The Left-Hand of God

Whatever your race, ideology, or religion, one can be assured of its demise absent vigorous defense. Nature is relentlessly competitive, and predators are as wholly indifferent to the preening of man as they are the plumage of a peacock.

It simply does not matter how good, moral, or universalist your vanity judges you to be if you’re not around to receive the praise. This being a notion to which the Shakers might attest–if you could find one to ask.

And it’s not only ourselves and our posterity that require constant care. Everything we hold dear needs our continued presence as an advocate. Liberals labor assiduously to reduce white numbers and political power while simultaneously advancing an agenda whose only proponents are white. To call this merely stupid is almost a compliment. Do libs think it will be Somalis or Salvadorans that become the more conscientious stewards of whales and Arctic ice?

But those are tangents to the point. That point being Christianity also requires vigilance and an active defense to survive. The ancient popes understood this. It may be possible the current anti-pope does as well–and thus his refusal to provide it.

Whether you are devout, agnostic, atheist, or pagan the same principles have applied since our primordial emergence from tadpoles: resist or perish. As it applies to Christianity, and probably the West at large, this resistance is going to be carried by men rather than their subverted institutions.

The video below represents one-man’s resistance. From the description, it is a video of French Christians kneeling in prayer outside a church their state has condemned to destruction. I can not hear what is said, though allegedly a strolling African took this opportunity–of likely several in his normal day–to mock the natives who provide his sustenance.

It’s likely this sub-Saharan had never encountered a non-mewling European in his life. As such, the dramatic crack that occurs around 1:15 must have been quite startling in the instant before losing consciousness. Though jackals tend to quickly learn the difference between lions and their carcasses, and so I imagine he’ll wait until the French are a bit more dead before expressing his contempt again.

In the meantime, the Vatican’s next conclave might want to consider a bald, bearded Frenchman–with a righteous left.


22 thoughts on “The Left-Hand of God

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  2. Looks like that guy actually read the Bible. Particularly the part that says the enemies of God are to be met with perfect hatred. Or was it a perfect left hook? Anyway he seems to have his Bible down pat.

  3. Galatians 5:19-21–Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.

    Of course, the man who hit the “darkie” broke he was sworn to uphold.

    • That was a sexy punch, but not immoral. It was a pure left hook. In wasn’t sensual, just direct. There was no idolatry there, nor sorcery. The strife was caused by the black assailant. The White man wasn’t angry, just dealing with an annoyance. He wasn’t rivalrous, there was no dissent or division amongst his group, he certainly wasn’t envious or jealous. It was one punch, not an orgy of violence. He didn’t look drunk at all. He did a decent thing there. Sorry, there were no matches to your criteria: zero results.

      Someone once told me that practicing martial arts is bad. Why? Because it’s violent! I say if someone tries to kill you and you are able to knock them out you have saved two lives: one from death, and one from a lengthy prison sentence. Isn’t that a Christian thing to do? People like you would rather have the murder take place because “Jesus said turn the other cheek”, or “we abhor violence”, or some other non-logic.

      Sometimes we have to fight, whether we want to or not. We will defend Europe, because that is what we are. Are you going to help or just type tut tut all day when someone tries to save your future?

  4. D E U S V U L T.
    Back from the old country. Portugal has thankfully been spared the enrichment other European nations have undergone – it’s pretty much at 0% in the countryside. Lisbon has a bit more diversity, but nowhere near Paris or London levels. The weekend before I left there was a religious procession in my grandparents’ village – lots of young people, just like in the video above.

    • Good to hear. I’d been reading a bit about the Siege Of Lisbon, and wondered how things were there compared to the rest of occupied Europe. My son goes over next month, but he’s still not at a point where he’s willing to “see” yet.

      • Oh nice! I hope he enjoys it. He’ll come around. I took a picture of a depiction of the Siege of Lisbon made from azulejo tiles on the side of a church while I was there – also got to tour the Castelo de Sao Jorge.

  5. Study the period 1931-1936, the run-up to the Spanish Civil War and take note of the activity of the Carlists. The Gramscian disciples in education and media portray that war as one of a noble, besieged republic struggling against the usual suspect forces of right-wing darkness, ignoring the fact that the rising was brought about by Spaniards no longer willing to allow the wholesale destruction of national tradition and religion by revolutionaries who had usurped the republic.

    • Franco is not the monster they make him out to be. He and Salazar in Portugal were God fearing devout men that didn’t want their nations to fall to communism. I remember learning about the Spanish Civil war in high school. Like you said, the republicans were portrayed as noble liberators fighting against tyranny. The lesson seemed to gloss over the mass executions of priests, nuns, and lay religious by republican/commie forces….imagine that. Even then, with limited knowledge on the subject, I didn’t feel right cheering for the communist side. I wonder from time to time if anyone else from school felt the same.
      Below is a story about a young priest executed by republican forces.

  6. Reading Martin Amis’ ‘Koba the Dread,’ about Stalin and the Terror, and thinking that the “kulakization” of Trump voters has already begun. Wear Trump clothing, get beaten. Trump bumper sticker? Car gets trashed. No crime because you’re a kulak. Next stop: show trials.

    PS. I think it was TRS last week had a very good article on the Spanish “Civil War.”

    • Thank you for the recommendation – ordering Koba the Dread. Have you read The Gulag Archipelago?
      And yes, anyone who expresses support for Trump faces the threat of physical or other reprisals; and the DOJ will look the other way. What our cuckservative friends don’t realize is that once the left has consolidated power their cowed necks won’t be spared the chopping block either.

  7. Im not the least bit religious, I dislike all organized religions, but that shit was great. Im sick of seeing these people come to Europe and the US and display such open disdain and disrespect for the people of the countries who took them in. Let that be a lesson to him and all the rest of them. Its too bad this guy is probably looking at a lengthy jail stay.

  8. About 40% of American Catholics attend Mass regularly, versus somewhere in the neighborhood of 10% of French Catholics- but from what I hear, the tiny handful of Frenchmen and Frenchwomen who actually do attend services on Sundays have an intensity of devotion and practice which more than makes up for their lack of numbers and puts American Catholicism to shame. It’s a little silly to say “if present trends continue”, because they almost never do, but it’s been projected that by mid-century, a majority of priests in France will be traditionalists who predominately say the Tridentine Mass- both because their numbers are rapidly growing, and trendy liberal religion in France is hemorrhaging followers rapidly.

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