A Nation’s Future in One Number

Periodically while discussing politics with friends, one of them will opine decisively on this or that ostensible conviction of “The American People.”

The American people just aren’t going to tolerate that.

To qualify those often lively dialogues, these are (practically to a man) highly successful individuals whose IQs careen down the right slope of the bell curve. So it is always with bemusement that I ask:

What is this ‘American People’ of which you speak?

Equatorial Amerinds?



Puerto Ricans?




What, even Italians??

Given the sole characteristic that distinguishes the American People from the Earth People is their current GPS coordinates, I often express wonder at my friends’ ability to divine their particular inclinations with such confidence. Though admittedly, I nurture my own dogma that even applies to a majority of the Milky Way People:

What’s good for me is good. And the more of me the better.

Most humans are unreservedly enthusiastic about the concept of them. If the question is to have more or less of their family, their kind, their clan, or their tribe we can predict responses with astounding accuracy. Outside of white liberals, it’s remarkable how uniform is the global me-centric consensus.

I mention this after noticing a graphic presented at Vox Day.


VD construed the figures as reflecting particularly poorly on the American People.

…it’s hard to believe, but the USA is even more cucked than Sweden. Keep that in mind every time you hear people intoning that Europe is doomed. The situation in the USA is worse by nearly every single measure.

I don’t disagree with the final conclusion, though by my calculations the American People are cucked equivalently to those of Sweden, not more so. The reason is, of course, there ain’t no American People.

The poll is a vote on diversity. And since even the most impenetrable dullards realize that diversity means non-white, it should come as no surprise that a highly diverse country favors it. I imagine even more positive results could be obtained by asking the residents of Lagos whether Blacks add to the rich tapestry of Nigeria.

My expectation would be that the non-white response profile would look very much like Democrat vote totals from the American People in Detroit. And if approximately 40% of the sample was diverse, you may be assured of some 36 points arriving from that cohort.

Which would leave, in this template, 22 remaining points coming from the 60% non-diverse demographic: a 36.6 cuck quotient. White Americans were apparently Swedes before it was even cool.

Though to grant due concession to VD’s indictment, the same filtering would need to be applied to figures from Europe. And though the diversity effect is much lighter there (as of this writing) it would still result in reductions in the native toady index, thus leaving America slightly but surely still number one in the graph.

All of which will assuredly lead to a renewed burst of American pride and patriotism in Erick Erickson’s feeding stall. The Bovine People are so predictable.


15 thoughts on “A Nation’s Future in One Number

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  2. Erick Erickson is the reason I now use Audible. I hear him during evening rush hour and I want to ram my car into something causing massive Atlanta traffic jams. He’s being paid by someone, the question is by who. He’s exactly the kind of sanctimonious liar that has led to the right putting forth losing arguments on all cultural items in the last 20 years.

    I’m interested in what all these ‘diversity’ surveys would say if they broke it out by region. Lets hear from where people actually have to live together. I bet the results are far different.

    • Yes, whites adore when other whites experience diversity.

      And I agree obviously on Erickson and that entire canker sore of neocon punditry. They’re such an absolute dead-end (losing even on their own ridiculous terms) it would be no wonder to see the Soros goat’s-head embossed on his checks.

      Also, as further analysis of the graphic in the post: I focused on green-line favorability, though that’s not actually the key figure. The right-side orange/yellow line is far more important. And the ‘dislike diversity’ figures there are fairly grim.

      This is more important because it represents the pool of available dissidents and overall resistance to the program. That substantial gray section is a cultural vacuum representing human cereal boxes. They’ll just go where they’re stacked.

      In that proper context only Greece and Italy have dislikes over 50%. Spain and France are actually weaker than Sweden. And America is just the brown film on boats in Guanabara Bay.

  3. When I saw Vox Twitter this, I thought the same thing. But I still had a nagging feeling about the survey results; especially the dismal “worse place” numbers. Pew claims to get survey results from phone and in person interviews, and I think this partly explains the numbers. Alt-right heroes like yourself and your readers excepted, there is still a whole lot of Cuck out there that has had diversity dogma crammed down their throats so long they don’t have a gag reflex anymore. Public admissions of heresy are the hot hot oven that they don’t dare touch. Based on your opening sentences, it appears that you are blessed with a social circle that has no power over your employment or are also on the tail end of the bell curve in open mindedness.

    • I think you are likely correct in speculating about self-censoring in these polls. Candor wilts quickly when livelihoods are placed in jeopardy. And, of course, that’s how the whole edifice is chicken-wired together: fear and fanaticism.

      Unfortunately there’s no way (of which I am aware) to quantify its effect for purposes of comparison. Do Americans face harsher effective speech sanctions than the French? My guess is that the E. Europeans are at greatest liberty to opine, and that may color poll results to some extent in their favor.

      As for my own social circle, I distinguish carefully between friends and acquaintances. The former basically getting this blog’s content in discussions (to their possible misery).

  4. Well, a few facts strike me:

    1. According to several articles I’ve read, Trump voters have a tendency to list themselves as “American” rather than specifying any other hyphenated ethnicity, if available.

