We Danes

I’ve read many books on war. Enough that if asked about any given title I probably couldn’t swear to having done so. Warfare is fascinating to me in much the same way as falling into a black hole. That is to say, better contemplated than experienced. But sometimes the experience comes upon us whether we wish to contemplate it or not.

One of the poignant scenes I recall–from what conflict I do not–involved an officer in an ultimately defeated army. While considering his unit’s first combat losses after much initial success, a colleague mentions the possibility of their losing all the territory previously gained. This being speculation to which the officer reacts in horror and disbelief saying: “I pray I never live to see it.” A few weeks later his prayer was answered.

I think many Europeans can probably relate. No matter how obvious the outcome of this consciously engineered dispossession, it must still seem impossible that everything could actually be lost. It is not impossible at all.

And like the unfortunates in Paris, Brussels, and Nice, many will never live to see it. But those who do are going to have to draw deep from their well of liberalism to avoid bitter despair. For without prompt corrective action, Europe is going to become a distinctly smaller place. Some of her states will continue to advance their ancient legacy, while others will become indistinguishable from Djibouti. The sorting of who will be which is at the heart of politics today.

The Visegrad states of Poland, Czech Rep, Hungary, and Slovakia have made their selection fairly plain. Hungary may even come to rival Israel in quality fencemanship by the end of the decade. And as Mad Merkel’s neighbors grow increasingly frustrated at Germany’s search for a tailpipe to suck, it will be fascinating to watch the formation of diversity factions.

As Visegrad already has begun, states will increasingly coalesce around fundamental national questions. And no question is more fundamental than for whom? It should be no surprise to see this eastern-bloc form the core of for us. I doubt they will ultimately lack for allies.

Slovenia, Austria, and Switzerland have all shown varying interest in remaining outside the Ummah. These states would form a functional contiguity with their four eastern cousins. And overtures may whisper toward the north as well. Reportedly, Denmark is locking every door to immigrants.

The linked article is by a Dane who is not at all pleased with the prospect of Visegrad’s Scandinavian expansion. Here are some excerpts of his pique.

…the rabidly anti-immigration Danish People’s Party (DF), is locking every door possible in a bid to keep foreigners out.

Their wish is to make Denmark as white as possible [there’s no “make” to it]

This is a total disgrace to the Danish values of acceptability and multiculturalism.

But it gets worse [better] . If a foreigner wants to bring a family member or spouse to Denmark, he or she would have to wait for 11 years…An 11 year wait just to be allowed to live with his/her family in Denmark. We can not find such extreme examples anywhere in the world. [try moving your family to Tel-Aviv]

This will surely spread a further feeling of distrust among all immigrants. [Don’t come to untrustworthy Denmark.]

Denmark’s unpredictable and controversial immigration policies also sends the wrong message to the world about this country that we call home.

This country that we call home. We, in this case, arriving in the person of one Naqeeb Khan.


This is the contour around which alliances are likely to form. It is how the real borders of men always supplant the nominal borders on maps. Absent dramatic inflection, there will be countries where we slouches into they, and there will be countries where it defiantly does not. And for leaders to assert the latter unequivocally is something everyone but Naqeeb Khan can pray they live to see.


5 thoughts on “We Danes

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  2. Denmark would appear to be geographically fucked, situated as it is between the lubed ass cheeks of Germany and Sweden, which will probably achieve caliphate status by about 2060. Blow up the bridge and start your nuclear program now, Danes.

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  4. You heard it here. Austria’s leading candidate for the presidency wants to join Visegrad.

    Mr. Hofer said the meeting took place in a wonderful atmosphere, and he expressed his wish to enlarge the Visegrád group with the admission of Austria, once he’d be president. This would give more voice to Central Europe which should have more power, according to Mr. Hofer.

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