Politics Beyond the Pale

So Hilly emerged today from Huma’s hairy humidor to loose a fusillade of obloquy upon the alt-right. Of course the recently installed pistons that drive air through her diaphragm have only limited fuel, and so the candidate had to quickly be reattached to her tubes before suffering a fatal swoon.

But before retreating into the care of her heart/lung machine’s mechanic, she blasted Pepe’s troops with rhetorical ordnance few men could withstand. Racist, hate, uncalled-for memes: no accusation was held back. All of which served to generate a quasar of cackling and merriment from the targets of her denunciations.

On the surface it would seem a suspect strategy to introduce millions of increasingly disaffected middle-class whites to the only movement that holds them above utter contempt. But generals always fight the last war, and Clinton knows the political weapon that has reliably won them all.

It is no particular insight to observe that she is attempting to drive a wedge between Trump’s interest and value voters. I’ve disgorged more words on this topic than I imagine any of you cared to read. And so you’ll get only a few more tonight.

Whether he meant a word of it or not Trump recognized a gaping political opportunity in the bi-party contract to never acknowledge or advance the interests of the majority population. This being an entirely mundane practice in every country outside the Occident.

As such, he ran in open space through the primaries while his opponents could only gawk from their crammed square-foot of media-approved discourse. I’d love to know how many times Bush or Cruz hurled vases into walls while hissing through gritted teeth: He. Can’t. Say. That!

Well he said it. And a large plurality of the republican electorate liked what they heard, despite documented stigmata at the Huffington Post. Unfortunately though, that large plurality has been quite languid in its response to the demographic depredations of both liberals and the donor-devoted republicans they just stuffed into a trashcan. The result of that long reactive delay is that the general electorate looks nothing like it did when most of them went to sleep during the 80s.

Marshaling a huge, enthusiastic contingent of suburban and rural whites put Reagan in the White House in two landslides. Whereas it only put Romney babysitting his black grandchild (sans the enthusiasm all around). Losing any capacity to decide your president is one of the most poignant conservative values of all.

And this is Trump’s predicament. Capturing the cohort that represented certain victory a generation ago, now only puts a candidate in a very narrow alley. And Clinton’s jewish financiers have jumped on his flanks like a stray penny.

Trump has to shift well left of his base to coax the cringing begonias into the light. Clinton’s handlers recognize this uncomfortably wide stance and the natural tension between those opposite ends of his coalition’s body.

The political coup de grace would be in slicing off both extremities and watching the torso twist on the pavement. That would occur if Trump-leaning cucks were repelled by the alt-right flank, as this flank was itself repulsed by his substantial ongoing lean to the tofu center. Modern elections aren’t about platforms or projections of future-state, but how many vacant imbeciles you can entice off the couch. And while conservatives are busy stroking their values, liberals are sowing the demographic fields that get reaped on election day.

I should point out that democrats are even more vulnerable to cunning political manipulation of their ludicrous client circus. Gays, mexicans, muslims, jews, and blacks have practically nothing in common beyond disdain for the America in which they are desperate to reside. But turning this menagerie against itself is definitely not a conservative value either. As losing elections (and countries) plainly is.

So it’s Clinton putting on a show of firing at the hardened alt-right, while actually aiming for the spongy middle. Eventually our pieties are going to be the hardest hit.


15 thoughts on “Politics Beyond the Pale

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  2. I’m torn. Trump leaning leftward to capture the cringing begonias reminds me of all the other republican losers, and their strategies of inoffensiveness, which inevitably led to our continual and inevitable betrayals. I LIKE Trump being a giant middle finger, and I think he’ll win with it. It’s the position of strength. It’s hard for me to trust a pol who campaigns hard right, then pivots left but *wink wink* doesn’t really mean it.

    On the other hand, what the hell do I know? Maybe once he’s elected Emperor he’ll pivot back right, take the mask off, and put the brass knuckles back on.

    Or at least his giant middle finger.

    • If the center-cuck would cringe half as humiliatingly at the dems’ anti-white coalition, Hill would face her own uncomfortable straddle.

      But these people aren’t perpetually steamrolled for no reason.

  3. Pandering to the squishy middle didn’t work for romney, and it isn’t going to work for trump. I consider myself to be much more of a libertarian than ‘alt-right’, and I’ve watched the semi former libertarian Rand Paul try the same thing with his attempts at pandering to the garden variety republican by softening his libertarian views. For every ‘moderate’ republican he appealed to, he lost at least one of his fathers former supporters. The same thing can potentially happen here. Trump has appealed to a surprising number of former Ron Paul supporters, many of whom said they would sit this one out, simply because they are sick of the bullshit. If he starts uttering the same bullshit, they might sit at home in the end.

      • Yeah. I cannot imagine what was going through his head when he said that. For starters, associating yourself in any way with Detroit is about as stupid as you can get. I confess to having had high hopes for him as recently as a couple years ago when his father said he wasn’t going to run again, but he has lost me for good at this point. Very disappointing.

        I can potentially support someone with whom I disagree with on some issues, as anyone who publically professes to think like I do has no chance in hell of getting elected to any public office, but I cannot support some one who panders like that. I’m hoping Trump doesn’t go down that same path, trying to appeal to squishy jeb bush type voters(yes, there actually were a few dozen of them). The demographic that would put another Jeb! type into the White House is aging and dying.

  4. I blame Kellyanne Conway for his ‘softening’ on immigration. I wish Trump wouldn’t listen to these emotional ‘we have to be nice’ women. Both Conway and Manafort make me put on my tinfoil hat to believe that they’re working against Trump. Pandering to the center is not going to work.

    The only thing that gives me any hope is the knowledge that NY’ers put on the nice mask to get over.

    • I blame Kellyanne Conway for his ‘softening’ on immigration. I wish Trump wouldn’t listen to these emotional ‘we have to be nice’ women.

      But he does need to be “nice”, or at least not gratuitously mean, to win this thing. However, sending illegals home is entirely consistent with being “nice”.

  5. My dictionary and I look forward to every one of your articles.

    The hope is that many people realize that the alt or fringe right is “the only movement that holds them above utter contempt.” Interestingly, Hillary didn’t mention The Daily Stormer or The Right Stuff or any of the true vanguards of the movement, but alluded to controlled wacky opposition like Alex Jones and Milo.

  6. I find it maddening, but predictable, that 100% of the news cycle since the discovery of 15k more Hillary emails has been consumed by everything but that very germane subject. This demonstrates, once again, that their side are masters of deflection and message discipline; we still have much to learn (and coopt)

    • It demonstrates that they own the apparatus of public opinion formation, and the group that controls that controls everything. That’s the lesson to be learned, as if we didn’t know it already, and that’s something we cannot possibly “coopt”.

  7. Granny is too old now. That dog won’t hunt anymore. She’s a child of the ’60s and this may well have come from any of those old crones of the hippie generation. She went after the Klan, a fag who goes to colleges, and a conspiracy theorist. They need to wheel Granny to a home, she’s so out of date she cannot even get up to speed anymore.
    This is just her “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” with a couple of new footnotes. Her followers had NO IDEA WHAT SHE WAS JABBERING ABOUT. Trump doesn’t need to win, he just has to keep showing how lame these losers are. Between Granny, The Bush Family and the Rubio/Cruz Cuban Cabana, its SUCK ALL THE WAY DOWN.

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