The Desolation of Discriminations

Discrimination is a thing human beings do nearly from the moment of birth. Infants discriminate between those who are their mother and those who are not. The problem only grows worse from there.

People who have not suffered catastrophic brain injuries continue discriminating on a vast plane of experience throughout their lives. They discriminate in the kind of people they choose as friends, who they fuck, and who they marry. They discriminate in what they eat, where they live, and what they do for an occupation. They discriminate in their politics, personalities, and paraphilias. They discriminate in matters of religion, entertainment, and arts. They discriminate against work in favor of sloth, or lawfulness in favor of criminality. Liberal college admissions officers even discriminate on the basis of race.

Truly, what the world sees of a man’s life is simply the sum of his discriminations.

Of course we could use other words to describe our discrimination. Some that come to mind are discernment, perception, distinction, preference, free will, or choice. Though I’m a white gentile, so the proper term for that demographic is hate.

Before moving to hate’s latest manifestation, we need to mention the legal concept of “public accomodation.” This (broadly) holds that at the moment property is placed for sale or rental it escapes the custody of your discretion. That is to say it becomes a “public accomodation” and thus available for everyone’s consumption without further need of its owner’s consent. What is offered to one must be offered to all protected classes. Of course there are some Andromeda-sized exceptions we needn’t explore further.

One critical caveat to this doctrine is the so-called “Mrs. Murphy” exemption. Mrs. Murphy being a fictional old white lady who would like to rent a room in her home, but not be forced to transact with feral urban entropy agents. And so because architects of the federal Fair Housing Act were not quite as evil as their pieties required, they carved out this exemption in discrimination law–perhaps only to reduce court costs associated with rape trials. Specifically, the exemption grants legacy Americans (Mrs. Murphys) respite from “””fair””” housing requirements if they offer four or fewer rental units and the owner lives in one of them.

Can you imagine people actually retaining the right to decide who they will let into their own home? I’m just as outraged about it as you and George Soros.

That metastasizing outrage is causing much vexation at Airbnb. For those not familiar, this remarkably inventive company emerged from its laboratories a few years ago with new technology some theoreticians have termed a “bulletin board.”

On it, owners of temporarily vacated homes are matched with travelers seeking residential lodging. Though unlike the owners of hotel rooms, Airbnb hosts actually live in the units they are renting, and thus maintain an acute interest in what occurs in their absence. And that ancient and elevated standard of care over one’s own home now finds itself directly at odds with contemporary corporate liberalism. The results are predictably comical: white owners are discriminating against black renters.

One could have anticipated this result as one can anticipate the incoming class at Grambling.

Whites in America are as frantic to avoid diversity in private as they are to extol it in public. To think they would beggar themselves to keep blacks away from the outside of their house, while blithely inviting them to stay on the inside has got to be one of history’s most romantic assaults on sensibility.

And heavy hangs the heart of lovelorn CEOs. Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky’s, in particular. His customers having jilted his company’s racial platitudes in favor of a malicious stewardship over their own living space. He’s not taking this infidelity on his back.

In response to multiple complaints from black renters–if readers can even conceive of blacks complaining–Airbnb has initiated a raft of measures designed to placate the insatiable. As you would guess, such efforts customarily conclude with: we still have so much more to do.

For no matter how supine a businessman leaps, it’s always just a start. And I suppose this start is appropriately craven.

* Hiring Eric Holder to serve as the company’s racial shaman.

* Hiring a 12-man team to work full-time exclusively to “root out bias on the platform.” I imagine the bias they will be most successful in rooting out is its customer’s inclination for using this particular bulletin board.

* Pledging to increase the number of employees that come from “underrepresented populations.” Underrepresented by what is nowhere defined. Neither is the method by which the company will achieve this goal but by racial discrimination–which will ironically get it banned from its own platform.

* And my own personal favorite: anti-bias training…for customers!

Envision yourself submitting to a social justice harangue by the cashier before they will relinquish your cheeseburger. That a business would try foisting this on their customers is almost admirable in its audacity. If only an entrepreneur could create a competing bulletin board, alas.

Though while we wait for that, Brian Chesky will hope his business survives its impact with human nature. I fear he may need an even more legendary witch doctor than Eric Holder.



11 thoughts on “The Desolation of Discriminations

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  2. The superficial “egalitarianism” of small-village cordiality is as far as I’m willing to take it. Good fences make good neighbors, high hedges discourage the curious, large dogs deter the resentful. Unashamedly discriminatory and plan to remain that way.

  3. Porter,

    I am continuing to post your essays on The Burning Platform as they come out. Your writing is superb, and I await each one.

    As a commenter on TBP, Hardscrabble Farmer, stated, you are a polemicist of the highest order. My hat is off to you.

    If only with your essays were spread further afield. Hopefully they will be picked up on other sites via TBP.

    I feel like we are all fighting the same war, and your essays are raw firepower. They just need to get to the right hands for them to have maximum effect.



    • Thanks Yojimbo, you’ve been quite generous. I think the writing here is an acquired taste–that most are not going to acquire. Though you, and the rest of the TBP crew, are always welcome.

      • It’s a Twitter clone, minus the heavy-handed pro-shitlib moderation. It’s currently in beta and being tested by members of the the_donald subreddit, if I’m not mistaken.

        I don’t believe that replacing the current group of fallible humans in charge of our social media lives with another is a viable long-term solution to the problem of political/ideological bias in the way platforms like these are managed (decentralized apps seem a much better bet), but their success at the expense of Twitter would be a positive short-term development.

  4. The upside as it were to companies embracing progressive dogma as a core part of their business is that it gives the shitlord investor a tremendous advantage in the market.

    Forget P/E ratios, if more companies start copying Airbnb’s example, it won’t be long that you’ll be able to set your long/short positions almost entirely according to the CEO’s shitlib true believer quotient.

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