network: Received money from Woods Fund when Obama was board member of Woods Fund
    * Barack H. Obama Foundation: Headed by President Obama’s half-brother, who oversees the Muslim Brotherhood’s international investments
    * Asbahi, Mazen: National Coordinator for Muslim American Affairs (during 2008 presidential campaign)
    * Elibiary, Mohamed: Homeland Security Advisory Council
    * Husaini, Minha: National Coordinator for Muslim American Affairs (during 2008 presidential campaign)
    * Hussain, Rashad: Special Envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference
    * Khalidi, Rashid: Professor of Middle East Studies at Columbia University
    * Magid, Mohamed: Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Countering Violent Extremism Working Group
    * Mattson, Ingrid: Invited by Obama advisor to work on the White House Council on Women and Girls
    * Mogahed, Dalia: Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships
    * Obama, Abon’go Malik: the older half-brother of Barack Obama
    * Patel, Eboo: Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships
    * Said, Edward: Professor and Arab activist who was keynote speaker at 1998 fundraiser attended by Obama
    * Shora, Kareem: Homeland Security Advisory Council
    * Shora, Nawar: Senior Advisor to the Civil Rights and Liberties Office of the Transportation Security Administration

  4. If an ambassador from some Muslim hell-hole to Britain converted to Christianity, it would be a ticket to asylum for him and his family on the pretext that his life would be in danger if he went home.

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