Erdogan’s Hunt for a Red October

According to, as of 2012 the top five most lavishly funded militaries in Europe were those in declining order of France, UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Their aggregate budgets approximated $219 billion. This being a figure, in comparison, less than half of the annual American outlay.

That seems like a significant disparity, though all people prioritize their finite resources differently. But even those European countries that choose not to purchase America’s impenetrable border security still boast significant defense capabilities. Significant particularly in context of those nations presently on the march against them.

One of those nations is Turkey (military budget of $18 billion). A country that not only holds Constantinople hostage, but simultaneously disgorges its own colonial eggsac in Europe. Here are the fruits of those offspring recently painting Cologne red.


But bearing a percentage of Turks isn’t equivalent to bearing them all. A fact Ottomans since Suleiman the Magnificent have taken (and given) pains to point out. Turks simply do not care to reside in Turkey. And while one of them still remains, their national injury persists.

The latest in this line of ambitiously itinerant leadership is President Erdogan, who recently survived his own coup attempt, and is presently taking out irritation with its failure on political opposition. Yet he’s not only furious about that odd internal exercise, but with Europeans as well. They’ve still got that fucking gate around Vienna.

Turkey Sets Ultimatum for EU Migrant Deal

Turkey has threatened to back out of an agreement to stem the flow of migrants to the European Union if Turkish nationals are not granted visa-free travel to the bloc by October.

Although Turkish officials have repeatedly threatened to renege on the March 18 EU-Turkey deal, this is the first time they have set a deadline.

If the EU approves the visa waiver, tens of millions of Turks will gain immediate and unimpeded access to 26 European countries. If the EU rejects the visa waiver, and Turkey retaliates by reopening the migration floodgates, potentially millions of migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East could begin flowing into Greece this fall.

Europe is trapped in a no-win situation.

I can’t overstate how inaccurate that final sentence is. The array of winning situations available to a modern Western state that chooses not to be invaded by foot platoons of Maghrebi quarter-wits is vast.

The Italians have a navy.


The French have an Air Force.


And the Germans at least have these lawn mowers.


Though whichever platforms are considered, none would lead a rational man to a conclusion of European defenselessness. But these weapons are hardly necessary except to counter an ISIS amphibious expeditionary force. And how many divisions have they got?

Probably not enough to even overwhelm the Swedes, who apparently have soldiers in addition to their civilian army of cuckolds.


But Scandinavian special forces are probably also beyond the required threshold.

Here’s a wall.


Or just as effective, here’s a group of renaissance fair retards.


The point is that the range of options for both active and passive deterrence to unwelcome foreign encroachments should leave a Western leader flustered by choice. Further, just the conspicuous advertisement of its future use would suffice to dissuade. Not even Africans board dinghies that are promised to be sunk.

But since avoiding liberal hissing is prioritized over avoiding national dissolution, leaders seek any alternative that shunts physical enforcement from their own shoulders. And that’s where the Turkish bribe of the damned comes in.

Under the agreement, the EU pledged to pay Turkey €3 billion, grant visa-free travel to Europe for Turkey’s 78 million citizens, and restart accession talks for Turkey to join the bloc. In exchange, Turkey agreed to take back all migrants and refugees who reach Greece via Turkey.

Turkish officials have repeatedly accused the EU of failing to keep its end of the bargain.

I’m sure you understand the premise of this deal. Europe is relieved of a few hundred thousand Muslims in exchange for accepting Turkey’s 78 million. Perhaps you or I wouldn’t have struck that bargain, but neither of us were in Davos this year either.

Though the primary plank was Turkey’s agreement to cease offering itself as a pedway into Europe. A proposal which should have resulted in bouts of disinterested nose-picking from European negotiators.

Why should we pay you Turks for what we can do with bland and utter competence ourselves?

Because you are vain, effete, moralizers who wouldn’t deny your enemies if they were gnawing up your leg.

So how many billions were you needing?

Unfortunately Erdogan is also needing access to Europe. Which leaves Europeans scrambling for an alternative.

As the migrant deal unravels, European officials are discussing a “Plan B.” The German newspaper Bild recently reported a confidential plan to house all migrants arriving from Turkey on Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. Public transportation between those islands and the Greek mainland would be cut off to prevent migrants from moving into other parts of the European Union.

The plan, which Bild says is being discussed at the highest echelons of European power, would effectively turn parts of Greece into massive refugee camps for many years to come. It remains unclear whether Greek leaders will have any say in the matter.

Were I a Greek leader who was not a member of a party called the “coalition of the radical left” I might offer a say after all. Reflecting on whether or not to meekly relinquish the same land Themistocles spared from the Persians, I’d likely decline the refugee camp permits. But how could Greeks keep their islands from being plundered by sea? How?


Like us, Erdogan certainly doesn’t see a means.

A few days ago Erdoğan said: ‘No matter how uncouth, how merciless, how unscrupulous Western countries act, they have no chance of keeping the migration flows under control.’

Contra Mr. Erdogan’s assertion, Europeans have at their disposal not a chance of controlling migrant flows, but an absolute certainty of it. If only they could recall what that $219 billion was for.


8 thoughts on “Erdogan’s Hunt for a Red October

  1. Exactly, sir! Perfectly said! I would extend to you the old naval attaboy of “Bravo Zulu”, but that has acquired negative connotations in the Current Year.

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  3. That Einhell is sporting a Briggs & Stratton logo on it’s powerplant. The mausoleum at Huis Doorn rumbles it’s displeasure.

  4. The Austrian chancellor just now called all negotiations for an eventual Turkisch EU accession (yes, they are still ongoing) a mere “diplomatic fiction” devoid of any chance of leading to the (elite-)desired result. As far as I can see, he’s the first ever “respectable” European leader to call the pious bluff.

    Nano steps, baby steps, maybe too little too late. But still, one must hope and be grateful for each crack in the Cathedral edifice.

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