Tensions Over Identity Well Contained

Racist. It’s all such a transparent grift. If sufficiently distanced, I’d offer nothing more than a chuckle and head shake for the earnest gulls who never grasp this hoary gig. Though taking a side, it’s embarrassing that a competent charlatan would toil in vain to convince the dumbest ****** of what a white suburbanite will lap up within seconds.

This is hardly an exaggeration. If you told an agent of urban entropy that ‘bad people’ must all be stored in cavernous underground honeycombs for the sake of a happier world, he would immediately regard you askance. Yet once you began sedating blacks exclusively for the elevator-ride down, his suspicion as to your true motives would quickly bloom into hostile realization. I don’t think they plan on us being a part of this happy world.

Fortunately for our dominant milieu, conservatives aren’t nearly so perceptive.

Of course a significant component of that perception disparity is that one of these groups are coached from birth to detect racial slights on a flea’s back from 1,000 meters. While the other is conditioned to assault steel-toe boots with their crotch. I can’t say either often deviate from the script.

And racial scripts don’t emerge much more trite than this piece from a prominent Mexican-owned newspaper.

‘I’ve Become a Racist’: Migrant Wave 
Unleashes Danish Tensions Over Identity

The thousands of Muslim asylum seekers pouring into Denmark have spawned a
 back lash, and questions over whether the country has a latent racial hostility at its core.


Residents of Denmark with no tension over identity

The rest doesn’t merit reading, as it is the sort of fake furrowed-brow commodity broth that prog outlets purchase by the drum at Sam’s Club. Anyone here could recite its progression from sheer over-exposure. Why do Danes resist importing millions of needy noble Muslims? Is it The Economy? Fear of change? Early call to prayers? Surely it’s not, please God tell me anything but…I can barely bring myself to say it, but will if you insist: racist?!

What an imaginative theory.

But can you think of a country similar in size and population to Denmark, which has avoided both migrant waves and questions about the latent racial hostility of its homogenous core? Actually that’s somewhat of a trick question. There are many. Multiple countries in central and southeast asia, africa, central america, and even a great little well-fenced state right next door to Syria.

I wonder why the piece focused on Denmark instead of so many other possibilities. Many destinations are well within common trip radii to Copenhagen and most are not at war beyond an impressive ambient violence in some instances. Though how many are similarly wringing hands over their own ‘racism’ is left completely unexplored. Do you think it is because the answer is none of them? Do you think that is because the entire world tacitly acknowledges ‘racism’ as a whites-only elevator to the honeycombs?

But the most accurate answer to why Denmark is that the left sees its work largely complete in all major markets, and is now moving down the scale. Iceland and Luxembourg almost certainly have propaganda in progress, and then it’s on to overly-white communities. Extinguishing the latent racism of white families is presumably the terminal endeavor.

The march down to Denmark from their national big-wins is fairly impressive. Did you know there are nearly three times as many Bangladeshis just in 125 square miles of Dhaka than there are Danes in the world? Or that the entire country of Denmark would fit 39 times into the single Chinese province of Xinjiang? This is a very small habitat for precious few Danes. Yet always a few too many for liberals’ taste.

Consider in contrast that a man of modest determination could travel 2,800 miles from Gaborone to Khartoum and pass populations in the centimillions without seeing a blue eye. Yet, whether any of these places possess a latent racial hostility at their core is a topic that finds no media outlet.

That is because the entire enterprise is modernity’s most eye-rollingly obvious con. If only we had more ******* on our side to point that out.


13 thoughts on “Tensions Over Identity Well Contained

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  2. “Do you think that is because the entire world tacitly acknowledges ‘racism’ as a whites-only elevator to the honeycombs?”

    Unless I’m mistaken, you mean ‘catacombs’. At least, that’s what the ride seems to be from my white vantage point.

  3. …and questions over whether the country has a latent racial hostility at its core.

    Having a “latent racial hostility at its core” is the first thing every country needs if it wants to survive.

  4. Spoke to a friend who is traveling in Europe yesterday. He’d last been there 8 years ago. He didn’t recognize the place.

    I never thought this friend of mine would ever even come close to a red pill and now I see the worm turning. Though from what he’s said the Europeans, possibly excepting Italy, are a lost cause.

    • Italian ethnic consciousness is more buoyant, but their country is more fucked, being ground zero for sea-borne entry from Africa. I think they’ve received upwards of 12,000 migrants in the past three weeks, about 100,000 so far this year. They’re not being let through anymore, either, so most of those will settle in Rome, Milan, Turin, and various small towns around Calabria and Sicily.

      I haven’t been to Europe in about eight years. No desire to return now, so I thank the invaders for that. Even back then, I was offered cocaine by a Senegalese rasta at McDonald’s in Rome on my first day there. And as soon as I stepped off the train in Zürich, a gaggle of tar-black skinnies eagerly chatting up some giggling buddle-headed blond Swiss girls.

      I’m in Washington now, in a small city away from Seattle, majority white. My neighbor is a devout – but Protestant – Mexican lady in her sixties, and we have coffee and pastry on the weekends. She told me she went to Los Angeles illegally when she was fiften … which makes that 1965. Which further means that a fifteen year old girl migrating alone would have had a fully operational network by which to make the journey safely, i.e. a huge community already present from Mexico up the San Diego-SoCal corridor. This is now the second largest “megaregion” in the USA, of course, and predominantly her people.

      Point being, this was decided decades ago.

      • *puts gun in mouth*

        On second thought,

        *kicks back with some popcorn, Michael Jackson Thriller video style, from my decidedly non-urban vantage point*

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