A Howler in New Jersey

Some jokes are such heirlooms that humor can be summoned from the punchline alone. Read this article’s conclusion and watch the mercury in the laughometer spray the ceiling.

“This community elected Mr. Chaudry to the Township Committee after 9/11 and made him the first Pakistani Muslim mayor in the nation,” Bianchi said. “I am disappointed that he would call this community, which has always embraced him, bigots.”

Hahaha. Damn, that one gets me every time.

I imagine you can capably speculate as to the story behind the quoted speaker’s lament. Before discussing that though, it occurs to me how little loyalty obsequiousness will purchase in today’s Economy. I’m tempted to view it as another indicator of third-world inflation, though it’s just as likely the costs have always been high, though scrupulously never advertised. The truth is if you have to ask how much diversity costs, you can’t afford it.

Of course appearances don’t always reveal intentions. What may look to be base servility of white libcucks is often just an angling for status, or an appeal to foreign aid against competing peers. Though sometimes a tongue is just a tongue. And whose wouldn’t enjoy the simple pleasure of gratuitous alien bootlicking?

I’m sure every person in Bernards, New Jersey felt their own particular frisson when voting for Pakistani Mohammed Ali Chaudry to be their mayor some years ago. Perhaps a few early adopters even embraced the latest Muslim mitigation technology: we need to let millions more in so the ones here already don’t kill us.

And to concede the point, Mr. Ali Chaudry isn’t even suspected of a single mass murder as of this writing. But that doesn’t mean he’s an ally of his affluent white (former) constituents. As I was saying, the loyalty of strangers is never sold cheap. And it always comes on an installment plan. The residents of Bernards are now learning the penalty for missing one payment.

NJ town rocked by charges of bigotry after rejection of mosque

Given that America features more “charges of bigotry” than orders of french fries in any given day, I’m not sure who remains so unacculturated as to be “rocked” by the event. Though still you’ll gasp in surprise to learn who was the accuser.

Bernards, a township of about 27,000 an hour west of New York City, has been cleaved by controversy since 2011, when its Planning Board took up a proposal for a 4,250-square-foot mosque in a residential neighborhood known as Liberty Corner. The applicant, Islamic Society of Basking Ridge, is led by a former Bernards mayor and has filed a federal civil rights suit accusing members of the board of religious discrimination in ultimately rejecting the project.

I want you to reflect for a moment on the prospect of a 107 parking space mosque in your own residential neighborhood. Despite the obvious appeal of next door ululations and explosives testing, even the precociously tolerant residents of Bernards found the vision unsettling, and subsequently refused the application.

And that’s when towns get rocked by charges of bigotry.

But bigotry rocking has occurred a dozen times since Hillary last swallowed her tongue. Accusing whites is America’s social ambience. What makes this instance unique is that the plaintiffs are attempting to legally pursue opponents for opposing the mosque with impermissible motives.

I guess the Soviets were simply too early to really master totalitarianism.

What’s your answer?


Why no?

Because I don’t want it.

That’s not an allowable reason, so the answer is yes.

And since there are very few permissible reasons for not wanting hundreds of howling Levantines in your back yard, the people of Bernards may find themselves in the sort of legal jeopardy they may not find funny at all.

Lawyers for the Muslim organization want to interview residents who spoke out against the mosque, and to review their email messages, social media posts and any other evidence they say may prove they were motivated by bias.

You know what’s interesting about bias is that all human beings harbor them pertaining to practically every aspect of life. Some of the more animating and innate biases are the desire to live among one’s own kind in a safe and familiar environment.

But people of even modest insight have understood this since standing up while walking out of Africa. So the noise about pursuing vocal opponents for thought crime is just vapid posturing in an attempt to secure concessions. Nothing whatsoever a free people should be concerned about.

The U.S. Department of Justice is separately investigating the case.

Well I suppose that’s what the Constitution wants.

“For me, this has a chilling effect,” the resident added. “It was scary. They came to my home in the middle of the night to serve me the papers. I feel like I will never speak up in a public forum again.

You can speak up, just be certain that speaking doesn’t advance your own interests. Perhaps your former mayor can clarify the situation.

“I came to America almost 50 years ago with a firm belief in the values that America represents, including freedom of religion before the law,” Mohammad Ali Chaudry told The Bernardsville News after the Becket Fund filed a brief in support of his group. “The mosque is part of my American Dream.”

There’s probably no men more accommodating to religious freedom than those named Mohammed. And when they migrate to the West, live here for 50 years, and are even elected mayor, it is understood they have assimilated harmoniously into the larger society. And by that we mean remained in full possession of ancient tribal antipathies and an inclination to attack hosts who resist their encroachments by even the mildest whimper.

Some residents may be contemplating the fact that if the town had originally encouraged Chaudry to mount his camel and scram rather than electing him mayor, he would have never released the muslim mold spores that have blossomed into their present misery. Always check the rates before advertising your virtue.

It’s conceivable the Americans in Bernards have American Dreams of their own. If so, you can be certain neither Mohammed Ali Chaudry nor the DOJ regard those with the slightest curiosity. When one people turn supine to another it creates expectations, not gratitude. And the best jokes are on those who believe otherwise.