    2. The shitlibs do NOT like America. Not only do they have something of a tendency to burn the flag, we also have stuff like the chant of “Two, four, six, eight, America was never great” by the communist flag waving protestors at the RNC. They do not tend to be “America, f*** yeah!” people. They are usually the first to denigrate it and say that the flag is the symbol of white supremacist patriarchy (which is probably correct, but beside the point).

    3. Most of the invaders, IMO, don’t think “Wow, I’m as American as apple pie!” even with citizenship. The Mexicans attacking Trump supporters wave Mexican flags, and verbally identify as “Mexicans.” To them, an American is a stupid white guy whom they want to trick/coerce into giving them a bunch of money while they busily make a small New Chapultepec or New Raqqa or New Bombay or New Mogadishu on his former territory.

    4. In light of all this, it’s pretty clear that an American, at bottom, remains HP Lovecraft’s transplanted Anglo-Saxon. By which I also mean to include the strong Germanic (but now English-speaking and -thinking) element alongside the Angles.

    5. In a way, no offense, but you’re expecting a bit too much out of people. In any movement, there’s a relative small number of people who are really active and motivated, and a large number of tag-alongs. Most people wouldn’t be caught dead saying that they’re racist (in part because being racist = fired = no food for the next generation), but they use euphemisms like “America First” or “Tired of political correctness” or “big government” or displays of patriotism to indicate the leanings that they don’t DARE to express. These people are useful and shouldn’t be alienated by lumping them in with the traitors and invaders, however.

    6. The Alt-Right needs a rallying point. You’re not going to get people to back “some kind of unnamed ethnonationalism.” American is it; that’s what this country’s got, We need to take back that term, rather than agreeing with the traitors that it can mean just anyone, and strengthen its definition in a white nationalist sense. It’s the only label and identity with sufficient emotional traction to be useful as a rallying cry any time this century; you’re just NOT going to get millions of people to suddenly identify as White Quaxifloobians or something. It’s necessary to leverage the group loyalty and energy and patriotism already directed towards the idea of being “American” — a loyalty that mostly white people feel, the others using it at most as a filing cabinet label for their current physical location — and reaffirm its definition as “white English-speaking individual, quite possibly Anglo-Saxon.”

    Abandon the term and you’ve got nothing. Might as well give up on “German” for Germans because the traitor news describes Sonboly as a German.

    Need to spend more time getting out the word that “American” has a very specific linguistic-cultural-racial meaning and build the STRENGTH of that idea into cultural pride, rather than agreeing with the leftists that it’s meaningless and leaving the people with a hopeless anomie that will ENSURE the traitors win.

    Just some thoughts.

    • Edmund,

      I like the indexing–makes responses easy to align.

      First you should understand that when I say there is no American people, I mean it in the universal sense by which it has come to be known. A formulation that differs in no practical terms at all from the Earth People, by which it was mocked.

      Further, it is white Americans foremost who cling to the e pluribus unum fantasy. As you note, “Mexican-Americans” wave the flag of their own people. So the intent is not to say that you have no identity, but that what you have is one exclusive to you and yours. And if that isn’t promptly internalized, then no identity will be the certain result.

      As a result…

      4. America is Anglo-Saxon to the length and extent it is successfully defended as such. Just as the same geography was previously at bottom a confederation of Indian tribes until it was conquered by the people who now represent the ballast you cite.

      Barring that defense, it’s no strain to imagine the future lament of Latinos being swarmed by Africans while assuring one another that America remains at-heart a hispanic country.

      5. I don’t expect any more from people than what has been required for their survival since antiquity. That this may create emotional distress or employment jeopardy is something with which I honestly sympathize, though unfortunately nature does not. Tribal warfare didn’t evaporate because sociology professors stopped mentioning it. It is a feature endemic to man, and one particularly detrimental to those men determined to pretend otherwise.

  5. Porter, have you seen ‘Look Who’s Back?’ Wildly interesting. A better stealth vehicle for red-pilling (or at least surmounting decades of mental barricades built up by the media/edumakashun establishments) could hardly be imagined. Some of the “honest dialog” you hear Germans confessing to, um, AH would almost certainly be considered actual hate speech if uttered in the real world.

  6. Ha. Just saw this “critical reception” comment on the ‘Look Who’s Back’ wiki: “Fiedler described (author) Vermes’s assumption that readers would agree that Hitler deserved mockery as “surprisingly naive”. ”

    Do tell.

    The film, out in 2014, offers an interesting Mobius-strip glimpse of the current neocon/establishmentarian media’s view of Trump. Hitler is, of course, the bogeyman non pareil, endowed with a legally-protected mythopoeia which has proven enormously useful in frightening the children (and check-writing grandmother’s in Boca), a golem which once slaughtered but now protects the Jew. And now — in the current year! — a real-life golem has decocted himself from the never-fully-drained fever swamps of the American id. The movie even posits its Hitler redivivus saying “Make Germany great again.”

  7. If Italians weren’t actually going extinct, the strong dislike bloc would matter to me. As it is one might as well relabel that “Do you like drowning?”

    I forget the fertility rate for Greece. Guess it’s nearly as bad as all the other Meds.

    • A: Don’t worry about children and families. You need contraceptives and a career.

      B: You were too silly and selfish to have your own children, so now we must import foreign (non) labor. Whatever were you thinking??

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