Hard Truths

I came upon an edifying article yesterday in the Wall Street Journal.

Hard Truths for Trump’s America
Washington didn’t kill coal, but disaffected voters are being sold a story of victimhood.

The author was a William Galston, whose CV is littered with pseudo-prestigious liberal sinecures. This background is helpful to know, since few besides leftist academicians possess the courage and latitude to speak candidly to cosseted victim groups. It’s almost the exclusive reason we have liberals: who else will present painful facts to aggrieved minorities?

As you would surmise, Mr. Galston doesn’t disappoint. The piece is nominally about Appalachian coal miners who have been decimated under Obama, but are little bitches for being bitter about it. Though the subtext is conspicuous in its intended application to all Trump supporting white workers, wherever they may lurk. That subtext being: your problems are all of your own creation, you dumb, lazy, hilljacks. It’s an unpleasant hook to swallow, for certain.

But again, a society needs brave porters to carry such harsh news. It’s a burden liberals bear with dutiful determination. Particularly so, you might notice, when Hard Truths are being delivered to poor white people with zero political or plutocratic advocacy. That’s what I like about the world’s William Galstons: they’re always primed to speak truth to powerlessness. I mean let’s be realistic, men who tell Hard Truths to those who can potently retaliate have a short career of truth telling. Best to be brutally honest with people who can’t get you fired or hanged on meat hooks. Watch for his next column where he really gives the what-for to elderly white janitors.

But while we await that, I was somewhat inspired by the subject of Hard Truths. Mr. Galston’s noble contributions notwithstanding, it seems a concept that has received inadequate real estate in venues like the Wall Street Journal. And obviously destitute Appalachian dirt farmers hold no monopoly on its need. Several other groups could benefit just as well. A few Hard Truths for three of them percolated to the surface with remarkable ease.

The Hard Truth is that you are significantly less intelligent on a group basis. Your diminished life outcomes are almost exclusively a result of this. Yes, the made-up word “racism” is a component. As all people prefer their own, and no people prefer indolent, entitled, impulsive, and bellicose imbeciles who display no capacity for either empathy or reciprocity. Though the “racism” of others would be wholly irrelevant if you were capable of generating the standard of living you desire without the charity of those you despise.

ANTI-SEMITISM (which must be capitalized for fear that some may not recognize it as Earth’s most appalling sin) is a creature almost entirely of your own creation. Collectively, you seem unable (and certainly not inclined) to live peacefully within the culture and traditions of your unfortunate hosts. Instead, at the first concentration of wealth and influence, you attack them with a metronomic consistency that is the envy of atomic clocks. Your principled social prescriptions for “we white people” could win lottery jackpots with how coincidentally they align with jewish self-interests. That host populations eventually tire of this shtick is inevitable. And when that happens ANTI-SEMITISM is afoot.

The Western appetite for fiscal parasitism, flamboyant terrorism, and neighborhood ululations is waning. Don’t get too settled.


13 thoughts on “Hard Truths

  1. You had to know we would want to join in on the fun…
    You are psychologically damaged freaks who will never be happy. The general population is tiring of you imposing your deviant norms on our culture. it was ok when you pranced around in a bra and wedged your dicks up your cracks in front of mirrors in the privacy of your own homes, but bombarding our kids with this shit through the popular culture is an affront whose expiration date is approaching.

  2. “It’s a burden liberals bear with dutiful determination. ”

    One thing about liberals. They certainly have that look of dutiful determination. After a while you can see it.

    Everybody else either looks clueless or hateful.

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  4. “best to be brutally honest with people who can’t get you fired or hanged on meat hooks. ”

    I have to wonder how long that will be the case. As shocking as this may sound to Galston(trigger warning..) there will come a time when the people who graciously(pathetically) take the blame for everything while simultaneously paying for it all will eventually grow tired of this shit. I’m a 31 year old with a decent job and a full belly who also has young children to worry about, so for the time being Ill just read shit like what you quoted above with silent amusement. I don’t like it, but I have no plans to shut him or his ilk up at this time. However, there exists an increasingly large number of middle aged recently laid off white men with little or nothing to lose who are eventually going to get sick of hearing shit like this from people like Galston. When that happens, the Galstons of the world are going to have a very bad day.