10 thoughts on “A Howler in New Jersey

  1. It is still astonishing and depressing to me that in just 50 years or so, groups of people who stood proud and strong for centuries — or thousands of years — suddenly become whimpering, useless, apologetic, crawling, whining, groveling, toadying creatures writhing in abject submission before their inferiors, attempting to hasten their own extinction and destroy the glories of science, religion, literature, art, music, architecture, and other cultural achievements that their ancestors built up with such genius and painstaking effort.

    There are moments, like the current one, when I feel the urge to succumb entirely to despair.

  2. I don’t know what’s more depressing, your words or the header images in the blog. Hopefully the town won’t roll over the way towns have in the Atlanta area. The latest mosque is already looking to expand. Personally, I wish a Muslim anti-Islamophobia crusader would get the idea to burn them down to make us look bad.

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  4. I’ve found pessimism to be a very positive force in my life.

    Though a couple of items periodically prod me from that comfort zone. The first is our consistent failure to anticipate inflection points and the trends derived therefrom. If we were all chatting over the Internet a century ago, how many could have predicted the rise to absolute social preeminence of an as-yet un-conjured term “racist?” If someone had claimed in 1916 that this made-up word would cause every white society to piously rend itself to shreds in the attempt to escape being called this word, they would be mocked as lunatics. Imagine explaining to men of the cloth that the Christ who left this world from a cross some two millenia earlier did so primarily to enjoin his flock to not be this word that hasn’t yet been delivered to them. I expect they would have been highly unimpressed.

    The second is the belief that men evolve very slowly above the neck. Chicanery, hypocrisy, out-group altruism, and virtue signaling have had long opportunities to destroy the European peoples. Surely some enterprising enemies would have previously developed crude alpha versions if the malware in our operating system was this promiscuous.

    Maybe it’s actually a trojan that will prove fatal. If so, it will have beat the odds in being so. Alternatively, we may simply be in an age of intoxicating masochism and moral vanity. If that is the case, our recovering hangover is going to be one of legendary proportions.

    • “Imagine explaining to men of the cloth that the Christ who left this world from a cross some two millenia earlier did so primarily to enjoin his flock to not be this word that hasn’t yet been delivered to them. I expect they would have been highly unimpressed.”

      The religious reference is apt, as the present Western disease is clearly a form of collective scrupulosity. This spiritual disease, which famously afflicted men like Martin Luther and Ignatius of Loyola, often arises when a man tries to conquer sinful urges without honestly addressing the underlying weakness that causes them. Rather than confront the real issues, he obsesses over imagined or exaggerated sins in an effort to overpower his evil impulses by sheer brute willpower. It can’t be said that the Holocaust wasn’t a truly evil affair (even if certain persons still insist on milking said tragedy for fun and profit), and if the evils of colonialism have been grossly exaggerated and removed from context, it’s still true that European Imperial powers did occasionally commit terrible abuses. Westerners don’t want to confront or abandon the lazy utilitarianism and “soft hedonism” that we still cherish dearly, though, so instead of fixing our sloppy and ill-calibrated moral compass, we invent “racism” as a new sin which conveniently compartmentalizes the most uncomfortable immoralities away from the more palatable ones we still enjoy.

      This diagnosis does not bode for a peaceful or rational future. Sometimes, scrupulous men learn to deal with sin constructively and with humility, targeting the root problem rather than relying on heroic exertions of superhuman willpower. More often than not, though, when the will grows exhausted, utter despair takes hold. The scrupulous man abandons his moral system altogether, and he runs headlong into the sins he was resisting with twice as much enthusiasm as before. I shudder to think what mob of SJWs who succumb to despair and disillusionment could be capable of. A man never hates anything more than a former object of worship which irredeemably disappoints him. Martin Luther was a passionate and even fanatical son of the Catholic Church- right up until the day when he wasn’t anymore.

  5. In reading this, I had the likely unoriginal thought that an enterprising group of Muslims could start perpetrating their own version of the Rainbow Coalition business model. Find a handful of Muslims in a host community, organize them to build a mosque in the part of town least likely to gain approval, and wait for the rain. Either the community comes around with hat in hand and begs you to desist, in which case a six figure donation could be extorted, or they reject the application entirely and you sue them for seven figures. Win-win! Were it not for the singularly aggressive nature with which the federal government pursues the RICO statute against white guys, I’d offer up the seed capital myself I’m so certain it would work.

  6. But people of even modest insight have understood this since standing up while walking out of Africa.

    The out-of-Africa theory is far from proven, and when you think about it is ridiculous.

    The oldest human fossils are found in Europe. How did they get there?


    Bet you never heard of any of this!

  7. I’ve got two hives within ten miles. When I lived in Gotham I could throw a rock at the paki clubhouse and could see the balkan one in the distance, they were that close. It’s an enormous problem. I saw a Long Island suburb transformed in a few short years. I’ve got but one sympathetic associate, who’s willing to talk about it. I tell him, men need to start gathering, regularly.

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