A Little Too Bright

It’s difficult to know how much of Trump’s recent misery in the polls represents legitimate deterioration of support, and how much is simply the manipulations of a media that has become feral in its loathing. Though given the utter trouncing of his pilotfish in Wisconsin’s Paul Nehlan, I think the former can’t be discounted.

If so, it speaks to the still vast number of cuckservatives and mashed-potato moderates that orbit just outside his appeal. I think this is probably true even when considering the effects of his personality alone. Trumpism–a term that begs for permanent replacement–faces powerful headwinds even absent its namesake.

Those who are turning away from Trumpism obviously include a significant cohort of people who typically vote republican, and probably even a fair number who broke for Trump himself in a primary. In many of these individual equations, a fertile frustration with the establishment has given way to an even greater recoil at semi-nationalistic rhetoric and policies.

And while this here but not there logic offers an understandably shallow appeal, few seem to be tracing the lineage of their shift away from the republican stable-boys in the first place. Much of this shift was grounded in the bi-party’s overt anti-nationalism that formed the political soil from which Trump emerged.

As a result many in the alt-right, and almost certainly Trump himself, assumed that the most effective stance in a country furious with America-Lastism was open advocacy of American interests. Or similarly, promoting Muslim bans to a people who no longer find those immigrants’ antics entertaining. But that isn’t turning out to be exactly correct.

I’m starting to think botany offers a lesson here.

Most conservatives have spent their entire political lives in the neocon onion cellar. Eventually the accommodations grew too egregious to accept and shoots started seeking light beyond. General I hate the cellar sentiment was their propellant out of the dark. But these are delicate begonias.

And millions of them are shrinking from Trump’s direct sunlight. They want to be heard. They want their values respected. They want safe clean habitats, the English language, and American flags. They don’t want to train their Hindu replacements and they don’t want to be throttled by rampaging BLM ticks.

They simply want a reasonable good life, and they want to be good in getting it. They want to avoid the entire growing catalogue of isms and they want to believe in the selfless self-virtue they are signaling to others.

And as long as the desire for B exceeds that for A there’s going to be a lot of should-be voters who remain within their old orbits. They simply will not tolerate advocacy too explicit. To the extent this continues it probably means Trump (or future acolytes) are going to have to be extremely judicious in how openly they campaign for the interests of their own potential constituents. It increasingly seems that if a politician is absolutely determined to help these people, he had better remain damn tight-lipped about his intentions. For these petals only bloom in the shade.



14 thoughts on “A Little Too Bright

  1. It’s shameful that folks won’t stand up and say what they believe. Call a thing what it is. Tell the truth. Mind your own business. Do your job and we’ll all get along just fine.

  2. Everyone understands that very unpleasant times are ahead of us, and we would all just rather not have to even think about such prospects right now thank you very much. The ultimate implications of this realization are what repel people from Trump. Anti-whites know this and are understandably keen to avoid spelling out exactly what their goals are, preferring vague abstractions which mean nothing to their victims but encourage and motivate their tools.

    Most people would rather die than think – and they frequently do exactly that…. Bertrand Russell.

  3. If this is true we are well, truly, and completely screwed. Trump is a true outsider. Look no further than the
    rage from the republican establishment. Our problems are coming to a head and are being tamped down with money printing and censorship of a controlled media.

    After this election is over the republican establishment will change the primary system rules to prevent
    any outsider from ever having a chance again. they will create “super delegates” or something like it. The democrats have done it. Even if they don’t , there is only a very narrow window for a A Republican to win the electoral college. If Florida, Ohio , Nevada, or north Carolina has enough demographic change to become reliably democrat, its over. there is no mathematical way the republicans could win.

    look at Minnesota, al franken won the senate for the democrats by less than 500 votes. there are 100,000 Somali refugees living there who vote democratic by 96%.

    the democrats know this . illegal immigration and refugee resettlement will put enough democrats in them to make this happen . Hillary is talking about over 300K refugees per year. the fed determine where they settle . game set match.

    the media doesn’t even try to hide their bias.

    stick a fork in us , we’re toast.

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  5. There are a couple thoughts that come to mind…
    “The campaign doesn’t really begin till after Labor Day”
    “The silent majority” (see Brexit)
    “If voting actually mattered, they wouldn’t let us do it” (see also Brexit)

      • No criticism intended…everyone ought to know by now that the MSM is never going to say anything positive about Trump, his candidacy, or his supporters. That being said the Brexit situation is a likely analogy…the official “polls” all had it failing until it didn’t, and since it has passed TPTB have made it perfectly clear that they have 0 intention of implementing the “will of the people”. In my estimation the outcome for Trump in this election will probably fall somewhere between that.

  6. I suspect O of I’s Russell quote about sums it up and Porter’s piece explains one of the major symptoms of the sickness unto death. I find myself sadly agreeing with miforest’s assessment.

  7. Tough choice there, hop on that Trump Train or get in the cattle car.

    One takes you away from the looming abyss you don’t like to contemplate; the other doesn’t offend anyone.

    Politeness will make the cattle car boarding process go much more smoothly.

  8. Don’t count out Trump. Things just might be starting to turn this year. Against all odds Brexit was successful. There were just municipal elections in South Africa where the white opposition party defeated the ANC in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria and Johannesburg.

    There’s an upcoming referendum in Hungary about accepting refugees. The population looks primed to reject accepting *any* refugees. Then comes the rerun of the Austrian presidential election, where the nationalist candidate is polling in first.

    Maybe 2016 will be the year when we, the patriotic right, actually start winning for a change. Trump only needs to hold the 2012 Romney states and add Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and then–poof–we’re in a whole new world.

  9. I must admit that I was floored when I woke up to the Brexit vote. So accustomed to bad news and figuring the old sod was truly and totally lost, I’d resigned my self to accepting defeat once again. It was reported that the line for the Trump rally in Virginia had been in place for eight hours.

  10. They say that it only takes 10% of the population to catalyze a revolution. What a shame that once again we may have to test that theory – because to survive as a race we are past the point where avoiding revolution is still in the cards (www.germanica.org).

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