    What has always amused me about the Galstons of the world is how they are just as ‘racist’ as all of us, and they actually admit it, if only in an offhanded way. He is betting his life/livelihood on the intelligence, self control, impulse restraint, and lack of interest in seeking perpetual aggrieved status of working class whites by writing things like this. He knows this particular group won’t seek him out to kick his ass, won’t call his boss and try to get him fired, and won’t protest outside his house. Our people just don’t do that. So, for now, we are safe, easy targets. He knows the score with blacks, most liberals do, which is why they never, fucking ever, live near them. He also knows he will have a target painted on his back by these violent africans-living-in-america if her utters one wrong word, and that they and their white SJW allies will focus all their efforts on destroying him, so he says nothing. Stick to the safe target(for now). But the people he looks down his nose at aren’t stupid, quite the opposite. They also have exceptionally long memories.

    Sorry, Porter, for the long post. You got me a little fired up(plus, beers and stuff…)

    • im afraid it doesnt work like that young men need to do the fighting old men like me have bad backs and despite my rage being an order of magnitude greater since i can actually remember what western civilization looked like i also know i wont last five minutes. I would suggest you get your asses in gear while we can still help as best we can

  5. Seventy year old product of NYC preppy-Ivy culture and suppose I qualify in some sense as a “Cloud Person”, but my sympathies lie with the Dirt Folks. As for the three groups named above, I used to be quite sympathetic to them, but no longer. Negroes and Jews have been whining since I was a boy and it’s gotten older than I. Negroes appear exactly as described above, and as for the Jews, I find myself becoming a “counter-Semite” (in a fine term coined by the late authentically conservative Joseph Sobran) rather than “anti”, because it’s past time we of European heritage defend ourselves from what is in fact an alien group with an alien culture. As for the Muslims, I have a number of Muslim friends, but they have very little in common with the displaced persons wave that has passed the high-water mark on Western shores.

    As for the LBGT or LSMFT or whatever-they’re-called-this-week crowd, DN Poolside above said all that needed saying.

    As for “journalists” like Galston and the venues that publish him, well, stopped reading them long, long ago.

  6. That’s a great piece. If only you could hack into the Wall Street Journal and sneak one of your articles on to its op ed page just before the ink hits the paper.

  7. blacks.. not only do they despise their white enablers, they have no respect for the white benefactors. All respect begins with self-respect. They as a group have little or no self-respect and blame whites. They know they are addicted to the easy life and until the self-guilt of the whites ends they will continue to suckle at the tit of forced charity.

  8. “blacks.. not only do they despise their white enablers, they have no respect for the white benefactors. All respect begins with self-respect. They as a group have little or no self-respect and blame whites.”

    [: to blame ‘the whites’ or whoever, wherever, whenever, however, so long as they don’t blame their mothers… or fathers… thus perpetuating the Matriarchal Social construct that is their r-Selected multi generational, evolutionary inheritance. Holding their mother’s accountable – women in general – would put an end to the Tribal organization that is Black culture.]

    to note: matriarchal inherited genetics goes a long way towards explaining black’s (r-Selected) procreative strategies and the tribal results it creates. African’s (r-Selected) reproduction strategy increases the quantity of offspring at the expense of quality parental investment. A reproductive strategy which produces many offspring but each of which has a relatively low probability of surviving to adulthood. Not without outside help. This outside help in America is now bankrupt. The converse (K-Selected) reproductive strategists [those who have less children so as to provide long term nurturing] are now forced to choose between caring for their own offspring – or – caring for the other’s offspring… what to do, what to do…

    educate yourself: look it up: r/K-Selected reproductive strategies… see where you fall within this spectrum.

    “They know they are addicted to the easy life and until the self-guilt of the whites ends they will continue to suckle at the tit of forced charity.”

    the “easy life” might be a symptom of genetic r-Selected inheritance – as “White Guilt” might be an evolutionary result of K-Selected procreative . The two don’t mix – except that one parasites off the other until the latter is depleted and facing survival or extinction.

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