Oh My Gawd!

I sometimes wonder if Europeans actually realize what they have cooking in their E-Z bake demographic oven. It shouldn’t be much of a culinary enigma. The final product is widely available in the public domain. Any dizzy Swede can spend months viewing carefully curated monkeyshines on World Star before deciding that it all looks more fun than licking the sweat off a baboon’s nuts.

And perhaps it is. But the point I’m trying to make is that Europeans can see their destination-–through the lens of America–well before arrival. I suppose videos like the one below must only add to the anticipation.

In it a customary menagerie of BLM protestors raise onto their rear legs and shamble out onto a busy highway at night. You might imagine this wouldn’t be entirely advisable, as it relies not only upon the good faith and eyesight of your fellow global Americans, but also the notion that they’ve looked up from their tequila or sexting since the last exit.

But none of this is ever afforded much consideration by either blacks or head-wound victims. And thus much group limbic response follows a very distinct THUMP that resulted in a decommissioned dindu. This commencing the first of approximately 700 OH MY GAWDs by the lib narrator.

Probably oblivious, the driver proceeded on without even returning to pick up a spare. This breach of bowling decorum apparently enraged some of the jaywalking participants. As a result, their typical civic-mindedness gave way sufficiently to fire something approaching 30 rounds at the receding metal antagonist (or possibly at no one in particular). That this may have occasioned multiple deaths of completely unrelated parties was, naturally, no matter of reflection whatsoever.

Though the fusillade did effectively scatter the accompanying troop like free chicken wings at Church’s.

By this point the reporter succumbed comically to full swoon, though eventually composes herself enough to ask her colleagues “DID ANYONE GET HIT…BY BULLETS?”

Observers had eight fingers crossed, though no casualty reports were forthcoming.

The full video is conveniently embedded below. It’s all very much quaint Americana. I believe even available in Sweden.


14 thoughts on “Oh My Gawd!

  1. AND THE POLICE ARE JUST SITTING THERE!!! So so funny. I would give anything to hear conversation the cops had as they sat in their car, watching the show.

  2. Upon a second viewing, I think this may be one of the funniest and most gratifying videos I’ve ever seen. There’s so much comedy gold. Notice how OH MY GAWD! starts slowly spinning in circles during the gunshot portion? What the hell is she doing? Is this how a libtard panics?

      • I’ll try again:

        0:55 — the decommissioned dindu comes back to life and breaks into a sprint when he hears the gunfire.

  3. If a voice accurately conveys looks, our huffing and puffing correspondent is quite the ugly sow. I initially was calmed by the thought of her being a genetic dead end, but reason took over and I realized she has to be there for the one reason a low SMV cracker is usually around non pro athlete blacks; looking for a sperm donor to make mulatto babies. That turned the laugh I was sharing with Kent quite upside down.

  4. Notice how the damaged Dindu got up and did his best Manton Moreland impression when the lead started flyin’. Disturbing indicator that the NWO may be upgrading their cyborgs.

  5. I rather like the OH MY GAWD’s interpretation of the situation that someone else is shooting at the poor innocent roadblocks, rather than actual situation of said roadblocks giving the driver a .38 special salute. “Someone hit one of us with a car and now they’re shooting at us!” I believe she says.

  6. That thud sounded horrific. I hope the car is ok.
    Observers had eight fingers crossed – Probably ten. Their thumbs are non-opposable.

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