Fury and Fear in Paris

If you’ve spent more than a minute reading the counter rhetoric of conservative cuckoldry, you will have noticed that one of their most cherished articles of comfort is the self-assurance that the alt-right opposition are sloppy impoverished juveniles foaming from THEIR PARENTS’ BASEMENT.

This last part is key, since the logic implies positions taken from below ground level don’t merit consideration beyond stock accusations of raysis. That’s why I make a point of always posting from elevation within my own house, which was acquired with funds accumulated from my own ample compensation.

If we had the figures, I think it would be fascinating to contrast the alt-right’s basement quotient with that of other political factions. Do dilapidated row-houses in urban democrat vote-farms even have basements? Or parents plural? Perhaps those metrics aren’t the best to establish political validity after all.

Though the puppets of Soros can take refuge in one irrefutable claim: that demographic most thoroughly removed from their parent’s basement (and their parents, their posterity, their former community, and their nation) is unreservedly anti alt-right. This being the super-rich.

If a single living member of this cohort has been friendly to the future of their people, they have kept the sentiment closely guarded. I’m talking of course about our plutocrats and not theirs, who are fanatically tribal as a general rule.

The first commandment for this community of silk vests and pocket monocles is Never let a penny escape your grasp. Though a close second is the eternal Diversity for thee, but not for me. It’s this second imperative that leads these people like bloodhounds to Good Schools and gated compounds from which they primly lecture the hoi polloi on the benefits of Somali colonization.

Samuel Johnson said the insolence of wealth will always creep out. And like a mucus trail behind it is the morality of wealth. That is to say, a flamboyant virtue with carefully shielded consequence. They’re such good people, they’re willing to let you suffer to show just how much. And you can’t do that from anyone’s basement but your own.

Though sometimes I think it must require extreme myopia to accumulate vast wealth. It’s as if the end of their nose lies beyond Neptune. The wealthy appear to believe they can flood their countries while decamping to ever-shrinking atolls and never get wet. Probably Gates, Buffet, and Zuckerberg can. Though tiers below them will increasingly get doused with the rest of us. And schadenfreude rarely tastes so sweet as that.

Fury and fear in Paris: Wealthy residents outraged as huge wooden migrant camp is built directly opposite £3m apartments in elite neighbourhood which is home to Carla Bruni, Russian oligarchs and foreign embassies 

* Two wooden buildings have gone up in the upmarket 16th arrondissement
* It is situated next to palatial Paris apartments worth up to £3million each
* Furious neighbours have delivered a 50,000-signature petition to officials

I’m inclined to start a petition to require every migrant camp, Honduran shanty, and Levantine refugee accommodation to go up directly beside multi-million dollar residences. Nothing would better align architects with their creations.

Calling the settlement ‘unacceptable’ and a ‘huge mistake’, Mr Goasguen attacked city Mayor Anne Hidalgo, saying: ‘For political reasons, Madam Hidalgo wants to turn the Bois de Boulogne into a new Sangatte.’

A local businessman who asked to be identified solely as Etienne said: ‘These units have been forced on us with no respect for democracy, and will soon be filled with people who have no connection to the area at all.

‘The prices of our homes are going to crash in value, and all kinds of undesirables are going to turn up. It is a disgrace.’

Simone Durand, who owns a two-bedroomed apartment in the area, said: ‘It’s not just the effect on house prices we’re worrying about, it’s the crime and squalor.

✅ No respect for democracy
✅ Swarmed by people with no organic connection
✅ Crashing home prices
✅ All kinds of undesirables
✅ Crime and squalor

It’s fascinating how often democracy fails only after a platoon of Sudanese lands on our own head. Would that it failed earlier when they alighted on our less fortunate countrymen. But democratic failure at that point wouldn’t have offered nearly the opportunity for vain virtue signaling, alas. And so crime and crashing home prices remain strictly a little people problem until the big people are inconvenienced by it.

Soon enough the merely rich will be sacrificed just as the poor and middle were before them. A great many, who should have seen this train from far down the tracks, will find themselves hurtling quickly toward sympathy with the nationalist right. More than a few will begin to realize that globalist pretensions and pompous posturing can actually incur a high personal cost.

The basement is about to become very luxurious.


9 thoughts on “Fury and Fear in Paris

  1. I love this. A good trolling tactic for the right entrepenuers: start an “affordable” busing company that will transport a “diverse” clientele to weekend getaways in the hamptons.

    And if local globalists (???) complain, well, you’re not racist!!! are you?

    • I saw an amusing video similar to this a few years ago. A staunchly zionist Israeli jew packed up a busload of Africans and paid for their pool pass to some wealthy liberal country club enclave. The facade of tolerance melted faster than Jonah Goldberg can call you a supremacist.

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  4. Why don’t the elites understand that they too need a country if they’re to survive in the long term? Gated communities will only hold out for so long. Where will they go when the Mahas and the Hamids are 95 per cent of the population? It’s a mystery to me. Is there some habitable planet within easy commuting distance that we’re not being told about? Pluto would be a good place for Soros.

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